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HALLO! I'm Writes4All!

Basics: I'm a nerd who writes for fun and lives for my GPA! No, not really. But that's what everybody thinks when they first meet me. Or when they hear my long list of activities, which I supposedly do just to boost my future resume for college. I'm really not- actually, I'm probably happier than most people in my city. I'm just also really, really, really busy. So much, it is sometimes hard for me to get on here and write, partly because i have original stuff that's more important (sorry!), and partly because I don't really want to continue a fanfiction when I could be watching a canon episode two months after it came out. Yes, I really have that little free time. I'm a guinea pig in my school's new IB programme, play sports year round (I'm a triathlete!), participate in a bazillion clubs and church groups, and study every day. I'm also a worry-wort and a perfectionist, so expect me to disappear whenever a major test or exam is coming up. Or NaNoWriMo, for that matter.

I don't normally watch TV (besides Degrassi and the news) but read all the time. I love...

The Hunger Games (Katniss! Finnick! Haymitch! And Cinna, especially Cinna!)

Hitch-hiker's Guide (I was like... raised on those. They're the literary equivalent to Pink Floyd XD)

Twilight (not for Edward or Jacob, mind you. I just like the way she writes. It sounds like a really natural flow of thoughts, and ALMOST substitutes for how generic the characters are. Except for Alice and Jasper, I love them. XD)

Harry Potter (Seriously, who doesn't love this?)

Wicked Lovely (Seth is WAY better than Keenan. Irial is overrated, Niall, a GOD. Aislinn is annoying; Donia is a beast. Leslie's okay. And don't get me started on Ani and Devlin and Rae.)

the original Dune (not that newer crap. original vintage sixties only please, and even then, Leto II was a disappointment.)

anything by Nancy Farmer and Dan Brown (I LOVE a good historical mystery and/or fiction)

Gurren Lagann (Kamina, ftw!)

Death Note (prior to L's Death. Light is a self-centered jerk, and Near and Mello just can't replace the original detective.)

...and just about any sort of psychological thriller, whether it be book or movie format. (Inception was EPIC!) I also write daily, whether it's fanfiction, my thoughts, or a section for one of my 19 original works. I've never actually finished a novel, but have created multiple 500+ page plots that lead nowhere. XP

The best movie EVER is monty Python and The Holy Grail. End of story. I have that whole gigantic thing memorized backwards and forwards. Wik. Also wik. Also also wik. (Ten points if you know where that came from. :D) UPDATE: Degrassi had a Monty Python reference in Don't Let Me Get To Me, Part 2! Yet another reason to love it! (It was a LITTLE obvious... but I spazzed anyway. Conner should've fallen into the dark chasm XD)

Music is my other big addiction. I like anything with a good melody, great lyrics, or intricate rhythms, so that means anything of the rock/metal/indie/alternative/emo/punk/electronic genres. My favorite artists are The Classic Crime (who create epicness on almost every song they play), System of A Down (nobody can beat them for complexity), Into Eternity (the best death metal band nobody's ever heard of), Florence and the Machine (she's brilliant!), any of Craig Owens's groups (Chiodos, Cinematic Sunrise, Isles & Glaciers, as well as his solo stuff), Skillet, Muse, Kalvinova, Green Day, Paramore, Scars On Broadway, Lamb of God, Atreyu, Lady Gaga, AFI, The Lonely Island, Korn, Death Cab for Cutie, Slipknot, MGMT, Coheed and Cambria, Hellogoodbye, Slayer, Exodus, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Train, The All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, The Fray, Blue Oyster Cult, Mercenary, Cascada, Bat for Lashes, Anberlin, Linkin Park, Escape the Fate, Stone Temple Pilot, Cute Is What We Aim For, Pendulum, Nickasaur!, The Protomen, Blood on The Dance Floor, Pink Floyd, Rise Against, Emery, Attack Attack, Sky Eats Airplane, Saosin, Sum 41, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, LMFAO, Vampire Weekend, anybody sponsored by Tooth & Nail Records, and many, many more!


One more thing. That is, politics. I'm a big believer in Human Rights, Animal Rights, The Bill of Rights, ect ect. Essentially, I believe everyone should be able to live their life to the fullest it can be without being hurt by others, and to return the favor. Politically, I guess I'd call myself a centrist (because I'm not quite a libertarian) with strong ideals that are rooted in common sense. I have been called everything from Hippie to Nazi (?!?!), depending on who I'm arguing with. And do I argue. I believe all governments, but particularly big governments, are inefficient and dangerous at the very core of their nature. The larger a body gets, the less time it has to look over individuals, and therefore, I think small-scale ones are better. There's less chance of corruption, anyway. But I also believe that most governments were founded with good intentions, and that people still try to preserve those ideals. I support welfare (as long as it's not in insane amounts, and if its recipients use it for good), but not affirmative action, particularly on gender lines. I don't have a mental handicap, and if I'm going to be given something for my achievements, I better have earned it fair and square. And then, I'm a vegetarian because I hate the feeling of living off of something's pain. So far, I haven't eaten any meat since the day I decided to start, which was over a year ago. It's a great diet, and I feel a lot happier. In fact, the only negative thing is that it's annoying to go out sometimes. But, despite that I love it, I haven't tried to force any of my friends or family to follow suit, because I believe individuality and the right to think for oneself is the most important gift every person is born with. On the inside, we're all the same, made of practically identical parts, large and small. Little differences between proteins and melanin amounts cause so many issues, but they make up such a infinitesimal part of everything else, everything that's the same, that it's ridiculous they've caused so much trouble. In my mind, anything that can think deserves the right too, and anything that is born deserves to live and grow. (... it MIGHT be obvious, but the subjects of politics and ethics and morals and etcetera matter a lot to me. Just never try to shove beliefs down somebody's throat, or be a hypocrite, and we're cool.)

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