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Konnichiwa! ! Hello! I am a true fanfiction addict. I can sit for hours just reading my favorite stories and even when I'm tired I still don't want to stop. Below is a list of my fave pairings, characters etc I enjoy reading about. I'll also let possible fellow fans know how far along in the series I am so as to ask you not to discuss spoliers. SPOILERS MAY BE MENTIONED WHEN I GIVE MY REASON FOR LIKING A PAIRING! please and thank you. arigato gozaimasu

Currently my list is still NOT completed but as been updated as Dec 2011. Name: many names but not sure of others since I only remember my current life.

Current obsessons are Rizzles the Rizzoli/Isles pairing that's so blantant in the tv show. The new show Person of Interest for it's dry wit humor and the pairing of Reese/Finch. 2 Broke Girls, The Closer (with the femslash pairing Raydor/Johnson). Finally officially finished the last Twilight book but not the movie yet.

> Kurogane/Fai of Tsubasa reservioir Chronicles ( KuroFai) I read up to vol. 24 of manga/watched some but not all episodes thruout 1-8 of anime

> Doumeki/Watanuki of xxxHolic (DouWata or "Donuts") I read up to vol. 15 of manga/watched through disc 6 of anime

> Naruto/Sasuke of Naruto (recent fan so not used to common "couple" name for them) up to vol. 6 of manga/some English only tl Chuyin exam

> Toya/Yuki of Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles (another "canon" couple that's sweet).

> G. Callen/S. Hanna of NCIS: Los Angeles (love the intro theme every time cause it "screams" their pairing)

> Abby/Gibbs of NCIS (Gabby) MISSED THE CURRENT SEASON FINALE (This is my #1 fave pairing in NCIS to read about).

> Tony/Gibbs of NCIS (Tibbs) (This is my #3 fave pairing in NCIS to read about).

> Tony/McGee of NCIS (McNozzo) (This is my #2 fave pairing in NCIS to read about).

> Sam/Dean a.k.a Wincest of Supernatural is my first fave pairing of this show.

>Dean/Castiel a.k.a Destiel of Supernatural is my second fave pairing cause they stare at each other a lot.

> Harry Potter/Severus Snape (Snarry) (Read and reread all 7 books + extras. Rowling's site, Mugglenet.com and 1-6 movies)

> Sirius/Remus (feel this is a better pairing than Tonks/Remus but personally adore Tonks, just not enough edvenice shown in 5th book)

> Tonks/Remus (as I said I like them enough to read but mostly fics that explain what went on behind the scenes)

> Luna Lovegood/Harry Potter (felt she a much more fun choice than Ginny, the one that liked him all along)

> Mary/Marshall of In Plain Sight (LOVE Marshall's use of his knowledge, esp when it annoys Mary)

> Cordelia/Angel of Angel (felt betrayed that she wasn't in final season but 1 episode)

> Angel/Spike of Angel (feel if Cordy has to be dead & the hilarious interaction these two have it's better than either of them getting

back with Buffy).

> River Tam/Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly/Serenity (it was the BDM that sealed this pairing as #1 fave to read in Firefly)

> Simon Tam/Malcolm Reynolds of Firefly/Serenity (#2 choice due to their funny hate/hate relationship)

> River Tam/Jayne Cobb of Firefly/Serenity (Rayne) (started out reading this but switched to "Maliver" but I do get how this can makes sense)

> Shawn Spencer/Carlton Lasssiter of Psych (Shassie) (besides being hilarious to read about the words "We are Shassie" have ACTUALLY

been uttered on the tv show. How many "fake" pairings can attest to being recognized on the actual tv show? )

> Chuck/John Casey of Chuck (Chasey ?) I started watching the show only AFTER seeing Youtube vids of this pairing (another one sorta

recognized by the actual tv show as shown in a few eps where Chuck says "I Love you" or "You love me. Casey" among other hints plus the

awesome made up reason for Chuck to KISS Casey (fans know which one I'm talking about).

> Xena/Gabrielle of Xena: Warrior Princess (one of my classic fave real pairings of all time).

> Neal Cafferey/Peter Burke of White Collar (serious Bromance, look at 1st season finale if you don't believe me and that other ep that has "This is a real Kodak moment". Pretty excellent for a show I thought just created to show off Neal since his character from Chuck gets killed off).

> Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman of True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries (sorry I'm Team Eric cause frankly Bill only met her in the first place as a order from his Queen(book) and Bill shied away from Eric while trying to theaten him about harming Sookie (tv). Even Angel isn't that much of a coward when it comes to protecting those he loves. Let's not forget Bill hates being a vampire but instead of killing evil vamps he RECYCLES! (everyone should recycle but to just do that. not worthy of Sookie. Eric admits he's bad. (I'm up to date on both the books and show)

> Elena/Damien of The Vampire Diaries I admit it's partly due to him being better looking than Stefan but also I'm bored with the "I hate myself as a vampire/must run away from what I feel in order to protect/lie to beloved for "her own protection". (Bill and Edward do it too). (Only read 1st book and saw the tv show first but then missed several episodes). I am SO glad they did not make Elena blond like she's supposed to be cause I would scream at all the blonde love interests in vampire books/tv. (Buffy, Sookie, lady from Moonlight and that lady cop with a show that may have been canceled).

> Alex Russo/Harper Finkle (Halex) of Wizards of Waverly Place I find it endearing and because another fanfiction writer out there mentioned how Harper's last name reminds of Harvey from Sabrina, the teenage witch. (Sure in the end it didn't work out but for most of the series fans probally believed in them). In anycase all of Alex's boyfriends keep leaving her. (basically up to date on the show).

> Alex Russo/Justin Russo (Jalex) of Wizards of Waverly Place Yes I know it's incestous but if you have watched a lot of various tv shows then you know how too convienent the plots are(recent example: it just so happens Alex cloned Justin 4 years ago and sends him to college so Justin can experience all 4 years once clone returns). If you think in terms of Jalex it makes what the characters say and do a little more amusing. P.S. I oginally thought they do act like brother/sister but I started reading this after reading the "City of Bones, Ash, Glass" series.

> Jumba Jookiba/Pleakley, (Wendy) of Lilo & Stitch One of my most favorite, possibly real, pairings ever created by Disney. Watched the tv series (disapointed they are too lazy to finish drawing the rest of the 625 experiments so we could at least view them on a website) and all 4 movies. Don't believe me about this pairing? watch the last movie Leroy & Stitch where Pleakey calls Jumba cause he misses him and says "I'm wearing the wig". What does THAT sound like to you?

> Catherine/Vincent of Beauty & the Beast tv series (old show, has Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman) I LOVED this pairing and cried when they Catherine actully died.

> Penny/Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory. I just realized, besides the actual "chemistry" on the show, they resemble most like Natalie and Monk so that's my opinion why this pairing exists in fanfiction. (also Leonard is too boring, his fights w/ Penny too cliche.)

Rants and other nonsense:

If Bambi was such a brave and daring deer in the movie why is it in media we only see women (usually annoyingly peppy) named Bambi? Is there any actual guys out there who have the honorable name of Bambi (must be your first name). After all Pleakley's name Wendy means warrior in his native planet's language.

Why does law enforcement make an effort of talking/calming down suicide attempts when they let smokers just stand there, inhaling their death? Techincally they are making an suicide attempt but no one (in media outlets) talks to them to stop them.

Why are we (humans) so stupid? If anyone out there has paid attention in history class and/or current events, you know what I'm talking about.

Normal is subjective while average is the counting of all that's there and calculating accordingly. (In other words, it's MATH).

I see ever changing/transforming images in rugs/brick walls, towels, doors etc. One time I saw. on a laid out towel, an PERFECT image of Gizmo's face from Glemins. (Paste this onto your profile if you actually thought I was gonna say "Jesus" or "God").

Physical Gender: Female Emotional Gender: Female but not the stereotypical "girly" girl and personally does not matter what you are

Species: "Human" but not entirely sure (Don't you hate it when you're reincarnated as the LOWEST life form, I personally like cats/cheetahs)

(I don't know which of the many gods did this but I find it a very cruel joke and would like for the next time I could be born as a more honorable life form, like a snail or a tree. Course If I'm a tree will hurt like hell when someone takes a chainsaw to me and yet no one would be able to hear me scream. Apparently, according to most media outlets, most humans can no longer hear the trees talking.)

Family: Physically yes but emotionally, no. I have no emotional ties to my family but sadly still live with them and technically related by blood.(through I don't think/act like them so much my biological mother keeps saying I must have been switched at birth).


What I'll like to do with my life: work from home with occasional side jobs just to learn new tasks and meet people. A way to combine astrology, numerology, reading and analyzing, translating, blogging, watching and analyzing, computer troubleshooting all together to work from home so I do not get bored.

Favorite Writers: J. k. Rowling, Stephanie Meyers, Lee Goldberg,

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OG AET A EBE'S IWNG. If you know this cipher paste it in your profile.

FIXT HELI GHT HOU SEABEA CON. If you know this cipher paste it in your profile.

esROooFbaHCceTAhWt. If you know this cipher paste it in your profile.

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