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Author has written 7 stories for Twilight, and Coffeehouse Angel.

My penname is Vampirekisses9817, I am really into Twilight and Professor Layton, which are the themes that will probably pop up into most of my stories. I have a lot of good friends.

I have a little brother and sister, and my parents have been divorced for awhile now. I love reading a good book, or relaxing with music. I do good in school, normally getting straight A's and that occasional B.

I play two sports: Bowling and Volleyball. I have been bowling since I was 2 and 1/2 years old, and just recently started playing volleyball. I love going to Cafe's and Bakeries.

I have more Favorite songs than I do bands, but the bands and people that I listen to are: Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Muse, Taylor Swift, Adam Lambert, Bob Seger, Metallica, and Lady Antebellum. (Just to name a few).

I am also reading many book series right now. Some of those are: The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Twilight, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Narnia, Fear Street, and May Bird.

I am going to start off with some short one-shots to see what kinds of reviews I get. So far, I have edited my own work, but also looking for a beta for a few longer stories I have in mind. If you would be interested in becoming my beta, IM me, or come to me through reviews on my stories. So far, all my stories are and are going to be Edward/Bella, Edward/Nessie, Jacob/Nessie, Bella/Nessie, and the rest of the Cullens.

UPDATE, August 31st, 2010: I just applied to be a beta reader, so check out my beta profile and add me if you need me!!!

UPDATE, DEC. 1ST, 2010: Did you hear about the new Renesmee? Mackenzie Foy is going to play her at some point in breaking dawn!

Ok, so I read the books and fell in love. The Hunger Games. They are absolutely fabulous! Soooooo... I decided that I an going to write a fanfic on them soon. I might wait until after I'm done with Our Life in Danger. Speaking of that, I am sorry I haven't been posting chapters so fast, I have had a lot of schoolwork, I'm in the school band, and I tutor for the little dudes and dudettes at my school, so... yeah... I'll try and get some more story out soon. I'm looking into a beta for my story, so if you are interested, just message me. One last thing. Did anybody get the new My Chemical Romance CD?? I'm just telling ya... it is DEFINETLY worth the money! This album is the best yet!! (although the black parade always holds a special place in my heart! :D) UPDATE, December 21st, 2010: HI guys! So, I surprised myself a bit, and i was able to publish a new chapter for my story, Our Life in Danger, so I hope u like! I might get 1 or 2 more up this week, but none this weekend. Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: DEC. 31ST 2010: Happy New Year peoples!!! Ok, so I was thinking up some songs for the relationships in twilight, and the characters. I am gonna list a few of them, and you should really listen to them, they're all really good. ( MCR is epic!!)

1) Alice and Jasper: The Only Hope for Me is You- My Chemical Romance.

2) Bella and Edward: My Immortal- Evanescence. (this one is more based off when Edward leaves.)

3) Jake and mysel... I mean Nessie: Kiss the Rain-Yiruma.

4) Rose and Emmett- Stronger- Kanye West ( I'm not a big fan of Kanye West, I just think that it sorta fits. I think the beginning is better.)

5) Carlisle and Esme: The River Flows in You- Yiruma. (Carlisle and Esme are in a classic, beautiful, strong realationship, and I believe a beautiful song describes them perfectly.

Ok, I said a few and I did all of them. As you can see I don't have writers block too much.

Ok, now for some of the best things of 2010: 1) Eclipse- DUH! Who wouldn't think that??

2) Taylor Swift's new album. Taylor Swift is a very inspirational person, and my role model. There is just something so pure about her, she has a glowing, radiant aura that surrounds her all the time, not to mention that she is downright beautiful.

3) Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys- MCR. My Chemical Romance is epic. Epic changes lives. (Thank you Jessica Stanley, I have my new catch phrase.)

Have a Happy 2011, and I seriously don't own anything I was talking about. It would be really cool if I did, but I don't. Sadface. :(

UPDATE: FEB. 9TH, 2011: Ok, so I'm gonna say something, and I don't want any criticism. I've been getting some plainly rude reviews for my story our life in danger. Ok guys, I'm sick and tired of all these mean comments. If you didn't already know, I'm very emotional, and those reviews make me want to burst into tears almost. If you don't like the story, then why waste your time reviewing it and making people feel bad? Just close out and move on. The regular twilight plot is sorta boring, where it's always Bella/Edward, and so on. I LIKE twisting things around a little bit, which is why I'm writing Our Life in Danger. So, maybe, and this doesn't just go for my stories, it goes for all of them, the next time you want to leave an all out rude comment, think about what you're saying before you go and ruin somebody's day.

UPDATE: FEB. 14TH, 2011: That's it. I'm done. I'm going to abandon my story, our life in danger. You people out there who feel the need to be rude can just leave, ok? I have been getting so many rude and negative comments on it, so I'm just going to abandon it. I LIKE my stories to be strange, twisted, and weird. That's how I write. Traditional is boring. Maybe, instead of you guys criticising other people's work, you should just exit out of the story, instead of making somebody feel like crap. I'm starting a Hunger Games one, and praying that a ghost adventures category pops up soon. You rude people out there, be nicer, or stay away from other people. Simple as that.

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Our life in danger reviews
Edward and Nessie are living together happily, until their baby is born with a strange mutation that leads to a puzzling mystery. What has happened, and how? A neat little twist on things. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight or it's characters.
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