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Behold the insanity of Poptart, a.k.a the Evil Hat-Wearing Batman!


After searching over Spongey444's profile, I came across this *edited slightly for sake of my morals:

"If you think Albert is bad@$$, copy and paste this into your profile"

...Yep. I'm sorry. I do. If you stumble across this profile, be warned that any P&F fanfic by me will undoubtedly contain this guy, and I am planning two with him in the main role. So if you dislike this sir, choke up your displeased bile right now.

And before you ask, "Why, Poptart, why would you enjoy such a character?" I have one big reason:

1. Albert is Batman.


Other things:

I also want to put out that one of the aforementioned Albert-centric stories will be somewhat set to a couple of songs off of the Pink Floyd album "the Wall". Normally, I'd ask what other people thought of this, but it just occurred to me that I want to do it either way, so, yeah.

By the way, just made this up:

If you believe Albert is Batman, copy and paste this into your profile.


Also, I've been tinkering with another idea pertaining to P&F--making up outtakes. These aren't really like the made-up outtakes for animated shows I've seen (FOP, Jimmy Neutron), where they're mostly slapstick and not very likely to happen on an actual film set. I like the verbal approach; so I'm thinking mainly like anything you'd see on an outtakes section for a live action show/film: Flubbed or forgotten lines, improv, et cetera. I'm leaning towards doing this, and I'll probably be attaching them to whatever chapter of one of my stories that they go to--I've just now bothered to check up on the rules, by the way.

Ideas, Ideas:

(This is where I just post a few ideas that I have and am currently playing around with)

Plot: The boys invent a (rainbow-colored) suit that makes the wearer the most charming man alive. There is a single hang-up: if worn too long, the suit develops a mind of its own and leaves, taking the wearer's body with it. The original wearer is left behind as a sort of phantom. When these consequences come into play, the team has to stop that suit from wreaking havoc on the town and the wearer's reputation.

Working title?: "Phineas & Ferb and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamsuit"

Plot: Winter will wrap its icy fingers even around the Tristate Area. When a storm leaves the whole city without power, and the group inside a single house, they make up a Role Playing Game on the spot to keep themselves busy. It soon proves to turn bigger than they could ever imagine, turning the whole town into an RPG battleground.

Working title?: "The Battles of Bluebird Hill", Bluebird Hill being made up for the story, perhaps.

Plot: The P&F team decide to hold a "Sibling-Team War" in Danville, due to Lawrence reminiscing about his younger days with his brother. The entire city participates, teaming up with their siblings to win--by getting through the challenges that the boys have set for them. Doof, with the knowledge that he has a single child, builds Vanessa a super-robot sibling to enter the competition with.

Working title?: "Honor Thy Brother; Honor Thy Sister"

Plot: In a bit of bizarre fourth-wall shattering, a portion of the creative staff, mainly in the animation department, quits. This leaves everything in the show as nothing more than an animatic--for those who don't know, the storyboard all strung together with the character's voices added. Determined to regain their full animation, the cast decides to venture out into the real world to get the animators back.

Working Title?: "The Amazin' Animatic Anthology"

Plot: After getting hit by a ray from Doof's latest plot-gone-awry, Candace gets braces. She immediately classifies herself as a loser-freak, while everyone offers consolation. However, she refuses all of it, and goes to join the last place she ever wanted to be--the Nerd's Society...which she then discovers isn't too bad. As for Doof, he's busy making the world's biggest arsenal of movie memorabilia, in a strange attempt to take over the ENTIRE TRISTATE AREA!

Working Title?: "Nerdy Little Secrets"

Plot: Buford brings a camera around with him, which he proceeds to use to film his day and bother people. However, he runs into trouble after he accidentally stumbles across the second life of Perry the Platypus, A.K.A. Agent P.

Working Title?: "The Buford Days of Summer"

Plot: In a direct parody of "Singin' In the Rain", we fast-forward into the school year. The 6th grade is putting on a theatrical production of "Romeo and Juliet", which the high school is assisting with. The role of Juliet goes to an adorable little girl, whose singing sounds like "a dying cat that's being eaten by a tractor with strep throat". After the idea being called "clichéd and generally predictable" by some staff and parents, the regular group's creative streak pops back up just in time to revamp the whole idea. The final concept is "Romeo and Juliet--the Zombie Apocalypse Musical!" (all references to zombies being courtesy of Buford) There is one small problem, though--a small, dying-cat-eaten-by-a-tractor kind of problem. But all is not lost, as there is a solution; a solution named Isabella.

Working Title?: "Singin' With the Insane"

Plot: Football season swings around at Danville High School once again, and with football can come two things--overpriced concessions, and marching band. But mostly the latter. Members include Albert (who had been recently removed from boarding school due to what is referred to as the "Tuesday Incident"), Jeremy, and even Candace, among others. As it turns out, the Wilcox High School not only has a phenomenal team, but also a phenomenal band. The Danville marching coach fears he might never achieve his greatest dream of becoming the greatest band instructor that ever lived, and everybody feels pity for the poor man. It is now up to the brothers and friends to assist in teaching the band and devising the greatest marching band composition in the history of marching bands. Meanwhile, Doof tries to convince Vanessa to reveal her dark secret by joining the marching band--her ability to play the tuba.

Working Title?: "Battle of the Marching Bands"

Plot: Doofenshmirtz has finally found the reason to how Perry the Platypus always defeats him--the advantages are simply in being a platypus. With this (admittedly fallible) reasoning, he decides that the best way to go about this is to build an evil, giant platypus robot (...inator). By the luckiest of all strokes of luck, this works, and Doof is soon the overlord of everything from the D.E.I complex to the residences of Oakley Waters, where our usual friends reside. Doof is overtaking the city of Danville, one street at a time, thanks to his Platy-bot. It's up to our friends to use all of their intelligence, cunning, and platypus-related expertise to prevent the doctor from taking over the Tristate Area before it's too late.

Working Title?: "Wrath of the Platy-Inator 5000"

Plot: In the midst of one of their battles, Perry the Platypus dives down into a large hole in the Earth. Doof follows him, only to find another world beneath the ground; a world that is crazy and nonsensical. Doof is strangely unperturbed regarding the insanity around him, his jumbled thoughts focused entirely on finding and capturing Perry the Platypus. As he ventures through the crazy world, he meets a cast of strange and oddly familiar characters along the way.

Working Title?: "Malice in Wonderland"

Plot: Albert rather dislikes being up early on the weekend. This is further driven when his mother wakes him up to send him and Irving out to the shopping center for some errands. The place is as chaotic as usual, and they soon get separated. Albert then has to go to find his brother while trying to remain in one piece. Irving, while he's separated, wanders around the store and finds Baljeet and Buford. They eventually manage to get themselves into an every-man-for-themselves war in the parking lot against the "cool" kids. Doofenshmirtz, meanwhile, tries to get the shopping center to disappear.

Working Title?: "Albert and Irving Go To the Googolplex"

Plot: Doofenshmirtz, with the assistance of his young Vanessa, has created his most brilliant invention yet: A streetcar THAT TRAVELS THROUGH TIME! In order to fulfill his latest evil scheme, he takes the car back to the 1980s, bringing Vanessa along as a learning experience for her.

Meanwhile, the boys' parents think they have purchased an antique for their store, only to realize after opening that it's only several metal pipes and parts that, even if they were assembled, would in no way resemble what they'd originally ordered. At a loss, they throw it out into the trash. Moments later, they boys and their friends happen to come across it in the garbage bin, and Phineas, in his usual spirit, decides to build it. After a few hours of assembly, they discover that what they'd gotten in the mail was an early draft of Xavier Onassis' time machine. Not only do they find that it actually works, but it is discovered that its design makes it a convenient attachment to any sort of vehicle. With this knowledge, the group makes the unanimous decision of a time-and-space-road-trip, in spite of Candace's warnings against it (though she does tag along).

Soon, the two time-traveling teams meet up with each other in the 80s, and get into a dispute over who has the better time-car. Phineas proposes they all go on a scavenger hunt as a non-violent way of settling things. They do so, and as a result, they genuinely screw up world history and life as we know it.

Working Title?: "A Right Turn, a Sharp Left, and then Back to the Future"


If you don't hate Irving, then marry me and copy and paste this into your profile.

If you realize that copying and pasting things into your profile is pointless, yet you do it anyways, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you read people's profiles looking for things to copy and paste into your profile, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you've ever really wanted to give a certain cartoon character a hug, copy and paste this on your profile...and add the character(s)' names: Albert, Irving, Phineas, Ferb, Stacy, Candace, Doofenshmirtz, Perry, Baljeet, Buford, Isabella...screw it. I want to hug them all. In fact, I will. LOOK OUT DANVILLE, HERE COMES POPTART!

A certain percentage of teens in America have contemplated suicide. If you have ever been able to pull yourself up again, even if for a little bit, copy and paste this into your profile.

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