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NOTE: Aug.18, 2012- I apologize for my disappearance! Over the Rainbow is currently on hiatus. I have a new baby girl (8 weeks old) who is demanding all of my attention; I don't have time to make myself lunch, much less write! I appreciate all the interest in the story! I hope to get back to writing once she's more capable of doing... well, anything for herself, but presently it isn't possible. Au revoir for now!


About my Personal Reader Style-ship:

- As a reader I am both difficult and easy to please. My only true requirement is that Erik be treated kindly. (And this has occasionally become an exception when Erik starts being a Bozo and the writer actually spends more time making me not hate Christine. Example: One of my favorites entailed Erik and Christine pulling a kind of role reversal that had me spitting fire at Erik a time or two.)

- I am cautious of any story that can be completed in five chapters of less. :\ (Maybe I'm wordy, but there's no way I could be so to-the-point.)

- Although I frequently say Erik should BE with someone much cooler than Christine, I generally don't read Erik/OC stories. Instead, I hope that people will take a hint from Persephone Charming (or any of the other great authors on my favorite stories list) and make a more likeable Christine!

- I call myself a Phantom of the Opera fan, but I mean it a little more literally. While I do enjoy various interpretations of all of the story, I am first and foremost an Erik Enthusiast. I think that he is a tremendous character, and as such, since he definitely didn't get his just desserts in the various published interpretations that I've read/watched, I have turned to fanfiction.

- Among my favorites you will find stories that I enjoyed enough to recommend to others like myself. Some may be Raoul friendly; some may not. I really have nothing against the boy except that he is Erik's rival, and as such, he must inevitably lose. I'm not overly worried; he's handsome, wealthy and titled, so I'm sure he won't have extreme difficulty finding new love.

If you haven't already, and you like Erik, make sure you run right out and read PHANTOM by Susan Kay, because it may be the best book ever. It is certainly, without question, the most thorough story of Erik's life and how he got to be how he is that I have ever come across, and all phans should read it! :)

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