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This profile used to be for writing, but now is no longer being used by me anyone, since I'm leaving the site. I want to put my focus on what's important. Family, soccer, my pets, and my writing. If you want to reach me, search me on fictionpress underTheWritingGirl. Feel free to check out this for info on the previous writing contest for The Original Twilight Role Play.

Final Results:

Fifth Overall Goes to . . .

First Valentines Day - 9 Votes >>> 8% !!!!!!!!

Forth Overall Goes to . . .

A Very Un-Charlie Brown Valentines Day - 12 Votes >>> 18% !!!!!!!!

Third Overall Goes to . . .

Thawing At Last - 14 Votes >>> 21% !!!!!!!!

Second Overal Goes to . . .

Valentines Day In The Cullen House - 17 votes >>> 25 % !!!!!!!!

and . . .

First Overall Goes to . . .

An Accolade For Winter - 19 votes >>> 28% !!!!!!!!

Thank for to everyone for participating in/helping with the contest!

Welcome to the profile for the Twilight RolePlay!'s second writing contest!!!

NOTICE: Sorry if your story didn't get judged by everyone . . . Only a few judges that agreed to judge actually came through and judged, it seems. :/

The first contest was only for members of the Twilight RolePlay!, but this one is for fanfiction authors, whether they're on the forum or not.

Also, the winners/entries for the last contest will remain up here until the winners are announced and entries put up for this contest. We're trying to keep it so that we have enough 'awards' that every entry gets one. _

Hosted by the owner; Nicole Megan Uley Black and mod Jordan.Morgan Uley.Cullen.xoxo. (Though there are multiple people on this account, working for the contest. Thanks to everyone who participated!)

Why? Because let's face it; we all LOVE to write and get it reviewed and read many times. _

*More Information*

INFORMATION ON THE ROLEPLAY CHARACTERS: Character Information Sheets (Cannons, MUCs, and OCs)

OUR ROLEPLAY INFORMATION: Welcome to the Twilight Roleplay!

CONTEST INFORMATION (for the most recent contest): The Forum's Second Writing Contest!

Questions? PM this profile, Nicole Megan Uley Black or Jordan.Morgan Uley.Cullen.xoxo.

*Entry Guidelines*

- Be dealing with Twilight. (Cross-overs and parodies are accepted.)

- Can be about any character; your own or just the one(s) you want to write about.

- Please have entries be nearing 500 words at the least, but not be TOO long. Maybe around 8,000 at the most, if it just happened to get that long.

- If they aren't too long, you can have two entries.

- There isn't a requirement for rating.

- Please have it be a one-shot, but if it isn't too long, two chapters may be accepted.

- Please try to write it to fit one or two of the awards you're aiming towards going for.

- Can be a chapter or part of something you've already published/written.


Make sure you have your entry (or entries) on a fanfiction document.

- Message this profile saying that you're sending in an entry so they can make the connection.

Once they do . . .

- Go to "DocX" under your account.

- Go to to "connections".

- Click "by pen-name".

- Type "Twilight Writing Contest".

- Click enter.

- Go to DocX.

- Click "outbox."

And then send your document by selecting "Twilight Writing Contest" and your document and sending with the summary and title.


Winter happenings or Valentine's day. (Romance of love in a friendship/family way.) ((Note - Entries are of roleplay characters/plots and non-roleplay characters/plots.))


- Entries will start to be accepted Janurary 15th; the due date is Feburary 22nd.

- Judging will start on the 23rd through to the 26th.

- The final awards/winners will be posted on the 29th. (A little after Valentines, I know.)


Entries are listed in the order they were submitted.

1.) The Snowball - Love.Me.At.First.Sight

Nominated For: Most Emoitional First Place and Most Emoitional Second Place

2.) Unloved Boy - TheName'sBob's2012

Nominated For: Strongest Theme First Place and Most Creative Third Place

3.) Solider Surprise - unmasked intelligence

Nominated For: Most Romantic First Place, Most Creative Second Place, First Place Overall, and Most Emoitional Overall

4.) Thawing At Last - Missbooradley

Nominated For: Forth Place Overall, Most Emoitinal First Place, Best In Character Second Place, Most Inspriting Second Place, Strongest Theme First Place, and Best In Character First Place

5.) First Valentine's Day - DeanWhinchester-myheart

Nominated For: Best In Character First Place, Forth Place Overall, And Second Place Overall

6.) Winter Wonderland - Storm LizVic

Nominated For: Best In Character Third Place, Most Inspriting Third Place, and Cutest Couple Third Place

7.) An Accolade For Winter - Freesias and Strawberries

Nominated For: First Place Overall, Most Creative First Place, Fourth Place Over All, Most Emoitional Third Place

8.) Winter With Renesmee - Sethluver16

Nominated For: Most Emoitional Second Place, Funniest Third Place, and Cutest Couple Third Place

9.) Happy Valentine's Day Bella - YourHeartShapedGlasses

Nominated For: Cutest Couple Second Place and Cutest Couple First Place

10.) The Greatest Valentine - Pens or Buttons

Nominated For: Most Inspiring First Place and Second Place Overall

11.) Valenties Day? Kill Me Now - EpicCupcake139

Nominated For: Funniest First, Funniest Second, and Funniest Second

12.) Bella & Edward - Maryline Depp

Nominated For: Most Creative Second Place, Funniest Third Place, Second Most Romantic, Most Romantic Third, and Cutest Couple First Place

13.) Irina's Valentine's Day Surprise - ThefuzzyJo

Nominated For: Best In Character Second Place, Third Overall, Most Creative Second, and Most Creative First Place

14.) A Very Un-Charlie Brown Valentine's Day - EdBellaForever

Nominated For: Fifth Place Overall, Cutest Couple Third Place, Second Place Overall, Fifth Place Overall, and Most Creative Second Place

15.) Christmas Before He Was Mine - LePrincessKiara

Nominated For: Most Inpsiring First Place, Best In Character Third Place, Second Overall, Cutest Couple First, and Strongest Theme Second Place

16.) The Flower - HeartsXshadow

Nominated For: Cutest Couple First Place, Most Romantic Second Place, and Cutest Couple Third Place

17.) Eli - JordanMorgan.UleyCullen.xoxo

Nominated For: Most Inpsiring First Place, Strongest Theme Third Place, and Third Place Overall

18.) Tiara - belle199

Nominated For: Best In Character First Place, Best In Character First Place, and Most Romantic First Place

19.) The Square Root of Love - SisterofanElevenWannabe

Nominated For: Most Inspring Second, Third Overall, Strongest Theme First, and Third Most Creative

20.) Valentine's Day In The Cullen House - Love.Me.At.First.Sight

Nomianted For: Strongest Theme Second Place, First Overall, Funniest Second Place, Best In Character Second Place, Best In Character First, Funniest First, Third Overall, and Cutest Couple First Place

21.) Under The Pillow - Maryline Depp

Nominated For: Second Most Creative, Second Cutest Couple, Third Best In Character, Second Most Romantic, Third Strongest Theme, Third Overall, First Most Romantic, and Third Most Romantic

22.) District of Freedom - XxDracoMalfoy'sGirlxX

Nominated For: Third Strongest Theme, First Most Emoitional, First Most Inspiring, Second Most Inspiring, First Place Overall, and First Most Inspiring

23.) Jazmine's First Valentine - ScottishGirlx

Nominated For: Most Creative Second, Most Creative First, and Best In Character Second

24.) Let Me Love You - Eddie Masen

Nominated For: Funniest Third, Fourth Overall, Funniest Third, and Most Creative Second

25.) Forever - Splints96

Nominated For: Third Strongest Theme, First Strongest Theme, and Second Funniest

26.) Our Marriage Was A Perfect Love Story - silentsensation

Nominated For: Second Most Emoitional, Third Most Emoitional, Third Most Creative, First Most Romantic, Second Strongest Theme, First Most Romantic, and First Most Romantic

27.) Operation Sleeptalk - Let'sGetFreaky

Nominated For: Second Funniest, Fifth Overall, Second Funniest, Second Overall, and Funniest First

28.) My Forbidden Unknown Love - XMrsJasperWhitlockX

Nominated For: Most Inspiring Second, Most Romantic Second, and Third Most Emoitional


First, Second,Third, Fourth, and Fifth Over All

Most Emotional

First - Solider Surprise

Second - Our Marriage Was The Perfect Love Story

Third - The Snowball

Cutest Couple

First - Happy Valentines Day Bella

Second - Winter With Renesmee

Third - The Flower

Best In Character

First - Tiara

Second - Let Me Love You

Third - Winter Wonderland

Most Creative

First - Jazmine's First Valentine

Second - The Unloved Boy

Third - Irina's Valentine's Day Surprise


First - Operation Sleeptalk

Second - Valentines Day? Kill Me Now

Third - Let Me Love You

Most Inspiring

First - District Of Freedom

Second - Christmas Before He Was Mine

Third - The Greatest Valentine

Most Romantic

First - Under The Pillow

Second - The Flower

Third - Bella and Edward

Strongest Theme

First - Eli

Second - Forever

Third - My Forbidden, Unknown Love


An Accolade For Winter

First Valentine's Day

Thawing At Last

Valentines Day In The Cullen House

A Very Un-Charlie Brown Valentines Day


Autumne255, Dayniee, phantom130 5, The Dark Is My Friend, LynxMalfoy, ChelseaDagger14, Dani Jones, maggers10, Venom In Your System, BellaBlue422.


PM them to look over /edit your fanfic before you send it in. (:

alicekinsno1 & xAvatarLovex

Have Fun!!(:

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Entry 25: By Splints96. "Nessie is nine years old and han't stopped aging. She concludes that she probably is not immortal. Jake wants to stop phasing to enjoy life with her but Carlisle say it will be nearly impossible. Key word: nearly."
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Entry 21: By Maryline Depp. "Beautiful landscape, snow everywhere... Bella couldn't focus on her homework. All she could think about was Edward, the love of her life. She lay in her bed and found something under the pillow..."
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Entry 20: By Love.Me.At.First.Sight. "It's a month before Valentine's, and this year, that day is going to change the Cullens forever." Characters are all the Cullens, cannon pairings.
Twilight - Rated: K - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,603 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 4 - Published: 2/18/2012 - Carlisle, Rosalie - Complete
The Square Root Of Love reviews
Entry 19: By SisterofanElven. "It's Valentines Day and Felix and Demetri discover that they're in love with twin sisters! What will happen when the twins find out part of their secret? And will some advice from Marcus help the boys figure out what to do?"
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Entry 18: By belle199. "Edward and Bella's daughter, Claire, try to give her the princess wedding she deserves since last time she was pregnant and they didn't have enough money."
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Entry 16: By HeartsXshadow. " It was a simple poem that reflected my love for him. There was no other way to express it to him, and I'd be damned if I didn't finish it by Valentines."
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Entry 2: By TheName'sBob's2012. "In David's mind – and David's mind was, usually, a happy place – winter was cold, harsh, and most of all, lonely – and he has to reflect upon that, at some point. When better than Valentine's Day?"
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