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NB: ON HIATUS To everyone desperately waiting for me to get off my ass and update already, I'm sorry! My life is a tiny bit chaotic right now and I know I'm despicable and haven't updated for some ridiculously long period of time (is it up to...4 months now. God I really do need to update!) but bare with me here guys, I promise I'm trying as hard as I can to get this next chapter ready for you all. As a form of grovelling and begging for forgiveness after this hiatus I am prepared to begin offering spoilers until I finally get around to finishing the story just to pay you all back for sticking around for so long. In the mean time send me PM's if you want spoilers, keep harassing me because it really helps, and don't stop badgering me until I finally get some sort of semblance of normalcy in my life and physically have the time to update. Thanks for waiting so long and sticking around, you are all amazing, and I promise I'll update ASAP.

Hey everyone I'm cottoncandychoctop!

Some things you may or may not be interested to know about me:

My favourite book...nope, too hard, I can't narrow it down. It's like my own personal Sophie's choice. Seriously I love books so much If I was allowed I would literally go live in a book store.

I am TERRIBLE at keeping things short. The word 'concise' is not in my dictionary. I will always go overboard, anyone who has read a story of mine will back me up here.

Reviews make my day :) anyone who is a reviwer of mine, you guys are the nicest people in the world

My friends call me a cynic, and while I admit I'm normally a glass half empty kind of girl I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a cynic. You know...deep down I'm just a trapped soul waiting to be freed *raises hand to mouth to stop laughter. Fails. Starts laughing uncontrollably. Wipes tear from laughing so much off cheek* sorry I couldn't even pretend to get through that seriosuly. Cynical, who me?

Anywho at the moment I'm only working on my one story, but come on, it's pretty damn long. And as it gets closer and closer to the end I'm becoming more and more nervous. I don't want it to finish! But stay with me guys because I'm debating the possibility of doing a sequel or not after I'm done. Yay or nay? Meh I guess i have to finish the first one right? I love talking to fanfiction people (you'e all so lovely!) so if you have anything to ask or even if you're just feeling lonely and want to talk, I'm here ;)

I'm also currently involved in the 24tributes24authors community. Seriously, go check out the stories, they're amzing. There are actually so many incredible authors working on it that every single chapter is good enough to publish. I was involved with the very first story, Tears of Blood, where (somehow, don't ask me how) my tribute Aleah Armani, the female tribute from district 10, actually won the games and was crowned victor!! But, perhaps you shouldn't congratulate Aleah (or me) just yet, because Aleah is making numerous appearances in the sequel to TOB, Bring them to their knees, which is the first quarter quell and guess who got reaped as the first tribute Aleah ever had to mentor: her twin brother, Sean Armani. So now I'm alternating between they snarky, anti-hero victor Aleah and her lovely, empathetic twin brother, Sean, who's only fault is one unfortunate relative. So anyone who has any free time and is looking for a couple of really great stories to read, go check TOB and BTTTK out because honestly they're worth sitting down and reading.

Anywho hopefully I'll hear from you guys soon :D


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