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Hey to all!

My name is The Loose Screw. My brother has recently informed me that I am more than just a little whacked, so I decided that it would make a good pen alias. For any of you that care, and to paint a bit of a picture, my April Fool's planning begins sometime around Christmas, and my family and friends fear the week preceeding it. Oh, the manic laughter and the fun I have...

Straight to the point: I am an artist. I love to draw. A lot. Mostly abstract, almost always graphite. I act on stage whenever I can. I dance, most predominantly ballroom and jazz. I was the news editor for my high school newspaper.

I also love to write. I mean, I love to write. According to my mom, my first book consisted of stick figures and those squiggles I thought were words at the time in green crayon, on printer paper, stapled together. I was two at the time. My first book with words was writen and colored when I was five. I have since written two novels. Neither of them published, of course. Maybe someday.

I like games. I kick my brother's you-know-what playing poker and 21. I used to be a chess champion, but I don't know how I'd do now, since I haven't played in years. Sports are also a semi-passion. I played soccer on a men's rec team, and I swim competitively. I wanted so badly to be on the wrestling team in high school. It wasn't that school rules wouldn't allow it--the coach said he'd love to have me--it was that my parents weren't all to comfortable with the idea. Go figure. I also love to shoot. Pistols are my best, but I can shoot with a rifle pretty accurately. Not too great with shotgun and skeet, but hoping to improve.

I am not an optimist, nor am I a pessimist. I can be one or the other, given the day. I prefer to say that I am a realist. For example, I would like to say that men and women are equal. The plain and simple truth is that they are in legality, but I will simly never be as strong or fast as my all-star-athlete-of-a-big-brother. Make sense?

My favorites? I love NCIS and Burn Notice, and I recently got really into Criminal Minds. In Plain Sight and House are good, but I probably won't write for them. For movies, I like a lot of eighties comedies. Summer School, Better Off Dead, Real Genius, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, lots of those. I also love the suspense and thriller movies like Clue (even though it is totally comedy), National Treasure (first one is better than the second, but both are good), The Fugitive, U.S. Marshals, Indiana Jones...You probably get the picture.

I love the whumpage, but I also like a good story. You can expect a lot of what-ifs from me. But I also like to be very realistic, so I don't generally write about pairings that don't exist in the real thing. I do not like slash at all, so none of that from me, and I'm not a big fan of bad language, either. I believe firmly in finishing what I start, so all of my writings will get finished, eventually. For all of you that don't like all the unfinished stories on FanFiction (like me), you don't have to worry about that.

So...I hope all of you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing it. Read and Review, and God bless all of you!

Loose Screw

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