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Author has written 10 stories for Code Lyoko, Shake It Up!, Switched at Birth, and My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Hello Readers!! My name is Becca Ainsley and I am a die-hard fanfiction writer!! If you are confused with the format of my writing, it is paragraphed for easy organization and reading. I love to write about new characters so I recommend you always start from the beginning. Most of my characters are of Asian descent since I am Asian! I really wish to be in show business which is why I stay true to the TV show. I never go for an M rating. Hope you like my stories!!(:

Shake It Up!

Darcy Gold - a headstrong, confident, and trustworthy 13 year old girl who is the latest addition to Shake It Up! Chicago show. She is in Asian descent and has her own shipping with DarcyxDeuce. She is a professional dancer for her father is a famous Hollywood choreographer and her mother is a Broadway dancer. Darcy has had her fair share of dance lessons, singing lessons, and pageants before her father passed of cancer and her mother collapsed from Broadway. Darcy and her mother moved from Florida to Chicago and that's when history was made with Cece and Rocky. A new friendship is born.

I will be making a T rated version of Shake It Up that is sort of like Degrassi or any sort of high school drama show.

Code Lyoko

Dani Van Hansen - Dani is a cunning yet fun-loving addition to the Lyoko Warriors. She is in Asian/French descent. In Lyoko, she is an archer and her "main color" is blue (like Odd's is purple and Aelita's is pink). She has her own shipping with DanixOdd. She first came to Lyoko because of her adventurous and curious spirit to explore the outside of Kadic. The relationship with Dani and Odd starts as a crush with Dani then Dani starts to feel for Odd, but sadly, Odd slowly gets over her.

A.N.T. Farm


Alexa Fields - Alexa is also a multi-talented 13 year old girl who goes to the A.N.T. program. She is of Asian descent. She is friends with Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher. Chyna secretly dislikes Alexa because since she has joined the program, Alexa has taken the spotlight from her. Alexa never means too; she is very kind and sweet. Alexa also has a deep secret that no one knows.

Sonny With A Chance: The Chad & Sonny Story

Nikola Lee - "So Random" and "Channy" number one fan. She is of Asian descent and is 13 years old. She comes to Hollywood shipped in a box from New York. She is the crazed fan that still has her serious moments. She comes to Hollywood when she founds out about Chad & Sonny split. Nikola hides from Marshall and Mr. Condor by dressing in crazy costumes. For a good spoiler, everyone in this new "season" will get a lover!!

Switched At Birth

Heather Groe - Heather is a 12 year old deaf girl who goes to Carlton Deaf School. After Emmett's mother's divorce, Heather's father and Emmett's mother became fast friends then in a relationship. After a freak accident, Heather has lost her hearing and either though she can speak, she prefers to be classified as a deaf person. When Heather finds out who Bay is and the relationship between her and Emmett, she doesn't like Bay and prefers Daphne because Heather believes that deaf and hearing people cannot be together. Heather is Asian and a headstrong girl who won't let deafness in her way. She is like Bay in many ways but does not realize it.


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