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Author has written 15 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, Green Lantern, Batman, Kingdom Hearts, Young Justice, Batman, and Bleach.

I have been absent for a long time (and I mean a really long time like almost two years 0_0) and I apologize for that, I had a lot of things going on which involves moving and school and other things that keep people busy. And so I decided to update my profile, since I am trying to go back to writing and reading as well (I apologize to those that I told I was going to read I have started back to where I left off and will hopefully became an active reader again!)

So, I'm going to start off by saying hello, people who ever is reading this. My pen name is Sky Spark as you know

I like many things and dislike many things.

What I like: (I'll update this later!)

Animes, (DBZ, Sailor moon, Black Cat, Mew Mew Power, all Yu-gi-ohs, Naruto, Gundam 00 and seed) mangas, (Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Black cat) writing, reading, (series of unfontunate events) and video games. (I like sooooo much more).

I also, gotten into liking cartoons which I liked before, but I like them even more

Young Justice

Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

I like some canonXcanon characters as well (but I am too lazy to list things right now.)

I don't really need to mention what I dislike right? those not mention are either disliked, not known or forgetten in accident sense.

and I love my two cats, two kittens, and three turtles. And two bunnies (this is new)

I also have a account at Fictionpress named Ruby Roseheart, I written two original stories of mine and I got an idea for a third (they all are in progress), (yeah I know sooo much to write). (update! this later, but to tell you the truth I have taken a break from this been suffering a long writer's block! and so I'm writing fan fiction to get me back into litature again.)

I also have a account with Deviart, It's name Umeki-18 there probably be pictures of my characters there by my sister (all credit should go to her she's a talented artist). (I just edited this I recently got into drawing though I am not still no good.)

Oh and I am still working on decribtions in my stories that's my weak point ,so please don't kill me. I am also not good at grammer. But I am good at vocabulary. (I still need to work on this though I believe I am inproving!)

Okay, since this is going to be a short updated profile I'll metions a few dislikes which might end up into a long rant.

I'll be honest I do not know much about mary sues other then that they're these super prefect people? I presume.

well, I don't like them either which makes me not so inclined to read OCxcanon, but I know there are some that are really good and would like to take a chance on them! because some OC aren't mary-sues and I myself try not to make them that.

And I know you're thinking whoa, but she writes CanonXOC too, I do for two reasons I think it helps me to develop my characters and thought processes, it also helps with the train of thought and well make fangirls happy right? it also helps inspire me to write things.

Because of this I do really would like people to take a chance on me so that I may become a better writer :)

If you have any questions regarding about my OC's I wouldn't mind answering them.

because just like when people become a doctor or a teacher you need to become a student teacher or student doctor and practice with a pro in order to become a pro yourself.

so, whomever is reading this and my stories I would really appreciate if there are some reasonable criticism that will help me to become a better writer (so not flames!) and feed back you could suggest things for the future or point out something that I could have done.

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