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Location: USA

Aliases & nicknames: Oekakitty, MistDragon, Neochibininess, Hungary, Chicken, Evil Task Master

Gender: Female

Age: Undisclosed

Fandoms: Hetalia Axis Powers, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, 1/2 Prince, Hayate Combat Butler... and many more.

Hatedoms: ... I'm not going mention them. It might invoke a flame war. D:

Likes: Cats, dragons, chickens, fan fiction, Crack, Slash, fem!Slash, Het, good writing, TvTropes, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, British Humour

Dislikes: Poor grammar, Poor spelling, noncon, shota/loli

Hello there~! As you can see I am a female of (UNDISCLOSED) years who lives in the good ol' US of A. I am a fan of many things, but it's mostly video games and anime. I write fan fiction in my spare time (Most of it is either Hetalia or LoZ) but I am much too embarrassed to post it for the world to see. *blush* I am notorious for leaving long reviews (Or do they just appear longer because I'm usually on my phone...? --shrugs-). Especially when I'm not logged in. -_-;

I am in Spanish III and I can understand Spanish but... I'm not confident in in my ability to write and speak it. I have a bad habit of overusing ellipsis(...), tildes(~), and emoticons and talking in extremely verbose sentences. Nothing irritates me more than poor grammar, words being misspelled, Marysues, characters being defiled, and people using Google translator. /cringe/

Most of the time I am viewing fan fiction on my phone. Since a tiny screen makes every story seem longer I really can't say whether or not a story is long enough.

I am Troper... or rather a Troperette. I congratulate anyone who knows what I'm referring to. *Places a lampshade on her head*

I enjoy dropping reviews and improving stories. It always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever people take my advice~ :3

I am currently accepting friend requests. To have a pen pal from across the world would make me absolutely giddy~ :)

Personality: I'm a Kuudere/Tsundere with a touch of Yan. When extremely Manic/Caffeinated I'm a Genki Girl.
Default: Kuu
Around friends: Switches between Tsun and Dere
Upset: Switches between Yan and Dere
Nerd to English Translation: In nerd speak Kuu means cool, Tsun means Anger, Yan means Crazy and Dere means nice/loving.

IRL I am normally a calm and quiet person who keeps to herself, prefers to be polite, and doesn't like to bother others. If I warm up to a person then my first response will likely be to shower them with insults (without going too far. I don't want to hurt them...) and (gently) physically harass them if they do something stupid. Please don't take the insults personally. I just like teasing you idiots~ I get embarrassed easily and if I am complimented I'll just blush, get a bit flustered, and say thank you. I am passive-aggressive when I'm upset and I will usually tell a person if I'm upset with them. Please don't provoke me. Just don't. When I'm extremely happy or talking about something I like I will turn into a fast talking pile of goo with a loud, high pitched voice. On the internet I am much more relaxed and I enjoy helping people. :)

What's happening: I need to rant. I'm nervous about going back to school after the holiday break. D: I'm failing miserably and I desperately need to make up my grades. I hate doing paperwork with a passion and as a result I've barely been working on the homework that they give me. The textbooks that they have handed to me look as if they've seen better days and sometimes they are nothing more than big walls of text. Gah. *dizzy* The whole reason I transferred to this school is to do hands-on activities but it seems that the whole "hands-on" thing is a lie. All they do is make us sit in a class as they shovel out paper after paper. Sometimes I feel as if I've learned more off the internet than I've learned in class.

Even the physical education class is a lie. They title the alternatives to PE as "Outdoor Adventure" or "Foundation for Fitness", but all we do is sit in a room for 45 minutes twiddling our thumbs, doing crosswords/-censored- paperwork, or watching boring, outdated 'educational' videos. We rarely go outside and when we do we're either running two laps around the track or playing some lame game such as horseshoes. Our "Outdoor Adventure" teacher promised us that we would go fishing, hiking, cooking outdoors, and practice setting up tents but wait...! That was a lie too. We're doing crosswords (that have the answers on the back no less...!) on plants and birds instead. It seems like the school only cares about the students who are on the sports teams. Especially the (American) football team.

Ahem* I have one thing to say to America: ^^^ This. Is. Why. You. Are. Fat. ^^^

More than likely they're not going to make me repeat a grade. Oh no. We wouldn't want that. They'll most likely make me continue to the next grade, take away all of my electives, tack on extra classes, and add a "Special Tutoring" class to boot.
As of right now I'm considering dropping out, homeschooling myself, and receiving my diploma early just so that I can tell these pricks where to shove all that damn paper. I don't want to see, hear about, or have anything to do with any -censored- paperwork. Damn straight. ):|

Oh, and I found my phone if anyone is curious.

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