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For starters my name is Tom.

I grew up in the 80's. I enjoy drawing & writing short stories. I still remember those great shows that I grew up on

& have been inspired by my good buddy Mrs.Phineas Bogg here on FanFictionNet to do some of my own fanfiction. I don't know what to expect from this in other words I don't intend on becoming famous, I do it for fun.

Now about my stories,

I do have a proof read program I use off site.If you see some typos sometimes they are not always spelled wrong, it's just sometimes I like certain things to read a certain way like I might add some "slang" to a fanfiction story here & there.

I'm not perfect. I do make mistakes.

Only I am always learning.

Please read my stories.I hope they take you back to a time in your life, when times were simple & we didn't always half to wory about what we watched on tv.A time when t.v., was just meant for one thing & one thing only, pure entertainment to provide a little escape from our lives.Back when if you had cable, it'd be all the rage on the block before NetFlix exsisted.A time when people were just getting used to having a computer in their home, before the internet even exsisted.A time when we rented VHS tapes from the video shop instead of picking a DVD from your local Red Box.A time before everybody had a video camera in their home.A time when it was considered cool if you own an Atari 2600 before the Nintendo Wii exsisted.A time before we had to worry about taxes, down payments on something back to a time when we only had to worry about getting our homework done so we can watch that favorite t.v. show of ours, no matter what it was, it just seemed more important to us at the time.A time when it was okay to gather the family around the t.v. set to watch something on HBO before it was all about the ratings game.A time when fads were like the Rubics cube or maybe collecting stickers or Garbage Pail Kids from the local Quick Stop a time before the latest technologly where people today show off their cell phone, I Phones or I Pods that has become the latest rage! A time when all seemed right within our lives & we had nothing to worry about in the world.I just hope to bring back found memories for everybody.

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