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Top 11 Anime Original Characters

Commonly known by the derogatory term, "Filler Character," are individuals/entities/people who are created solely for the sake of promoting a series implemented solely within the Anime without tying into the Mangaka serialization. While there have been a few notable exceptions, here and there, the majority of which are mainly famous/infamous through the animated series for which they make their initial debut and sometimes stay that way. Though in this list, I am going to talk about the ones that have impacted myself and most likely the fanbase as a whole to break out of the normal mold of "Filler Characters" that we normally shy away from.

Why Top 11? Because, as Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So without further ado, this is my Top 11 Anime Original Characters!

#11: Broly from Dragon Ball Z's 8th Movie, The Legendary Super Saiyan

Now, I know Broly isn't implemented into the Anime itself with an Arc to call home he IS however one of the most well known Movie Characters known throughout the DBZ Anime Fan Community. Creating a legend based on a child who was psychologically scarred by a combination of loud crying, attempted murder, and a planet exploding around him, this day old infant became the first (by the movie's account) legitimate Super Saiyan. Though his powers are far from the normal recognizable forms of Super Saiyan he IS an undeniable force of nature that no single warrior can contend with. While being manipulated by his father, he was forced to annihilate nearly the entirety of the Southern Galaxy's population and doing so in a way that seemed too fast for King Kai to track. When facing an object of his past nightmares as a child, Broly begins to burn through the years of mental control his father has placed upon him, using the wrath that burned within his soul to face down his oppressor and slaying his father in the process. During a climactic battle in which he singlehandedly rendered all but Goku KO'd, it took a single punch of the combined energies of the Z Warriors in the weak spot he had gained during his infantile failed murder attempt to defeat him utterly.

While I am the first to say I am not a fan of how the movie executed this character's origins or how they defeated him through the literal "Power of Friendship," but I cannot deny the FUNimation dubbing combined with great soundtracks did make him an authentic terror. He is a monster of pure cold indifference and manically sociopathic bloodlust, through and through. Due to the popularity this character has received worldwide he has received a great deal of attention, having two sequel films (notoriously known for bad story quality among other things) and a number of Promotional Animation Trailers AS WELL as a great deal of Video Game appearances. Flawed as he is, Broly is a guilty favorite of mine as well as the majority of the Anime DBZ Community, earning him a spot of my Top 11 Anime Original Characters.

#10: Jonathan from One Piece's 5th Filler Arc, The G-8 Arc

I like One Piece?! I must be crazy!

No, seriously, there are some good points for One Piece but I won't spend time explaining them or why I like the series.

I'm not sure just how popular this character is among the Fanbase (they're not the circle I'm usually around, to be fair) but for me, he was definitely a favorite of mind. A Vice Admiral that had been issued control over Navarone (aka G-8 Base) is a nonchalant man. Much rather spend his time fishing and meditating, one could easily dismiss this man as a non-threatening individual. One of the only antagonists Luffy has never engaged in direct combat, but rather, exchanged a battle of wits as he is one of the most intelligent adversaries he's ever faced. Lacing trap after trap, he never gives an inch of leeway for the Straw Hat pirates, intent on bringing them into custody in any way he possibly can.

It also doesn't hurt that he has a kickass chef wife and managed to give the Comeuppance to the secondary antagonist of the G-8 Arc, Investigator Shepard.

From what I've seen, he has made a few cameos later on within the Anime and a movie. Possessing a motif for "fishing" for the enemy and being a key strategist in where little strategy is seen in a series about "Pirates" (Crocodile is an exception, mind you) with an infectious personality to boot. While he never fully captured the Straw Hat Pirates, he did manage to cunningly evade having the base decommissioned and was allowed to keep his title (as seen in his future cameo).

If I was a bigger fan of this series, I would rate him higher, but ah well. He has more than enough earned the #10 spot on my Top 11 Original Characters!

#9: Byro Cracy from Fairy Tail's 2nd Filler Arc, Key of the Starry Sky Arc

Fairy Tail and I have an interesting relationship. Up to a certain point, it is one of my most favorite Anime series. After said point, I loathe the laziness and contrived writing style the author uses over such beautiful artwork (sometimes used for blatantly scandalous fanservice purposes). But I digress...not about the series but about the character.

Byro Cracy is a Earthland counterpart to the Edoland character Byro, a man whom in this world leads the Zentopia Legion Corps. An organization strictly following the Will of the Zentopian Church and its Archbishop. Their mission in the Arc is to take possession of the clock pieces of a legendary magic artifact said to hold incredible power and place it within protective custody. This leads him into many conflicts, some of which have him collide with Fairy Tail Guild Ace, Gildarts Clive, whom he can utilize his own natural Nullification Magic to perfectly stand on even grounds with him. During other encounters, he continues to speak that his loyalty to the Zentopian doctrine is absolute and he will in no way defy it, even after uncovering a usurper of power, Lapointe.

Basing most of his combat prowess off of dispelling Magic, riding his partner/pet octopus, he is one of the few characters in the series that uses a staff as a primary source of magic deployment and combat. Not to mention the one time he fought Natsu he had utterly crushed him using nothing but martial artistry, something that is a very refreshing change from the norm of antagonists Natsu faces. While he has redeemed himself at the end of the Arc, it is worthy to note that he is one of the few main boss antagonists that doesn't get sent to prison or somehow "dies" in some sense or another.

While I am unsure what the community makes of him as a whole, he is a personal favorite of mine, earning him a well deserved spot as number nine on my list!

#8: Utakata from Naruto Shippuden's 3rd Anime Filler Arc, Tsuchigumo Kinjutsu Arc

Now, technically, this character is a Manga Character that was briefly mentioned prior to his revival via Edo Tensei. However, he had his own Arc surrounding a number of incidents surrounding his defection and his initial meeting with Naruto himself. Being a Jinchuriki of the 6 Tailed Beast, Saiken, Utakata had at one point defected from the Hidden Mist Village back during its "Bloody Mist" era. Adopting a heartwarming relationship as teacher to Hotaru, reluctantly teaching her the Shinobi Arts. Later on when she was pursued for the secret of her Clan's Forbidden Technique, Utakata would come to her rescue time and again, later to be revealed a renegade from his own Village for charges of killing his Master. After saving her from the Kinjutsu that was forcefully cast against her will, he had promised to meet her at the place where they had originally had met, only to have been killed tragically soon after.

The Anime makes certain that his role in that Arc is revisited, even adding in scenes detailing his fight with Pain before succumbing to his power, something of which Naruto grimly acknowledges as part of his burden of putting this former acquaintance to rest. Debuting in more recent video games, he is a tragic and sympathized character whom has cool abilities that many see as very original. This earns him a guaranteed spot among my Top 11 Anime Original Characters.

#7: Pikkon from Dragon Ball Z's 7th Season, The Other World Tournament

This character is tied specifically into the Canon of the DBZ Anime, and from his role, is a prominent figure within the Filler Cast. Being the strongest warrior of the Western Galaxy, as well as West Kai's "trump card", he is a black mirror of the idealistic and light hearted Goku. Rigidly stuck in tradition and unquestionable duty, Pikkon does the work of containing threats within the Afterlife as well as increasing his own amazing well of power. During the Other World Tournament, he displayed nothing but incredible martial artist prowess and a wide array of techniques that are familiar to the hero of the Northern Galaxy. Nearly beating him within an inch of his life, Goku narrowly defeated this warrior with the Instant Kamehameha, a maneuver that had previously failed on the nearly invincible Cell.

From this point onwards, Pikkon is seen participating in (albeit much more subtly) throughout the Buu Saga, often staging input and even taunting Kid Buu when he arrived on Grand Kai's planet. Appearing in many forms of fanon comics, promotional material, and many video games, it is assured that his impact upon the fandom has left a positive mark upon the minds of many fans. Stoic and badass, Pikkon earns his spot as number seven of my Top 11 Anime Original Characters.

#6 : Raiga from Naruto: Shippuden's Filler Arc, Curry of Life Arc

Raiga was, at one point, one of the Hidden Mist Swordsmen and a member of the Bloody Mist's ANBU. Wielder of the legendary Lightning Type swords, Kiba, he was seen as one of the most prominently skilled fighters in his use of Lightning Release (later on even wielding natural lightning). Together with adopted surrogate son, Ranmaru, he became an infamous Shinobi even as a Missing Nin. When facing Naruto and his comrades, he had easily rendered all unconscious and would have killed them all had it not been for Rock Lee's fighting spirit keeping him on the offensive while asleep. In a blaze of glory, due to his obsession with funerals, Raiga would commit suicide before his falling body would hit the ground by summoning lightning to burn his body to ashes.

This character that has received a lot of love and adoration from the fanbase, enough so that the creator had utilized him later in the actual Manga. That's right, this character was so popular that he was written INTO the Mangaka. It's just one of the few reasons I love this character so much. It's a shame we won't see him in a video game anytime soon. Ah well, he has more than earned his place among the Top 11 Anime Original Characters list!

#5: Dyst from Fairy Tail's first film, Priestess of the Phoenix

Dyst...what can I say about you that can do you justice?

During a time when I watched this film was during Fairy Tail's most recent if not darkest hour (not atmosphere, mind you, but the horror of bad writing at work) this film gave me hope that further film adaptations would be developed that would possibly get close if not surpass this films Epic. But enough about the film, let's talk about the character!

Dyst is a Mage from the Guild called Carbuncle, a user of the rare and powerful Telekinesis Magic. During his childhood he had approached Eclair, during which acted as a fortuneteller at the time, pleading her to bring his pet weasel back to life. Much to his dismay he would be told that it wasn't in her power, saying that the dead cannot be brought back to life, no matter what. With grief turned into a determination, Dyst would promise himself that he would continue living and never stop no matter the cost. Years later as one of Carbuncle's highest ranked Mages, Dyst hatches a plan to use the Phoenix Priestess (whom was Eclair all along) and the greedy prince who desired Immortality, trying to seize it himself.

Being a powerful Mage, Dyst was seen as near unstoppable, breaking into the Fairy Tail Guild and bringing down Natsu to his knees with little to no effort. Even in the second clash, Dyst had yet to be touched by the Dragon Slayer, utterly beating him to a near pulp before rushing to attain his Immortality. Upon seeing little to no success in trying to reign control of the Phoenix itself, Natsu and him have one last battle, with the latter needing to use his brains in order to overcome his powerful Magic and the assistance of Laxus Dreyar in order to knock his balance off kilter to be delivered a deathblow.

While I was debating whether to give Eclair or Dyst this spot I simply chose Dyst because of his proactive role as a Main Antagonist and his proficiency in being a villain that wasn't surprised or beaten easily by the poster boy of the Fairy Tail Guild. This gives him the legitimate spot of number five of the eleven top eleven anime original characters on this list.

#4: Isaac McDougal from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's first episode, Fullmetal Alchemist

A rare gem for the nearly perfect Canon Track this Anime runs on compared to the abhorrent preceding Anime series. Isaac is stated as a State Alchemist gone rogue, having learned of a horrible secret surrounding Central HQ that can only be speculated as the citywide transmutation circle later used at the climax of the series. Despite attacking numerous Central soldiers, killing them in the process, his only goal was to eliminate the corruptible powers that had been setting their country on a doomed path. Battling anyone who got in his way, including the Elric brothers, he utilized a Philosopher's stone to nearly topple the entire headquarters had it not been for Edward's interference. Critically injuring the boy, he would limp into an alleyway where the Fuhrer, King Bradley, himself would confront him. Charging at him in a vengeful frenzy, he would be cut down without effort by the skilled and mysterious leader of the country.

Not only is his pathos one to be recognized as valorous, even if a bit misguided by the means he was employing, but it was a painful reminder that Edward had helped the enemy from being annihilated by the crude attempt of destroying them. Rarely does an Original Character crafted by the Anime have such an emotional impact, even if brief, for such a prominent protagonist. Needless to say, this character has well earned his place as number four of my Top 11 Anime Original Characters.

#3: Amaru from the 2nd Naruto: Shippuden Movie, Bonds

An endearing character that I wholeheartedly wished was part of the Mangaka of Naruto. Seriously, this character has done nothing but support and project more development of herself than most heroines so casually thrown into NS films. None-the-less, I shall discuss the character without further ado.

Amaru is a skilled medic, having been taught by the Medical Expert Shinobi Shinnou. Having been restored back to full health by Shinnou years ago, she felt indebted to him and sought teaching in how to learn his healing arts. While not taught anything related to the Shinobi way, she was taught very well how to perform medical procedures that surprise even a Medic Nin like Sakura how thorough she performs her procedures. At some point she had manifested the Zero Tails from the Dark Chakra her trauma (upon seeing her sensei get "killed") temporarily having her become possessed by the ethereal spirit. It was only due to Naruto's comfort that she had managed to dispel the Zero Tail's control on her, encouraging her to make her teacher proud rather than wallow in sorrow for his passing.

By the time she had come to the Sky Palace, she found much to her horror that he had faked his death in order to trigger the release of Dark Chakra within her. Finding that her whole relationship was a lie, she began to emotionally snap, causing Naruto to attack Shinnou in a frenzy in a one-sided battle to shut him up for good. On the verge of giving into her anger, she determined to kill herself in order to keep herself from burdening Naruto and to hold onto the pleasant memories of her kind hearted teacher. Before she could commit the act, Naruto stopped her, tenderly telling her that if there is any time to have her confess her admiration to her sensei now was the time. After pouring her heart out to him Shinnou would laugh despicably in a humored tone, only to earn a brutal beatdown by Naruto that would later lead to his downfall. Upon the destruction of the Sky Palace, she would be the sole person to leap out and try to save Naruto. Abandoning even her own safety to reach out and grab him, she would whisper to him that he would never be alone before landing on the cushion that Gamabunta provided.

Endearing emotions and a likable personality, if Amaru was Canon, I believe Naruto and Amaru would be a great couple on top of her being an excellent addition to the Naruto cast. Even not being a Shinobi, her medical prowess is a refreshing change in comparison to the plethora of Medical Jutsu practices within the series. This adamantly places her as the 3rd of my Top 11 Anime Original Characters!

#2: Jin Kariya from Bleach's First Filler Arc, The Bount Arc

Being the primary antagonist who interacts with a great number of memorable characters in this series, Jin holds a number of cards that allows him to be my number 2 of the eleven chosen.

Jin is the Bleach equivalent of a Vampire, capable of absorbing the essence of Human Pluses (Souls who have not passed on) or drink the spiritual essence straight from the source itself by killing humans. Being a Bount he possesses incredible strength, able to use only his bare hands to beat down Ichigo Kurosaki in his Shikai form. his Doll is imbued directly into his being, simply named Messer, to control the wind without even showing its true form. This was so effective that, within the Soul Society, he was able to contend with the Elite Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki, for a time, when both used Bankai. It was only later when Ichigo overcame the elemental prowess his nemesis attained that he wielded it in a much more sword-like form, even pressurizing it to generate lightning, a technique that could chase down Ichigo with ease. It wasn't until he was willing to sacrifice his life to destroy the Soul Society that he was finally destroyed, only wishing that he'd see what would happen to Ichigo and if he'd turn out like him.

With a sympathetic backstory that makes you really root for his pathos (knowing most of the Shinigami in the Soul Society ARE CONFIRMED SOCIOPATHS AND JACKASSES!) and he really comes off as a much more assertive, results-bearing villain in comparison to most of the Filler Arc Villains of the series, even the Canonical Aizen seems to be much more nonchalant and laid back in comparison to Jin. The continuity within the Anime even retains a point of which Ichigo sees a manifested Jin combat with him, trying to make him remember who he is and the killing intent buried within his heart.

This, without a doubt, cements him as my #2 spot of the Top 11 Anime Original Characters!

#1: Senna from Bleach's First Movie, Memories of Nobody

Senna. Oh you have a very special place in my heart. This adorable teen of spunk, lightheartedness and compassion is a character I SWEAR could have been the original character to be in Rukia's spot in the series. Her personality is THAT infectious.

Within the movie, Senna is a mysterious Shinigami who wields a Zanpakutou with the power to create twisters. Defeating a group of mysterious robed beings known as Blanks, she becomes acquainted with Ichigo and soon forms a bond with him that he can't deny. Defended by an initial attack by a group of Ex-Shinigami known as the Dark Ones, she later discovers that she is Shinenju, a being that is the host of memories for a dimensional scale of souls whom had become lost on their way through the Dangai and had lost the essence of their being (aka, their memories). When they merge Senna with the Blanks, she is terrified and initially reaches out to Ichigo to rescue her whom would be deterred by the Dark Ones' defense. When Ichigo had been partially submerged onto a dimensional root, Ichigo let loose a torrent of his Spiritual Power which flowed to Senna, allowing her to coherently connect with the Blanks in a much more harmonious way. By the time she is rescued, the damage between the Soul Society and the Material World becomes too great, forcing both dimensions to come closer and closer. Realizing there would be no alternative, Senna sacrifices herself to save the world that Ichigo lives within and solely for him that she does this. She would later pass away into a shower of spiritual light on Ichigo's back as they would approach a gravestone she remembers was hers, only to appear at a indeterminate period of time as a human girl reincarnated that would pass by Ichigo over a bridge once her ribbon was grasped by him moments before.

With such a saddening conclusion to such an awesome movie and a great character, I had written an entire Fanfic based on the concept of a different kind of Senna would come back to help Ichigo in the Fullbringers' stead (in a sense, they never exist in this story, lol). A beloved girl who balances out Ichigo's snark and sarcastic attitude with a light, cheery and positive one, I wish she had spent more time on screen with Ichigo in a whole Arc rather than a single movie.

But you know one of the greatest parts of this character? She's Canon. That's right. Because of a recent update to the ongoing BLEACH Manga, the Valley of Screams is an official part of the series' lore. At some given point between the end of the Soul Society Rescue Arc and the beginning of the Visored Arc, this Movie HAPPENED. You don't know how happy I am to see that my dream was, in part, granted that she existed within the actual series. While I wish she didn't end up sacrificing herself in the movie so she could find a loophole to join the cast at the end of the series (even though that'd be as out of place as the Fullbringers being reintroduced *coughs violently*) but I digress, I am a very happy man.

This leaves me with the satisfying conclusion that Senna is my number one of eleven of my Top 11 Anime Original Character list!

The Top Eleven Saddest Moments of BLEACH

In a series like BLEACH there are a lot of sad moments that transpire. Not sad as in bad quality, mind you (though there have been moments) but there are some quite tragic parts of characters' lives and things that happened in said characters' backstories. Chilling, awesome and tear-filled in their execution most of these moments are excellently handled and proves that Kubo does have some good writing intuition when it comes to tragedy. With that said, let's get this list started and keep your tissue boxes handy!

11 - The Death of Orihime's Brother (While this is a flashback sequence, the way it was told and the impact it had on Orihime [especially during her character arc] made it especially heart wrenching. This is one of the first challenges Ichigo has to face. A childhood friend of his about to be murdered by her brother's spirit. The horrible truth of Hollows once being the spirits of innocent pluses combined with the bittersweet farewell from Orihime's brother makes it and the aforementioned demise one of the saddest moments in this series)

10 - Tatsuki dies (This technically happens. While downplayed in the Anime for censorship sake, the Manga depicts her skull being split open by one of Numb's zombie seeds. It's a powerful scene that momentarily propels Orihime into a proactive member of the series, as her fight with Numb shows just how powerful she's capable of becoming if her heart overpowers her fear. While this is negated by Orihime obtaining godly rejection abilities later expounded as merely plot device [that doesn't go anywhere] it is a vivid scene imbedded into most fans' minds.)

9 - Captain Aizen's Death (Now I know this sounds like a stretch, but, Kubo did a good job evoking emotions from his fan base on this. Originally, this was a kindhearted and intelligent Captain of the Shinigami. It looked like he was on the verge of uncovering a plot Gin was up to [though this was later proven wrong as Gin was a subordinate of his, it was certainly a convincing show at the time] until he was left to be brutally murdered, impaled on a tall tower by his own Zanpakutou. This sets in motion a number of vengeful, grieving and melancholic individuals to react in a number of ways, mostly his Lieutenant in the most tragic way. Despite being fake, Captain Aizen's brief presumed death was one of the most impact feeling moments of the series.)

8 - Souken Ishida's Death at the Hands of Mayuri Kurotsuchi (While many still have conjecture as to how even an aged Quincy could be slain by Hollows, especially one in the badass family of the Ishida, it is quite obvious Mayuri had secret dealings with the Shinigami who were supposed to act as bodyguards to one of the last living members of a dying race. Brought up during the vengeful, fated encounter of Uryu vs Mayuri, it is one of the few times we can feel a humanized connection between ourselves and the cape-toting warrior. Even if he never managed to obtain his vengeance, his climactic end to his fight with Mayuri was certainly a great moment to show how much Uryu has surpassed his teacher as well as what lengths he's to go to obtain his justice.)

7 - Tier's Betrayal(Probably overlooked due to how quick and sudden it happens in the Manga, the Anime expounds on the Espada's past as a Vasto Lordes and how she gained the camaraderie of her three Fraccion. When it seems that Aizen's test tube Arrancar almost kills them, he comes to their rescue and offers the opportunity for comradery for the sake of strength. Seeing how he so readily casts aside Tier sends her into a rage and an emotion we all can feel is true betrayal to her. Unlike Barragan whom had a petty grudge over a throne he didn't care for or deserve, Tier felt like someone who should have been a trusted colleague had turned on her without a second thought. Cutting her down and leaving her to die, it was almost a permanent farewell till we heard of her recovery thanks to Orihime. It's kind of unfortunate that she's treated with even less grace by Father Juhabach...)

6 - Nelliel's Fall from Power (A title that normally doesn't evoke an emotional response, unless you know her origin story. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck was the Tres Espada, one of Aizen's most loyal and capable warriors at the time and era she was seen in the flashbacks. A lowly Octava Nnoitra Gilga was seen as the barbaric and savage warrior that Nel often took to following around more than her own Fraccion. This is a similar practice to how Ulquiorra sticks around Yammy, who's also known for his savage and near uncontrollable temper. However, because Nnoitra is a sexist bastard and has an extreme inferior complex [he loathes pity to the point of loathing anyone who shows a remote amount of kindness to him] he ends up using a Numeros-ranked Szayelaporro's invention to get the drop on Nel after RIPPING OFF THE MASKS from her Fracciones' faces. Not only was this horrifying to witness but it made you remember just how truly scarred the playful three we discovered upon trekking through the Hueco Mundo wastes. It also makes the unnecessary back-handed treatment she and her Fraccion get when they both have a chance to shine against their respective enemies, the two who ruined their lives and made them incapable of serving loyally to their benefactor.)

5 - The Death of the Primera (Many in the Fandom felt great melancholy when this occurred. While depicted as a lazy and unmotivated guy, he was quite in a class of his own. Holding enough power to rank above the likes of Ulquiorra and even Barragan, it is quite easy to see that he never felt like he should unleash Hell [even though he should have] on the Shinigami. Despite this, he was quite a likable character, even having a older brother kind of relationship with his other half and Fraccion, Lilynette Gingerbuck. This makes his unfair death at the hands of the sly bastard Shunsui [I love ya buddy, but I hated you at that moment] all the more heart wrenching. In the Anime, it further gnaws at our hearts when we realize that with the further destruction of the Spirit Wolves, Lilynette's soul begins to disappear bit by bit. When his eyepiece shatters, it is as morbid as him being cut down by the future Captain Commander. He didn't want to die alone but then realized he was never alone to begin with. The only solace one might find is that he may be reborn beside Lilynette in a better, hopefully happier place. RIP, Starrk. RIP.)

4 - Kaien's Death (A Lot of Death in these sad moments, isn't there? Kaien's death is no exception. Built up from the beginning of the series, Kaien Shiba was an exceptional heir to the Noble Shiba Clan. While having a roguish personality to the point you could see him and Ichigo in the same room as almost nearly alike [with Kaien probably having better pep talks and advice than Ichigo, he was very thoughtful to Rukia during her days as a Shinigami initiate. Becoming both the secret source of affection and a beloved mentor, it is crushing to see both his wife and himself perish in the span of a short time, leaving Rukia to land the finishing blow and have him die bleeding in her arms. To the point of making Rukia feel so guilty that she might have murdered the man without circumstances taken into consideration, it really is a heart wrenching story that is further dredged up when the bastard Aaroniero Arruruerie comes to show off the face he got when eating the Hollow that possessed him. Talk about a double whammy)

3 - Hisana's Last Wishes (This is what paints Byakuya in a way that we had never seen until now. Before this, Byakuya was just that cold-heart noble who didn't even look Rukia in the eye. The fact he claimed that he would execute her personally showed just how much loathing Ichigo had towards this guy, considering he himself was a brother of two sisters of his own [and it was proven that Ichigo is very attached to his family, given he already lost his mother]. But later, when he returns to save Rukia from death at the hands of Gin and Aizen, he confesses the truth behind it all. Hisana, Rukia's nearly identical older sister, had abandoned her when she was a child long ago when they were in the Rukonagi Distrct. When you hear about how regretful and melancholic she becomes after marrying into Byakuya's family, it is heartbreaking to hear that Byakuya really did love her and wanted to keep her wishes. But, at the same time, he was conflicted with the Law for which he felt dearly about. Feeling so guilty for breaking the law twice both for his heart's sake, he kept himself from even looking at Rukia's face whom reminded himself too much of his dead wife. Not only was this the first step to show considerable character development for a previously hated character, but also renew a bond that had been waned by Byakuya's isolation from his own sister-in-law)

2 - Farewell, Rukia (A bittersweet farewell, it had all come full circle from the beginning of the series to this moment. While some argue this could have been a fine ending to the series [especially with how the Final Arc is panning out] it was still a very sad moment. The two had become best friends, arguably even a good couple that had great chemistry with each other [even if they'd never admit it aloud]. The sight of seeing Rukia slowly disappear as Ichigo sadly smiles and Rukia looks up in a heart wrenching, tear-dropping expression, it really did feel like we'd never see her again. So, again, I'm glad we got to see her in the Fullbring Arc and I'm glad we got to see her character expand in the Final Arc, despite all of the unnecessary BS both Arcs possessed. Good going for ya, Rukia)

1 - The Death of Masaki Kurosaki (You all knew it was coming. Yeah, surprisingly out of all the other moments that transpired in the series, this still takes number one on my list. Why? Well, not only does it relate the most to us as fans as the death of any kind and gentle mother figure would shake us to our cores but this was the main protagonist's biggest lost. He made a mistake as a child and it cost his mother's life in the process, giving him a similar guilty feeling that Rukia had over Kaien. This spawned his obsession of protecting those he felt compelled to defending, even if it had no logical reasoning or sense behind it. It was also the fact that he'd feel like he let his mother down that he kept getting back up and up and up again, to the point of being stripped of his power by Kugo and still finding the strength to stand up. His battle [while inconclusive] with Grand Fisher showed just how deep the wound carried and how much he desired retribution for the one who was wrongfully murdered. I'm glad her murderer has been put away by Isshin, so I think a little part of Ichigo can rest easier. RIP Masaki.)

The Top Five Fights BLEACH Never Showed Us

If BLEACH is known for anything, its for its fights. Much like Kubo's mentor's works, Dragon Ball, it was never really as much as the Storytelling that drove the series forward. No it was the action and powers that were showcased. But as much as I do really enjoy a lot of the fights in BLEACH, there have been a few missed opportunities. More in the Latter Arc than the others, but I think the biggest disappointments span the entire series? When and Where did these battles could have or should have taken place? Well, let's dive in and see.

5 - Kenpachi Zaraki vs Sajin Komamura - While this initially started as a tag team battle between Zaraki and the Captain Duo, Kaname & Sajin, it had transformed into Zaraki fighting them one-on-one against Kaname's Bankai followed up with Sajin's. Problem was...well, the Plot decided to get in the way of this battle. We only run across Zaraki possibly a handful of episodes (or a dozen chapters, give or take) and he says that Sajin ran off to stop Aizen. What a buzzkill way to end a potentially badass fight. Hell, in the Zanpakutou Rebellions Arc, we were teased with Sajin's Zanpakutou using Bankai to face off against him and even THEN we never got a proper fight. Just adding salt to the wound, eh, Toei and Kubo?

4 - Unohana vs Aizen - Now that we know what we know of Unohana, doesn't anyone feel like we were robbed of seeing her fight anyone else BESIDES Zaraki? Here we are, with many Shinigami INCLUDING the Head Captain dropping like flies and she doesn't even raise a finger to go stop him. While many could argue that she was busy healing those who were getting pwned but, just from what little was depicted in the Anime and her fight with Zaraki, it doesn't TAKE VERY LONG for her to heal serious wounds. Hell, she probably stood the best chance taking him down prior to his Hogyoku awakening. Had it not been for Kisuke, Yoruichi and Isshin arriving when they did, it would have most likely ended badly with no assistance by her part. Way to go Super Medic/Badass Swordswoman 3

3 - Chojiro Sasakibe vs Overkill - Those who've read my works all know I'm a pretty big fan of Chojiro. The premise for his powers, the concept of him being a Captain Class Shinigami with a lot of capability but was treated like the Yamcha of the series (the Anime abused this without ceasing.) The least the Manga could have done for the LAST Arc of the series is showcase what he's capable of before getting axed by the Quincy. Hell, that might have made us feel a little MORE for the guy than using stupid flashbacks. I digress, this was a wasted opportunity that Kubo squandered due to the fact he couldn't care less for this character he tried making us care for when he himself didn't.

2 - Zaraki vs Lloyd Royd - This still bugs me to this day. Zaraki getting pwned offscreen? That in of itself was a pretty big slap across the face. While I know it was to create dramatic tension and show just what kind of level Yhwach was at the time, I felt like it was the beginning of Kubo's trend of ending battles before they could begin. Knowing that the probability of a Anime continuation expanding on these fights is unlikely to come soon, I feel even more jibbed that we'll never know just how this guy trounced Zaraki given how freakin badass Zaraki is in general.

1 - Byakuya vs The Stern Ritters - Seriously, I was bugged by this only for one reason. IT WAS NEVER SHOWN. New techniques? He's gotten better since his fight with As Nodt? WTF Kubo?! I wouldn't have minded seeing a five on one brawl of many Stern Ritters coming at him at once (given that Kenpachi was able to kill 3 with utter ease, I can see Byakuya doing so for select few types of Stern Ritters). I was a bit disappointed a nameless ranked member got killed while another who seemed to have a prelude hinting at a fight pointing to him against Renji was also knocked away. It just goes to show that the editors are pressuring Kubo now more than ever, so he's just recklessly ending fights way too quickly for my liking. Hell, I would have liked to see Shuhei kill that Stern Ritter WE DIDN'T even see him fight (unless he lied on Pepe's behalf/fought Pepe and was told to lie to Byakuya) who knows? I just thought this was one of the more wasted opportunities of the series to show a good fight, but was just slapped away from us. Thanks a lot Editors and Kubo .

The Top Five Signs That Fairy Tail's Quality Has Been Deteriorating

I have to be honest, I started off as a big fan of Fairy Tail. In some respects, I still love the series. The Anime has a lot of points above its Manga counterpart: Good Music, Good Voice Actors, Overall Great Animation. So what seems to be the problem? As of recently its come to my attention that there has been NO CHANGE to the formula which makes it feel dated, pretentious and downright irritating to see. I wouldn't be as bothered by it if it wasn't for the grotuitous amounts of Fanservice that increases in every single Arc that follows which backfires the whole "Family Focus," this is aimed to the audience. You know your series is becoming quite frankly SHIT when your resorting to out of place panty shots, sexual poses and odd fanserviced panels.

But we're not here to talk about how Natsu One-Shots a GOD OF WAR (Kratos may want to have a word with you, Luffy 2.0) or how the latest Arc sucks even more Dragon Balls than the Tartaros Arc ever did OR how pointless this Arc is other than to show how Gary Stu/Mary Sue the Fairy Turds are now. No, we're talking about THE SIGNS of how a GOOD SERIES started to become BAD. The Signs of this are listed below in the parts and moments of the series.

5 - Timeskip Done Wrong: We all know the theme of most stories, not just Shounen, try to do this. Timeskips show a way to progress a character's maturity as well as change up their look (some authors LOVE to exploit this to come up with cool new designs). The biggest problem is that this all hinges on the supposed "death/disappearance" of Fairy Tail's "Team Tenrou" (basically all the members we actually cared about and not that SHIT Romeo). Yeah, that's right, Macao, Wakaba, Shadow Gear (minus Levy), the Gunslinger Couple (the ONLY Canonical pairing that got paired up and married, ANOTHER slap in the face) and Romeo are ALL that got the Timeskip treatment. Character progression was made for most of them, not to mention they all got new older looks. But then when they find out where Fairy Tail's Tenrou Team was, what does Hiro do to "Break the Mold"? He doesn't change a DAMNED THING ABOUT THEM. Nothing changes, nothing matures. It truly is just a BS spell so that they could NOT DIE when they should have. But don't worry, this was the LEAST of the transgressions Fairy Tail's series has done...

4 - Unnecessary Plot Twists: Now, I know most Shounen Authors of noteworthy credibility (Kishi, for example) and infamy (I'm looking at you, Kubo) have done things to shock and awe the audience. Sometimes, it comes off as genius. Other times it comes off as excessive yet interpretational impressive. Most of the time, if done too often, it can get old REAL fast. Fast Forward to the Magical Games Arc and you see there is a TON of things that Hiro tried to do that is never explained properly or executed well enough to satisfy people (at least the people with a brain bigger than a RUBIX CUBE). Between the Zeref implications (which doesn't really amount to much), the Emerald Knight being a bad/good/confused guy(?), Princess Hisui being plot integral (kinda) and the predestined arrival of Dragons along with Lucy being part of the scheme was just all a big mess. Hell, the only way they defeated the Dragons was by sending them BACK in time. It was the point where you think this should have been the last Arc of the series, but alas, Hiro believed himself on top of the world and kept writing. What a shame...

3 - Training Sucks? - I don't know if Hiro is a bigger troll than Kubo or what, but one of the reasons I loathed part of the Grand Magic Games Tournament was how much of a farce I felt it was. I mean, don't get me wrong, most of the Tournament was entertaining as Hell and I loved nearly every second of its duration. However, the fact that Fairy Tail STARTED to train and seemed like they were going to get stronger, Hiro decides to make a gag and twist around the concept of abusing time to increase the length of training in a short span (a shout-out to the Room of Space and Time, no doubt) and turn it on Fairy Tail's heads. In comes Jellal and he comes and tells us there's a UNUSED secondary power source that wasn't discovered until the past 7 years of their departure (hence why "Modern Mages" seemed to be stronger), called Second Origin. While I can understand enduring the pain they literally had to withstand in order to unlock theirs (look at Yu Yu Hakusho) this felt more like a cheap knee jerk plot device than a cool plot twist. Seriously, we could have done without the theatrics and the revelations and just stuck to good old fashioned training. No need to separate your Manga so much from the rest, Hiro

2 - Dragon Force Discredited: Now some may disagree with me, but I think after the introduction of the Twin Elemental Mode, Dragon Force was shamed or pushed to the side altogether. Considering how Natsu was trying to act like a badass by taking on TWO bona fide Dragon Slayers (who turn out to be kind of frauds and weren't in the right "moods" as Natsu and Gajeel were) IN their Dragon Force modes without donning one all his own made me pissed. I was looking forward to a Dragon Force vs Dragon Force fight like I would like seeing a Super Saiyan vs Super Saiyan battle. It was just another thing just plummeting down the drain that was only momentarily redeemed when WENDY of all people used Dragon Force and did so magnificently that I had brief hope. But much like the most recent Arc likes to do, it gives you hope and then tears it out like ripping out organs of your chest .

1 - Dragons Suck At Parenting - Okay, given the fact this was JUST found out, this may be just supposition but I have to say the 7 Dragons who disappeared SUCK at being parents. Goku, F@#$ING GOKU is more of a model parent and Minato is Parent of the F@$ YEAR compared to Igneel. This boy, who started a QUEST to find his dad who up and left WITHOUT A WORD, was never even given mention by his surrogate father where he left to. Hell, Wendy was depressed as HELL when Grandine left her. A little girl CRIED because of you, Grandine! Seriously, Hiro, WTF?! This plot twist not only degenerates the awe we had for these dragons and puts in place a great amount of loathing, but this also heavily rips off yet again from Kishimoto's Narutoverse. Like, hell, Darkly Powered Beings in your soul? Where have I heard THAT ONE before?! Seriously, write your own original crap, Hiro. I'm getting sick of this SHIT!


"This pact is meant to hold together the remaining fans of Dragon Ball/Z. Whether you like the FUNimation dub or the Ocean dub, whether you like the manga or the anime, whether you say 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin', we must stand strong and united, for we are the last of our dying race. And all those who are true fans, post this up on your page, forever proclaiming your Dragon Ball heritage. Be proud, for you are a true Saiyan!"

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