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November 1, 2015

The Great TLA is not dead...she is currently trying to get back in the groove of writing...some ridiculously amazing music is broadcasting over the radio, that is inspiring her to write...just don't know where to start...

August 2012

Albeit, it has been another two years and I have not been actively involved on fanfiction.net. I begin by apologizing time and time again. I am officially done school and am considered capable of teaching todays youth. Who would have thunk it? It has also been the first time in several years that I have actually had time to sit down and read anything (Fifty Shades of Grey and Hunger Games in the span of a month...man I love my kobo). I hope to continue writing some more stories, but inspiration has yet to strike. Please be patient as the great TLA is getting old! This is the longest committed relationship I've had to one thing, 10 years here on fanfiction.net!

October 24, 2010

I am completly shocked and appalled at how long it has been since I have been on this wonderful fanfiction site. I think it has been over 2 years since I have made an appearance. My love for anime has not dwindled, I just have absolutely no time for it. I made my first review in a very long time as well, which is very very sad. I used to be so popular on this site! I miss the excitement, I miss the joy, I miss the writing! However, alas be it I am almost done my education! Keyword almost, after 6 years of post-secondary and two degrees later I will be graduating from the Bachelor of Arts Honours in History in April 2011. Then I will hopefully be accepted to complete my bachelor of education and finally will have the education required to teach! I'm soo pumped! My writing days have not finished, they are just hard to come by, I am actually working on an original piece of work that the psychic says I will eventually get published and it will become a huge movie franchise and I will be famous like J.K. Rowling and Stephene Meyers. Here's to wishful thinking!

TLA's Very Own Autobiography:

It was a warm; I mean stinking hot make you stick to your seat July day when the great TLA found herself drawn into the fanfiction community. She spent many summer days and nights reading some of the most brilliant stories ever written. Kudos to all readers and writers out there. Young and naive and not knowing anything about writing, the Great TLA (whom she dubbed the name herself)decided to write her first story. On August 8th 2002; low and behold the story Before It's Too Late was written. If you were to ask the very old TLA what the story was about she would stare long and hard into space, trying desperately to remember what it was she wrote on that lazy summer afternoon! (Give me a break that was 6 years ago).

The very ambigious writer dove head first into writing fanfics one after another. Not really giving herself the chance to think and edit properly; she uploaded redicously poorly written fics in hopes of becoming popular. (Much to her shock and horror she did). She soon became lazy and bored with her fics and began to leave many of her stories unfinished and just sitting there.

Stories came and went and it was decided she was to write a story based on one of her favourite novels turned movie. (Definitely not one of her smartest plans). Word of advice, never try to combine fanfiction with an already existing plot. Her next bright idea was to create her own interactve fic. (Bad idea!) Considering the great TLA was temporarily suspended from her ff.net account. (BAD BAD ME!). For two and half years TLA went into hiatus, she continued to read and review frequently, but failed to write anything. (She gained a social life, which hasn't lasted long).

After her short social life, TLA wrote her comeback fic Forever Yours. Written after her failed attempt of an InuYasha fic. Since then she has completed her longest story ever; School Days.

TLA continues to write and looks forward to write her own short stories on fanfiction.net's sister site, fictionpress.com. She is currently writing an epilogue to School Days, along with writing another short story (keyword short, none of this 71 pages of crap), and a songfic. Her future plans pertaining to writing are to complete and rewrite some of her older fics. Stay tuned for new things from Takerus Lost Angel. From the words of TLA; until next time, keep writing!

School Days - COMPLETE Hikari is a teacher for the local middle school, however the class she winds up teaching isn't what she expects. She ends up teaching a class of misfits, the class teaches her that there is much more to life then school.

Until next time everyone, keep writing!

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