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This is a true story. A girl died in 1933. A man buried her when she was still alive. The murder chanted, "Toma Sota balcu," as he buried her. Now that you read this chant, you will

meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling . She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this on your profile, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded. Lucillia.



1) If you accept than let me know so that I can read it.

2) No Yaoi/yuri (I see that a lot and it doesn't amount to much) unless its worth it! Harem is very encouraged, include Hinata(Fu and Yugito if your up for it).

3) Naruto doesn't know about his parents at least not before the chuning exam up to the original way he found out.

4) No female Kyuubi unless the story is so good that we have to bear with it. No genin finds out about the kyuubi until the chunin exam (Beginning or end your choice) or shippuden.

5) Dark Naruto, Semi-dark Naruto, Grey Naruto, Good normal Naruto is all up to you.

6) Self trained Naruto (is very encouraged), Smart cunning Naruto (Can be hiding it), Strong Naruto is all up to you.

7) Don't like the challenges than be patient I will keep adding challenges when they come to me and remember you can also use them as ideas instead of challenges.

8) Remember you can just use these as ideas not challenges but regardless let me know if you accept it.

Challenge # 1: Flower Style/release

Naruto gains the ability to create and control living flowers made of chakra. Ability and powers are your choice. And there are two ways (but not limited to) naruto gains his powers.

A) He helps a flower and the flower repays Naruto for his kindness.

B) He helps a flower back to health and through this action a flower goddess takes pity in Naruto and gives him flower release/style.

He can also learn fuinjutsu which is optional but encouraged.

Challenge # 2: The Puppet Arm

Naruto was abused by the villigers so badly this time that when he got to the hospital they had to amputate his right arm. Naruto in a state of depresion started walking around until he found a books about puppets in "fair" condition along with a book on fuinjutsu in a "Good enough" condition. Naruto, having only his left arm, started to build a puppet arm to replace th one he lost...

No Naruto doesn't become a puppeteer he just creates tricked out right arms. The right arms has chakra strings inside the arm to work as a solution for the nervous system, but it still feels numb.

Challenge # 3: Naruto the chained Jinjuriki

Naruto has chakra Adamantine chains that is infused with the kyuubi's chakra allowing Naruto to control the biju and have a new taijutsu style. There are two ways (but not limited to) for naruto gain the chakra chains.

A) Naruto is told about his heritage being an Uzumaki. Naruto only gets nine chains because the Fox only has nine tails.

B) The fox gives naruto nine chains because he doesn't want a weak jailer. Why nine? Well all it took was nine chakra chains to hold the fox down.

The chains work kinda like Gaara's sand. Chains can multiply and take opponents Chakra. Fuinjutsu is mandatory. Fox contract is not manditory but it is encouraged.

Challenge # 4: Naruto the fox summoner

The name says it all so be creative! Naruto learning Fuinjutsu required. Fu shows up for the chunin exams.

Challenge # 5: Dark Release

Naruto has dark release, its an advanced nature bloodline limit that allows the user to steal/absorb his opponents chakra and manipulate. So far it has only been seen in the naruto shippuden movie three, and it is used through a seal and no one is sure what nature affinities is used to create dark release; my theory is that it doesn't require a combination of affinities only really advances chakra manipulation. Naruto however doesn't need a seal and can manipulate his own chakra and the one the Kyuubi lends him. Here are some ways naruto gets dark release (But not limited to), but remember you choose how he gets it.

A) The fox gave it too him.

B) The zero tailed leach (seen in naruto shippuden movie 2) is looking for a host finds naruto and a bunch of negative emotions directed tords him so the leach tried to take him. But Naruto is already the holder of the nine tailed fox, so when the zero tailed leach tried to make Naruto his host it was rejected by the fox and was forced to leave the village, but before leaving, it left naruto a gift.

Fuinjutsu optional. Fox contract optional.

challenge # 6: Sword of Sealing

What if there were two swords of sealing? One in the possession of Itachi's Susanoo the other is inherited or created by Naruto. The sword has to be in the shape of a sword, not a sake jug. Naruto learning fuinjutsu required, fox contract required. Abilities up to you.

Challenge # 7: Fox Susanoo

Naruto somehow got the ultimate defense and offence...Susanoo! But instead of soldier figure, his susanoo his the Nine Tailed Fox! Up to you how he got it. Both Fuinjutsu learning and Fox Summon required.

Challenge # 8: The Extinct Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai: Blood Release, ECT.

The Uzumaki Clan have always had a longer life force but what happens when the fox tries to improve His jailers health to prevent his holder from dying to soon if at all; he awakens something in Naruto. So when Naruto confronted the fox at the age of six, the fox told him about his Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline limit) and it just so happens that he awoken one of the two reasons Iwakagure (Village Hidden in the Rocks), Kumogakure (Village Hidden in the Clouds), and Kirigakure (Village hidden in the mist) invaded and destroyed Uzushiogakure (Village Hidden among the Eddies/Whirling Tides) and it's Uzumaki clan. BE CREATIVE!

Challenge # 9: The Mistake of a Fox

Seeing how the Uzumaki clan has a longer life force, the fox decided to try and take away this unique Kekkei genkai (bloodline limit). But it blew up in the fox's face and gave naruto a new Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline limit)! The foxes luck couldn't get any worse can it? NOT! or maybe; you decide! And Decide what the new Kekkei Genkai is!


Challenge # 10: The Uzumaki Clan

Naruto learned from a young age about his heritage (but not about his parents), so what does Naruto do? He does what he does best! He trains hard and studies his clans specialty...FUINJUTSU! Naruto hides his talent in fuinjutsu until chunins exam or at least at the Wave ark.

Challenge # 11: Naruto Uzumaki the Buddhist.

A couple of people didn't believe in Naruto after he brought back a certain Uchiha. So the elders and Danzo went behind Tsunade's and Jiraiya's back and with the help of of a lot of Danzo's root operatives they extracted the nine tailed fox from Naruto Inside a cave near the border of the land of Fire and sealed it inside of Sasuke Uchiha. After that they blow the the cave leaving the roof to crumble on top of the body of Naruto Uzumaki. When they got back; sure there was hell to pay but people were rejoiced that Sasuke was being a big hero for Konoha keeping the beast at bay and killing the demonic child Naruto Uzumaki. But here's the kicker; in the mist of all the praise the Kyuubi escapes Sasuke, it was laughing like a maniac as it was sent to the sky disappearing. When they checked the site, Naruto's body was missing but there was a lot of blood near the river... Unknown to everyone Naruto was saved by a group traveling Buddhist and was taken with them to train and learn the secrets of "The sage of the Six Paths" and become the the new sage. I am Naruto Uzumaki the Sage of the Nine Paths!

Challenge # 12: Kanoha Highschool!

Name says it all. Be creative!

Challenge # 13: Apprentice of the Eternal Genin!

Name says it all, what if Naruto met the eternal genin when he was younger and and convinced him to train him?

Challenge # 14: Unknown

We all know that the Third Hokage made it so that nobody knew that Naruto was Minato and Kushina's son. Well, what if no one knew who Naruto was, not the third, not Kakashi, not Jiraiya, NO ONE! All they knew was that he was the third Jincchuriki, nothing more. Not even that maybe. Imagine how it would go, poor Naruto...

Challenge # 15: The Value of a Leaf

Naruto sucks at controlling his chakra. That's a fact. In fact is was so bad that he didn't pass the genin test and ended being used by a traitor, but he passed when he learned a higher level jutsu, the Shadow Clone Jutsu. But even the shadow clone jutsu has a few disadvantages, namely that it uses up a good chunk of Naruto's chakra quickly and are easy to deal with. Well...has anyone wondered how everyone else passed? Well not everyone can have a perfect control of chakra to pass...so they used a rather simple trick...they infused a leaf with chakra, which happens to be a good item to pass chakra through. So naturally, after our blond hears about this simple trick, he uses it to the point of epicness. Naruto can't control his chakra, but he found that he could manipulate it rather easily through a leaf. Look out, here comes a man who is actually a chakra specialist, NARUTO!

Yeah I have a few ideas on how Naruto could use the leaf, like transforming the leaf into thin but super sharp blade or making cost effective clones. The rest... figure it out XD-XP-XD

Challenge # 16: My Partner, Kurama...Stupid fox...

Does anyone know exactly what Orochimaru did to Naruto's seal with that weird five elemental seal? Well yeah it knocked Naruto out for a while to disrupt the seal so that Naruto wouldn't be able to use Kurama's chakra. That seemed a like a wasted opportunity, I mean really it was. So here's the drop; That seal made the seal on Naruto ineffective and allowed the fox to tinker with it and he had a few days to work on the seal. So he did it. He created way to escape outside of Naruto's body the moment the seal was fixed! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Now if only he wasn't a normal fox somewhat bounded to Naruto's will. That right, our lovable giant furball accidentally turned himself into regular looking fox made from NARUTO's chakra, and by effect, he is Naruto's Familiar. What a twist eh? Well, come up with cool team dynamics and move, yeah Naruto can look at kiba for inspiration but he has to make them original.

Challenge # 17: Completely Malleable

We all know that the rasengan is pretty much just an advanced chakra manipulation technique, what if Naruto used that as inspiration to develop high level chakra only techniques. Make up your own techniques. ( A lovely girl asked me to expand on this) Okay we know Sasuke can increase his swords cutting power with his lighting chakra, and we know that if Naruto really tried he could extend the range of his attacks as well as sharpen them with his wind chakra...but why has no one ever though of using his already existing manipulation techniques into his weapons. For example, if Naruto took a baton as a normal weapon, he could flow his chakra through his and go ever the rasengan stages on that baton and eventually create a rasengan blade/baton thing. Another thing he could do is condense his rasengan to a small ball that he could maintain at the tip of his finger and then launch at his appoint either with wind chakra or by focusing his chakra on single point in his finger causing a small explosion (ow).

Challenge # 18: Henge? Your Kiddin' Me?

Yup, henge used to make powerful weapons or armor, works incredibly well when used in conjunction with the next challenge, but I felt it was best to explain this part first. Okay before you guys call it bull first, let me remind you all of one thing, Hiruzen's Summon, Monkey King Enma. That's right, the summon that can transform himself into a pseudo adamantine staff, I won't explain it's abilities look it up yourself. Now if a monkey can do it why not a shinobi? Surely there must be a perfectly logical explanation for this besides the, "he's a summon," right? Let me ask you this, what else does he do? Is that the only thing he can do? Yep pretty much. That's the only thing he does! Either he's an extremely good master at henge to find out it's basic secret or he's condensing his chakra into the transformation making it very durable and very powerful. So what if Naruto could imagine whatever weapon or armor he wanted but would cost lots of chakra? Yeah slightly inspired by Fate/Night Unlimited bladeworks (the noble phantasm not the show/movie).

If that is too OP for you, then you could just use kunais and shurikens as the base and henge into other weapons so that it won't dispel or break fast. Or how about simply altering the characteristics or traits of object as a cheap chakra saving method, like instead transforming a Kunai into a katana, you can elongate the the blade into a thin but sharp kunai-like sword or use a shiruken and stretch it out into a long and thin shuriken. Or simply alter the position of an object.

Challenge # 19: Shadow Clone Hack

There are a lot of things to hack from the shadow clones. And I can prove that there are a few that are actually are possible thanks to the show and manga. I'll post what I found and what I come up with as I go and, come on guys, find your own hacks too. Join the fun! But first the quick rules/facts (that I found, any other rule you see in fanfiction might be true, or it could just be fanfiction).

Rule#1: All shadow clones created follows the caster's will.

Rule#2: Chakra is distributed equally among the clones (found on the wiki that chakra does goes back to the caster, so I'm assuming that only a small portion returns).

Rule#3: The shadow clone jutsu is capable of copying the user and any effects on his person.

Rule#4: Memories are allowed to return from the shadow clone to the original via some unknown way.

Rule#5: Smoke comes out of them for no reason(find one)

Hack 1: Sharing Chakra. Yes, if the clones have physical contact with the original or each other they can share chakra. The show proved that a shadow clone can survive longer with an alternate chakra source and it proved that a bit of their chakra goes back to Naruto, otherwise how do you explain Nature Chakra and the memories he got from his clones, you have no way of knowing how the hell it actually goes to the original, so I say regular chakra is shared freely back and forth between clones and the original with physical contact. Works well in conjunction with Challenge 18. Clones can use this method as a form of healing and keep from dispelling but...the original receives phantom pain when they dispel, beware-if clones die then the complete vivid memory of that clone's death will return to the original...

Hack 2: Anywhere and Everywhere. Think to all the times Naruto summoned the shadow clones in large quantities. Ever wonder why they don't just pop out of his body or get formed close to him like water or earth clones do with other shinobis? I mean they literally spread out everywhere. Remember his fight with Pien? When he summoned all the clones behind him to stop him from being "pushed?" So what if Naruto thought about that and discovered that he could simply make them anywhere? Hell, forget running and jumping, he could simply summon a clone and get a choke hold on anyone...or at the very least Naruto could summon clones right next to his target. (Update) I think it would be better if it was restricted to either his eye sight or to wherever his chakra is currently at.

Hack 3: Hive mind. Through physical contact Naruto can see what his clone see's, think with the clone, have the clone act in according to his will like an automated defense just like Gaara's sand, like rennigan a bit. But it's not really that useful...unless you know how to use it hehehehehe. But the draw back is that if you "meld" with a clone, that particular's clone's memory don't return to the original and melding with a clone can be really mentally exhausting. Gotta even it out somehow.

Hack 4: Just Chakra: Naruto can share out his chakra via clones to other shinobis. Yeah no surprise there. But what exactly is a shadow clone? It's not made from the user's shadow, but it is a shadow clone. In fact, it's not really different from the academy clone jutsu...so what exactly makes the shadow clone solid as opposed to the illusion clones from the clone jutsu? think about it... (Yeah someone sent me a PM and said to further elaborate so I will) Because a shadow clone is made entirely of chakra and is still real and somewhat thinks for itself, it is real-it exists for a brief moment. This would be classified as a Yin-yang release technique. Now, using henge on the shadow clone, or rather, the chakra in the clone-Naruto can alter anything about the clone. He could make the clone for the remainder of it's existence taller, red head, or even made of fire, lava, water, air, ECT. Okay, I can see some heads turning; Naruto can alter anything about a shadow clone as long as he does it through the chakra. I mean Kakashi already did it, making a lighting clone when he fought Pien.

Hack 5: Say's Who?: The shadow clone jutsus makes shadow clones...yeah...but who ever said that the shadows had to be of the caster all the time. The shadow clone that could be made could be the shadow clone of a tree, shadow clone of a wall, or the shadow clone of a chakra-based jutsu according to Naruto's memory...come on, admit it, you really want to see this one don't you?

Hack 6: Just like Shogi: Shogi is actually a pretty fun but hard game of chess (link to game up above, rules are there but I recommend you can learn by playing, it's fun that way), mostly because you can set the pieces you have taken back on the board, within limits of-course. What if Naruto can make shadow clones of his past opponents, or the metaphorical pieces he has taken, granted that he has a blood sample or some other tangible form of DNA in his possession? Imagine if he was teamed up with Shikamaru with this hack. I'll leave that thought there...

Hack 7: My Room: Keeping up with the same thought as Hack 4 about the Shadow Clone's realness quality; we know that any shadow clone made will only stay real unless it is destroyed, runs out of chakra, or dispelled by the user. Anyone who thought about Hack 4 probably realized that if used correctly, Naruto can literally create whatever he wanted for a limited time. Okay, an OP power there so we don't want it, but what if he created something without bringing it to existence? Since it wasn't brought into existence, the rules for the shadows clone jutsu and it's limits don't exactly apply, Naruto still has to pay chakra to keep what he summoned out of existence existing there. But what does he summon? Simple, a room, his room, a room that he can from access from any where to any place he has already been to. think of knov from hunter x hunter.

Hack 8: My Soul: We know that it is possible to clone a soul, the third Hokage proved that when he sealed the souls of the first and second hokage in the stomach of the reaper/death god thing. So, what if Naruto uses this hack to summon his soul inside things and control them, things like corpses or inanimate objects? I mean the soul is less fragile than the body and if it can take over things...yeah. Or you know, naruto can summon ghost to scout ahead out of clones and what not, ghost no jutsu lol. or Even the spirit gun-trololol

Hack 9: Band-aid: Naruto uses his shadow clone jutsu to sort-of heal himself. He can perform the shadow clone jutsu on himself, plugging his wounds and making it appear like he is fine. By all means, his body is fine...until the jutsu wears of. All the cuts, bruises, and wounds is still there, it's just replaced or covered by a shadow clone. It's a bit like how you put a band-aid on a cut or scrape, its to stop the bleeding, prevent infection, and help the wound heal. Yep, you still have to heal it.

Hack 10: My Body: We all know Naruto can make shadow clones of himself, including anything on his person like sandals, kunais, even scrapes and cuts. But what if he could clone anything about himself, but what if realized he could go deeper? I mean go beyond trying to summon shadow clones of himself or weapons or even separate body parts? What if he took advantage of the ultimate weapon, the human body. To take advantage of the all the chemicals swimming around his body? Clone his adrenaline or morphine, clone his bones, clone the iron in his blood, or even his biological electricity?

Hack 11: Vision: this one is actually a bit of a stretch but I felt like sharing it. We all know that when a clone dispels, all of his memories are sent back to Naruto. Why? Well I don't know why but I am using it to justify my idea here. Okay keeping up with my idea of cloning something out of existence, what if Naruto made a shadow clone of himself but not in his existence, more like in his head or a different reality or something. And then he uses that clone to explore a specific route to beating an opponent, pretty big stretch huh? Any limitations would be that the routes his clones follow are based on what naruto knows about his current condition and that of his opponent including skills and it is very time consuming.

Hack 12: Control: Yeah this is actually a blend of some of my ideas and they kinda fit and i honestly don't know why I didn't think about this, this fits with challenge 20 but unlike my other ideas, this one comes with a challenge (keep reading). For the blend I'm using band-aid, my body, just chakra and hive mind. What if the shadow clone jutsu was more like the rasengan, an unfinished jutsu. The fourth hokage was unable to finish the rasengan because he died or didn't have the chakra potential or whatever. What if it's the same with the shadow clone jutsu? Not in the same respect as the rasengan but in the respect that people confused the purpose of the jutsu. What if it wasn't meant to be a clone jutsu at all, what if naruto found out how it was supposed to be used? It was simple...instead of casting the jutsu outwards he casted it inwards, inside his body. The result? Almost full control of his body... Yeah the challenge here is that Naruto discovers this while getting his ass handed to him by Lee in the chunin exams and does a comeback.

Hack 13: All is One: I just thought about this, the shadow clone jutsu makes a copy of the original including everything on his person, the third Hokage proved that even the soul can be cloned and that individual parts of can be cloned (Shuriken). So Naruto did the unthinkable when fighting Kiba in the preliminary round, he made a shadow clone of the nine tailed fox. Technically the biju is a part of Naruto so it would qualify as part of his person, but instead of it's full size it's only Akimaru's size (part 2).

Hack 14: Inside Out: Okay, not the most original idea and it has already been used to kill a snake and make a Biju puke, making shadow clones on the inside of an opponent, a very horrible death.

Challenge # 20: Quality over Quantity

Alright folks, we all know that Naruto proved that quantity is a quality all of it's own...But what if Naruto found away to give himself a "boost," per say, a way to strengthen himself, or increase his reflex? A way to increase his quality. Two ways to do this.

Shadow clones or Naruto blowing himself up, take it from there.

Challenge # 21: I'll Bear My Weight

There are many ways to rise, one of them is through pain...Naruto gets the blunt and honest truth...it was painful. So he swore to himself that he would evolve from the person he used to be, and be better than the best. He vow's to define himself, no more knuckle head ninja, orange blob, or the annoying orphan brat, or whatever; he was going to call himself by one thing and one thing only... an elite, Konoha's one and only, The utterly Gutsy Shinobi. Yep he's playa'.

Challenge # 22: Next Gen Jinchurki Race

I'm honestly surprised I have never saw this here. I mean the anime did it once but it was just a filler arc. With jinchurikis practically being nothing more than psychopathic killers or emotionally distressed or some sort of issue, they are not exactly the perfect weapons of war and are too few. So the other villages have tried to...create a new generation of jinchurikis. Yeah I know, why has this not been done yet? Here's a few ideas.

1: Pseudo invasion. Iwa and or Kumo has decided to create next generation weapons using their infinite supply of biju chakra from their bijus and seal the chakra inside the unborn infants of captured enemy konoichi's, creating pseudo jinchurikis. Sure their second rate compared to the real thing, but I think a certain blond guy has showed us that quantity is a quality all of its own.

2: The Hybrid. Giving birth to a Biju child didn't work, I mean if it did then why is Naruto the only second generation, they obviously tried but failed, I mean how did Kushina, Minato, and Biwako have the information on jinchuriki's giving birth? Someone must of have tried and failed. So instead, one of the major villages with more than one Biju have tried sealing two different types of biju's chakra into a infant in order to compensate for it being second rate. To this extent, fifty-four souls were sacrificed in order to create the one and only success, the hybrid.

3: Bits and Pieces of a Whole. One minor village has been over looked since before the first shinobi war, but has seen every battle field with biju or jinchuriki present. They have collected residual chakra over the years but not enough to create a good enough pseudo jinchuriki. With a bit of chakra from each biju saved up, they have decided to store a bit of all nine different types of Biju's chakra into a sole volunteer, a soon-to-be mother who gladly offered up her child for the sake of the hidden village...It was a success...and it has surpassed all of their expectations. They created the enigma. The pseudo ten tail jinchurki...

4: Biju Child. Pretty much another person like Naruto.

5: Faux Biju. No one really knows how Biju's are created or born, but with them being so limited (9), people tried to create artificial bijus...pretty much inspired by the episode in shippuden where there was an island creating the perfect summon.

Challenge # 23: The Perfect Vessel

Orochimaru was in Akatsuki for a reason, surely there was something he wanted more than a chance to see the jutsu of S-rank ninjas or Itachi's eyes, like say who the jinchurik's were and their basic location. After he departed he took the knowledge in his noggin and used it to draw one or every jinchuriki into conflict where they used their biju's chakra and sealed and used the residual leftover chakra to genetically modify embryos and or children in a little side project of his. If there wasn't a vessel to his liking, then what was wrong with making one, right? A biju's chakra added to a child or an embryo in the right dosages at the regular intervals could help nurture the perfect human-nay-the perfect organism. The perfect vessel...

Challenge # 24: A New Age of Peace

"Shinobi...brave warriors...majestic defenders...the greatest conquerors...the instigators of war. There was a time when the world got along just fine without them or the teachings of the Sage of the Six Paths. Those shinobi are not manageable they cannot be contained. Every time they clash swords we get caught in the crossfires!I bet the Sage himself even detest the door he unknowingly opened. Don't misunderstand, I'm not arrogant nor naive enough to believe that men would not kill each other if they were not shinobi; I will not look away form the advanced made by chakra. But I ask you all, is not possible to reduce chakra to a non-combatant role? Can chakra not be kept to a role where it benefits society as a whole just as the Sage ofthe SIx paths intended? So I say to you all, let's usurp these foul shinobi's, these horrific murderers, let's destroy the shinobis! And through this act, we bring in a new age of peace..."

I'm surprised that not a lot of people have done this even before Legend of Korra came out.

Challenge # 25: Redistribution of Power

I found it odd that this one hasn't been before without taking love interest into account. Yes I'm talking about assigning Naruto to different squads and we have seen many different varieties but a lot of it was just for the sake of love interest. But this one actually makes sense and a lot of people would like this one too. We know that the Hiruzen, the third Hokage, is pretty much a dove, in a political sense, but he had lived (and I'm assuming) three shinobi wars and adapted to the way time changed. Tsunade, though laid back, pretty much shares a similar background and shares the same view; but Tsunade is a bit of an alcoholic that recently recovered from a psychological trauma. I'm sure she would be different in terms of how squad are assigned at least when Naruto returns with Tsunade or after his training trip. Example:

New Squad, Naruto, Lee, and Tenten. Naruto is mid-to-close-range ninjutsu specialist, Lee is a close-range taijutsu specialist, Tenten is all range bakijutsu specialist. their specialties balances each other out but leaves them vulnerable to genjutsu. Both Lee and Naruto are hyperactive and get along along, but rival each other in terms of opposite power (taijutsu vs ninjutsu) and their love for Sakura. Tenten has often been seen as cool and level headed and can understand her teammates abilities, she's obviously no Shikamaru, but she is experienced enough on how to use the team's abilities. Not to mention she has enough spunk to keep both Naruto and Lee in check, therefore, Tenten Is team leader.

New Squad, Sasuke, Sakura, and Neji. Sasuke is pretty much an all rounder, Neji is close-range taijutsu expert, Sakura is...support I guess, a medic in part 2. Sasuke and Sakura are both rookies whereas Neji is a year older and more experienced, so he is the squad leader. Since Sakura's combat abilities are limited, it's painfully obvious when compared to both Sasuke and Neji who are prodigies (combat wise) with strong kekkai genkais. Normally i would make Sakura the leader because she's smarter despite the lack of experience, but in part 1 Sakura is not really capable of making tough decisions or gambles that Sasuke and Neji would risk.

Challenge # 26: Wind Revival

coming soon lol

Challenge # 27: The other extreme

We all thought that Naruto was just bad because he had too much chakra, well what if he has the same problem as Lee only a milder case? Yes I know he can do henge, but keep in mind that he couldn't do the clone jutsu and never bothered to after he learned the shadow clone jutsu, i don't recall him using substitution jutsu, and his shadow clone jutsu does not use the standard hand seals and the only other technique he know is the summoning jutsu which is basically fuinjutsu and the rasengan which is chakra manipulation. There's a chance that if Lee learned the shadow clone jutsu he could probably cast it, it just that Guy took down the extreme of a taijutsu master. Well what if someone took Naruto down the other extreme and turned him into a chakra manipulation expert?

Challenge # 28: Just by Chance

Naruto, son of the fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, the Uzumaki clan having deep ties with the Senju clan who created Konoha. Student of Kakashi Hatake, student of the fourth hokage, and apprentice of Jiraiya, Sannin and master of the fourth hokage. Naruto had the best of luck because of his parents and their friends and family. This challenge, unlike the unknown challenge where nobody know's of Naruot's connection to the fourth hokage, Naruto has no such connection. He is not the forth's legacy, he is not one of the last sons of Uzushiogakure, no connection to Kakashi or Jiraiya there for not gaining their interest. He was just unlucky.

95% of teens today would die if their social network died. Copy and paste this onto your profile if you're one of the 5% that would laugh like hell.

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