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So, after months of laziness, I have finally updated my Horror Community. I added the ones that I have read only, but if yours isn't in there and you want a fic to be added, then PM me.

Mini-Gif collection:

I'm sorry, but I will no longer be posting what stories may or may not be released. I find that I switch around and cancel planned stories far too often and it frustrates me how misleading I can be to promising you readers a story, only to remove it later. From now on, there will be no announcement on when the stories will be released. You'll just have to wait and check it out for yourself.


10 Years: 10 years ago, he said he would return. After the horrible thing that happened, no one knows if he'll keep his promise. But, as long as the cherry blossom petals bloom, there is always hope. One day, he'll come back. And when he does, everyone will be happy to see him, no matter what happened on that awful day 10 years ago. He's not a murderer. Just someone that made a mistake...

The reason why this might possibly be discontinued is because of the fact that I wrote Chapters 4 and 5, which were EXTREMELY long chapters that I did in order to make up for the wait, but then suddenly my brother switches the computer on me to a new one, COMPLETELY out of nowhere, getting rid of my documents on there, making me want to strangle myself. It's infuriating how all my hard work went down the drain just like that. It's going to take me a long time to ever get that progress back and I can already imagine myself being super frustrated about how I need re-write all this crap all over again.

Whenever I do a Mario fic, 95% of the time you will see these 15 characters in: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Toadette, Toad, DK, Dixie, Diddy, Rosalina, Wario, Waluigi and Tiny. The reason why those are the main cast in each fic is because...well...I'm not really sure to be honest with you. I guess I kinda just started off with that cast and decided to stick with it since the amount of characters is good and I love it when casts are gender-neutral or close it. All the other characters that appear in my fic every so often like Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, etc. appear like anywhere from 20 to 80% of the time, because the main 15 is what I use the definite most.

I'll admit though, I am a bit biased towards certain characters. If you have read all my horror fics, you'll notice that the majority of the time, Yoshi, Toadette, Dixie and Peach make it pretty far. It's because they're in the top of my favorite characters. But nowadays, I'm trying to be a bit more fair to other characters, which is why I had you-know-who survive Mad Murder Mansion Mystery. Because let's face it, if the same characters made it to the end in each fic, it would get boring and unoriginal. I hope this clears some stuff up.

It's serious time.

I want to make an apology right here. I want to apologize to the people I've potentially hurt, got in a fight with, yelled at, done idiotic stuff to, etc. I had absolutely no right to do that. I wanna admit that I'm not a very 'sane' person...I had a really odd childhood. I got exposed to the internet at a very young age, which probably might've been the start of it. At that age, I saw things that shouldn't of been seen. Due to my loneliness and very few friends, the internet was my escape to the world. But because that happened when I was so young, I became corrupted. I wanted to be popular...ON A FREAKING MESSAGE BOARD. I cared more about online life than I did about my real life for a long while. Therefore, this is my start of how I took the internet a lot more seriously than I should've. Could you blame me though? I was only a kid at the time. But a kid had no right going to the places I've been to. Anyways, my obsession with the internet and popularity got to the point where I created alternate accounts to help grow my popularity (i.e. praising myself). That stupid shtick went on until recently this year when I decided that it's time to grow up and stop with this crap. It also doesn't help the fact that my family bloodline has a history of mental problems. Oh, and the 'alternate accounts' thing wasn't just with message boards, it was on social sites like Myspace as well. I don't wanna go deep into that, but I basically created fake friends on there to make it seem like I was popular, like I was worth something. I'm not sure if a few people from my friends list have caught on to the fact that my fake friends were actually fake, but it was so damn stupid looking back at it. Then, it spread over on this site, which I refuse to go into detail. So yeah, basically I'm a super freak lol. But...I want to apologize for any stupid crap I have done in the past. I know I've said it before and then regressed but, I really wanna try and not be a complete screw-up. I know I can't really start off with a 'clean slate' since there's still stuff in the past that comes back to haunt me, but I can definitely try to make a better future for myself.

These are the results from the 'Non-typical Mario friendship, funny, or lover pairings' poll! (12/1/12)

1. Luigi/Rosalina with 6 votes.

2. Toadette/Yoshi with 5 votes.

3. Toad/Yoshi, Daisy/Rosalina, Yoshi/Rosalina and Other with 4 votes.

4. Mario/Rosalina, Rosalina/Peach, Yoshi/DK, DK/Rosalina, Dixie/Toadette, Luigi/Birdo, Bowser/Rosalina, Bowser/Luigi, and Wario/Toad with 3 votes.

5. Dixie/Yoshi, Diddy/Yoshi, Peach/Waluigi, Bowser/Daisy, Toad/Daisy with 2 votes.

6. Luigi/Peach, Mario/Daisy, Diddy/Toad, Luigi/Wario, DK/Wario, Rosalina/Waluigi, Rosalina/Wario, Birdo/Peach, Bowser/Wario, DK/Mario, Toad/Birdo, and Toad/Bowser got 1 vote.

7. All the other non-typical Mario pairings you can think of got 0.

Rosalina got the better end of the stick here, as her name appears 7 times from 4th place and up. Yoshi appears 4 times and Luigi 3 times. Waluigi got the worse end of the stick, as he only appears twice from 6th place and up.

These are the results from the 'Who makes a better friend for Toadette between Dixie and Yoshi?' poll. (12/8/12)

Yoshi won with just 5 votes.

Dixie came behind with 3 votes.

These are the results from the 'Who do you prefer between Wario and Waluigi?' poll (12/15/12)

Waluigi won with 6 votes.

Wario lost with 3 votes.

These are the results from the Are you disappointed that Paper Mario: Sticker Star didn't have a partner system? poll. (12/22/12)

Yes - 7 votes.

No - 1 vote.

These are the results from the 'Who is your favorite Paper mario partner girl?' poll (12/29/12)

Goombella and Vivian tied for first with 5 votes.

Bow came in second with 3 votes.

Bombette came in third with 2 votes.

Flurrie, Miss Mowz, and Tippi tied for fourth with 1 vote.

Watt and Sushie received 0 votes.

These are the results from the 'Who is your favorite Paper mario partner boy?' poll (1/5/13)

Koops and Paper Yoshi tied with 3 votes.

Parakarry came second with 2 votes.

Kooper and Bobbery tied for third with one vote.

Goombario and Lakilester got 0 votes.

These are the results from the 'Which next Mario game do you want to happen?' poll (1/19/13)

Mario Party 10 came first with 4 votes.

New Paper Mario and An Entirely New Mario Game tied with 2 votes.

SMG3, Mario Kart Wii U and Other got no votes.

These are the results from the 'Which of my upcoming/maybe upcoming fics do you want to be the released the most?' poll (2/2/13)

Mushroom Wars got 5 votes.

Zombie Madness had 4 votes.

Devil's Mansion and The Asylum were tied with 3 votes.

Unknown had 1 vote.

These are the results from the 'Which Princess Do You Like More?' poll (2/9/13)

Peach and Rosalina were tied with 2 votes.

Daisy only had 1 vote.

These are the results from the 'What's your opinion on Flurrie from the Thousand Year Door?' (2/15/13)

I love her! She's so glamorous and funny! - 4 votes

Buy Dixie Kong's new single, 'Shine Bright Like A Burrito', on iTunes today! - 3 votes

I like lemon juice. - 2 votes


Don't really care for her/Who's Flurrie? - 0 votes.

These are the results from the 'Which character(s) do you want to die in Zombie Madness?' poll (2/20/13)

Diddy, Bowser, Waluigi, Parakarry, Luigi, Yoshi, Yoshie - 3 votes.

Yoshi, DK, Bobbery, Pauline, Goombario, and Fire bro - 2 votes.

Miss Mowz, Watt, Bow, Jojora, Wendy, Goombella, Toad, Bombette, Vivian, Rosalina - 1 vote.

Toadette, Dixie, Flurrie, Birdo - 0 votes.

These are the results from the 'Who is the biggest male B-word in Zombie Madness?' poll (2/25/13)

Waluigi - 2 votes

Bowser/Other - 1 vote

Everyone else - 0 votes

These are the results from the 'Who is the biggest female B-word in Zombie Madness?' poll (3/3/13)

Wendy - 2 votes

Toadette/Dixie/Daisy - 1 vote

Everyone else - 0 votes

These are the results from the 'Who do you want to live in Zombie Madness?' poll (3/16/13)

Vivian - 4 votes

Luigi/Rosalina - 3 votes

Yoshi/Toad/Waluigi/Flurrie/Pauline - 2 votes

Birdo/DK/Goombario/Watt/Jojora/Fire Bro - 1 vote

Parakarry/Wendy - 0 votes

These are the results from the 'Which fic do you want me to upload on April 6?' poll (4/6/13)

Mushroom Wars - 7 votes

Mario Party Deluxe - 3 votes

These are the results from the 'Who was/were your favorite character(s) in Zombie Madness?' poll (4/13/13)

Rosalina, Vivian, Fire Bro - 3 votes

Luigi, DK, Birdo, Watt, Goombella, Goombario, Bowser - 2 votes

Yoshi, Toad, Waluigi, Koops, Bow, Parakarry, Flurrie, Wendy, Bobbery, Jojora - 1 vote

Everyone else - 0 votes

These are the results from the 'Are you a fan of Fox McCloud?' poll (7/3/13)

No - 5 votes

Yes - 3 votes

Some comments about how I use certain Mario characters in my stories:

1. Jojora: If you don't know who she is, she's the blue fairy from Superstar Saga that appears in Joke's End. The reason why I include her in my stories is because...well...okay, I'll just spit it out here: I wanna include someone who's an Academic Alpha Bitch AKA someone who's smart, takes charge, an overachiever, and successful with an attitude. We've all seen those kinds of people at school. I know that Jojora isn't really portrayed as that in SS, but after seeing Courtney in Total Drama and really liking her personality for some odd reason, I wanted to include someone like that in my stories and I figured Jojora would be best fit for it. Plus, I really can't find another character more fit for this type of role. I thought Daisy could fit this well, but I feel like she's right in the middle of being an Academic Alpha Bitch and the sweet, sporty girl.

2. Fire Bro: Why have I included him in my recent stories and portray him as a psycho you ask? Because first off, there's no one I can think of that's totally zany in the Mario series. Two, it gives a minor character a personality that some people can like. Three, Fire Bro was a random choice, and the personality probably would've been the same if I chose Boomerang or Hammer Bro to be in. I base this guy off of Izzy from Total Drama, who is my favorite character in the series.

3. Goombario: I feel like Goombario's personality was a bit bland in the first Paper Mario, I didn't find him interesting much. However, I DID feel like this guy could probably turn into a smartass whenever a certain comment was made, because that's how braniacs are sometimes, and so, I portrayed him as that in my recent stories because I think people would see it as interesting.

4. Pauline: Point blank, she's the Alpha Bitch of my stories AKA someone who's manipulative, popular, pretty, and just downright nasty. I know she isn't portrayed as a bitch in the games she appears in, but hey, SOMEONE has to be the main bitch, right? If it's going to be anyone it's gonna be her, especially with her being with Mario in the first place and then Peach coming into the scene adds for a perfect backstory. You could say she's a nastier version of Jojora.

5. Wendy: I know a lot of people hate Wendy, but she's also a perfect contender for the Alpha Bitch, especially considering her history of growing up with all boys and them probably making fun of her probably made a toll on her, which causes a perfect story for her to become the way I portray her. The difference between her and Pauline? Pauline is lovable (to a degree) and Wendy isn't (to a degree).

6. Peach: This is just in Mushroom Wars for now, but I think of Peach as the stereotypical dumb blonde. Why? Well, let's face it, Peach doesn't really make smart decisions in some games. She lets herself get kidnapped numerous times despite being the richest person in the country, and then there's the whole sub-plot in Super Mario Sunshine with Bowser Jr. accusing her of being her mama. Plus, some see Peach as kinda bland in the personality department, so I figure this would be a good way to make her interesting.

7. Flurrie: The reason why I've been pushing this girl so much is because she has really grown on me over the years. I use to despise her when I first played The Thousand Year Door, but now, after playing the game recently and reading a few fics of her in it, she has boosted WAY up in my rankings. Not enough to be in my top 10, but still up there. She's one of the easiest characters to make humor out of and I've definitely enjoyed using her in Teketeke 2/3 and Zombie Madness.


38. Lightning 37. Scott 36. Staci 35. Sadie 34. B 33. Alejandro 32. Sierra 31. Owen 30. Geoff 29. Duncan 28. Ezekiel 27. Harold 26. Sam 25. Blaineley 24. Anne Maria 23. Eva 22. Katie 21. Beth 20. Zoey 19. Mike 18. Justin 17. Leshawna 16. Dakota 15. Cameron 14. Gwen 13. Heather 12. Courtney 11. DJ 10. Cody 9. Jo 8. Brick 7. Noah 6. Trent 5. Tyler 4. Lindsay 3. Bridgette 2. Dawn 1. Izzy


10. Blaze
9. Knuckles
8. Charmy
7. Cream
6. Tails
5. Shadow
4. Sally
3. Amy
2. Sonic
1. Rouge

25. Doopliss 24. Bowser Jr. 23. Jojora 22. Wendy 21. Kammy 20. Dimentio 19. Waluigi 18. Wario 17. Paper Yoshi 16. Flurrie 15. Koops 14. Birdo 13. Toad 12. Diddy 11. DK 10. Vivian 9. Goombella 8. Rosalina 7. Daisy 6. Peach 5. Mario 4. Luigi 3. Dixie 2. Toadette 1. Yoshi


10. Zelda
9. Ness
8. Mario
7. Luigi
6. Peach
5. Samus
4. Fox
3. Pikachu
2. Metaknight
1. Kirby

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10 years ago, he said he would return. After the horrible thing that happened, no one knows if he'll keep his promise. But, as long as the cherry blossom petals bloom, there is always hope. One day, he'll come back. And when he does, everyone will be happy to see him, no matter what happened on that awful day 10 years ago. He's not a murderer. Just someone that made a mistake...
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Discontinued for obvious reasons.
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