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Feb. 1/14: "ShugoTenshi" has reached 2000 views! Thank you!

Jan. 29/14: Finally, "Child of God" is complete and "ShugoTenshi" has a new chapter posted! Hope you all enjoy them!

Dec 20/13: "Child of God" is here. Akito is truly a difficult character to write about.

Dec 15/13: I updated WAWO! Woohoo! About freaking time! Chapter 23 - "The Proposal" is up! And it's looong and juicy! LOL

Aug 17/13: Wow. Life has been crazy the last two weeks. I got a new job, moved in with my boyfriend and his family (culturally acceptable & even expected), then his mother had a series of mini heart attacks that required her to stay in the hospital for a little over a week and someone had to stay with her 24/7. So while I was starting a new job, the entire family was running around to and from the hospital as well as driving me around to work. Free time? What's that? Things are finally settling down to "normal" now that she's home, but she will require a lot of help around the house so she can rest.

So now I can return to writing...

Aug 3/13: I did it! I found a new job! No more slaving away for some stupid employer that can't even pay me or the bills on time! No more 50 hour work weeks! Now I have a normal full-time job that will leave me with time to write and really pursue my dreams of becoming a published novelist.

And boy, do I have some AWESOME ideas! (Original fiction, not fanfiction)

Hopefully, I will have a new chapter posted soon!


July 20/13: My life is crazy busy right now (no joke) so I seriously had no time to work on the next chapter for WAWO (or do any writing for that matter). I'm hoping to have the next chapter up by next weekend though, just be patient with me please! Arigatou gozaimasu!

"Think of a book special to you, and how much bleaker and poorer your life would be if that one writer had not existed—if that one writer had not, a hundred times or a thousand, made the choice to write. You’re going to be that one writer, one day, for somebody you may never meet. Nobody can write that book you’re going to write—that book that will light up and change up a life—but you."— Sarah Rees Brennan

“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” ― George Orwell

"Writers don't write to get published.
They write for the love of writing.
Because if they were not writing,
they wouldn't know what to do."

My thoughts on writing:
- "Nobody likes the skin of the onion; they like the layers and layers underneath it."
- "The formulas in writing don't equate with those in math--they are always changing. But it's that change that makes it exciting."


Greetings. I have been a member on this site for over ten years and used to write teen fiction while I was in high school. Now in my mid-twenties, done college and university, I am pursing my love of writing again in hopes of getting published some day. It was difficult to find my creative voice again after years of structured essay writing, but now I'm getting more ideas than I can keep up with. I'm currently attempting to finish some of my Furuba FanFics to improve my writing skills. They are worth checking out!

I'm very introspective and reflective... which is probably why I love Fruits Basket so much, hahaha! Of the two FanFics that I'm focusing on finishing, "ShugoTenshi" is by far my favourite. It's more 3D and complex than "With Arms Wide Open" and maybe that's why I enjoy it so much more... I LOVE Akiten and am enchanted by her haunted intricacy... Throw Shigure and Ayame in there for sh!ts and giggles, and the poor child has no chance of closing up on herself... It's difficult to explain her inner turmoil and demons... how God's spirit is working through her to renew and strengthen the Juunishi bond in addition to the gifts that she already possesses... And when she will choose to turn against God's wishes... Well, that is another challenge to write altogether...

I only write Fruits Basket fanfiction because nothing has moved me enough like Fruits Basket (particularly the manga) to write fanfiction. My favourite characters are Shigure and Momiji. Momiji because he stirs my heart like no one else... and Shigure because he is the most intriguing... underneath the perverted humour... he's the most mysterious... I also aspire to be a novelist like him! Ha! These days I tend to lean more towards reading fanfics that feature Momiji or the Mabudachi Trio. Maybe that's part of the reason why I like "ShugoTenshi" so much... hahaha!


With Arms Wide Open (WAWO) - They say that true love conquers all, but Akito refuses to let them be together. What will he do when he finds out that Tohru's having a baby? Can Kyo & Tohru really be together in the end? Kyoru, Kyo's POV (Takes place after the anime, expected to be up to 95,000 words)

Child of God - ("Kami no Kodomo") - Akito let Shigure love her... only to find herself 16 & pregnant. Can light be born of darkness? Or something much worse? (a short prequel to "ShugoTenshi", up to 15,000 words) COMPLETE

ShugoTenshi ("Guardian Angel") - Tohru disappeared from their lives, but 10 years later, there was hope. And it came in the form of a small, malnourished girl, born from the womb of God and offering both Juunishi and child a second chance. But she is no ordinary child. A darkness surrounds her that she can barely contain. But God's spirit had chosen her. Shigure's unknown daughter is destined to renew the Juunishi bond... or will she? She can see the chains of the "bond" strangling them and she must decide if she really wants to rule over their lives with misery... or offer them hope and love? However, in doing so, she risks herself and anyone else near her... God may not approve of her actions. (AU, chap 97 spoilers, expected to be up to 150,000 words)

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Ripples by the Pond by Gia reviews
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ShugoTenshi reviews
(Guardian Angel) "What can I say, Shigure? That when she was born, those of us that knew about her knew that she was not a normal child? And how can she be normal? She's the daughter of God for heaven's sake!" Their freedom: It was in her hands. How far must the Child of God go to break their chains when her destiny was to renew their bonds? (AU, extended summary inside)
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("Kami no Kodomo") Akito let Shigure love her... only to find herself 16 & pregnant. Can light be born of darkness? Or something much worse? More than anything, Hatori wanted to believe that the child was special. Surely, being the child of god meant something! (Rated M for mature content: steamy scenes, and dark themes - short prequel to "ShugoTenshi") Complete
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They say that true love conquers all, but Akito refuses to let them be together. What will he do when he finds out that Tohru's having a baby? Can Kyo & Tohru really be together in the end? Kyoru, Kyo's POV (Takes place where the Anime ends)
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