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Author has written 2 stories for Gravity Falls, and Loud House.

Name: Mon Cri aka Mister Scream

Age: depends on what you understand for that word

Gender: why should I tell you?

Relationships with other people: despite what many think of me, I am quite the antisocial and solitary person. I never liked talking to others for dumb, selfish reasons (also because many of the people I know that have my age smoke and drink alcohol, I don't use either of those things)

I've spent almost my entire life believing that no one would be able to understand, let alone comprehend what it feels to be different since birth from the rest of the people.

Fortunately I've met many people that has helped me cope with my depression and boring life in general. There have been many girls that have made my heart flutter and my cheeks blush each time I spoke to them, and because of my shy nature, they never paid much attention to me.

The good side of being like me is that I am indifferent enough that it never injured me when I noticed they weren't that interested in me. That and I was diagnosed with TDA or "Attention Deficit Disorder" making me see, comprehend and understand things in a way that made it very hard for me to socialise with other people.

In fact, I have never kissed nor punched anyone in my life, and a 21 years old person who lived most of his life in Mexico is something to take into consideration. Hell, I'm still a virgin

Not because I am not a violent person, I am very violent in my own way, but I don't like hurting people. I prefer to get under their skin, make them believe things that aren't true, make them fear things that aren't there. And if that doesn't work, I convince the unfortunate and the poor to deal with those who have a used of my trust or of other people.

A strong body can help everyone achieve small things; taking care of a bully, beating some sense into someone, protecting those who are important or defenceless, kill someone and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, after many. . . situations that have costed me a lot, I lost hope in feeling the warmth of the comprehension and understanding of others, I even made myself believe that my heart was filled with hatred, sorrow, anguish and pain.

Hatred for myself as I couldn't stop the death of my brother. Sorrow for my actions as I pushed those who were family and friend away of my life. Anguish for the thoughts that plagued my mind for almost a decade. And pain for being abandoned by my father when I was ten so he could be with another woman.

Somehow, be it fate or destiny, I met someone who understands me and my suffering. She has her share of scars just like I do. But hers were for things that she couldn't either comprehend, prevent or understand.

She might make herself believe that she isn't prtty, attractive or someone who deserves to be respected, understood and loved. She might be right, she might be wrong, I don't know but I do care.

In my eyes, despite the fact we haven't seen in person, she is very attractive and a person you can have great conversations with. The way she talks is entertaining and fun, especially because she tends to make herself fluster easily.

it might not be love what I feel, since we have spoken for less than a week and the fact that I have never fallen in love myself, but I think that's the most accurate emotion that she makes me feel.

And, in hopes she never feels the same solitude and loneliness, I made an oath to always listen and be there for her. An important key factor for all relationships is understanding and comprehension after all.

if you ever read this mon cher, I will never abandon you nor make you feel alone, depressed and unloved. This I promise and as a gentleman I am bound to my words

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