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Poll: Be honest, which fic would you like to see more from me: Black In My Bones (horror/mystery fic) or The Abominable Snowman of Sarasaland (horror/humor fic)? Vote Now!
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Author has written 33 stories for Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Real Name: Cam

Age: 25

Gender: Male

State: California

Occupation: Service Worker

Race: White-Hispanic

Ethnicity: Around 40% German, 30(ish)% Puerto Rican, 10(ish)% Norwegian, 10(ish)% French, and the remaining 10% is scattered throughout the rest of the world.

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'3"

UPDATE (4-6-20): CHAPTER 100 HAS BEEN UPLOADED! WOOHOO! 7 years later of Mushroom Wars, and I have achieved a milestone that I've been dreaming for forever! Now then...if you'll excuse me, I have A LOT of private messages to respond to, because I'm not too good at getting back to people quickly, LOL. But! Speaking of that, for those of you who don't know (and I can't even remember if I've mentioned this on my profile previously), I only come on here once every couple weeks these days, and when I do, it's usually only for a few minutes. So, if you send me a PM and I don't respond until weeks later, it's not that I'm ignoring you, it's just that I'm so damn busy with life that I only have time to come on here for a short period, and will even occasionally forget about Fanfiction. Gotta love adult life sometimes!

UPDATE (3-31-20): Well, isn't this a chaotic start to the new decade? Lol...damn, the Coronavirus is just ruining everything, isn't it? That and the media frenzy going on about it. So, Chapter 100 for Mushroom Wars is being pushed back to April 6, which is also the 7th year anniversary since I created the story. I'll explain more in my profile about why I had to push it back. This was just a brief update to let you guys know that I'm still working on it albeit with life issues getting in the way, apart from the virus crap going on.

UPDATE (8-20-19): Hey all! Sorry for another hiatus, I had to move into my partner's place and adjust to living in a brand new environment along with me getting a, what seemed like, deathly summer sickness. But, everything is going ok now so updates should be back to normal-ish, LOL. I have to say though, living with someone is completely different than what I thought it would be. You do chores together, take more responsibility of your living situation, run errands with each other, do each other's errands when they're not able to, etc. It wasn't an easy transition, but hey, it's all worth it in the end for the person that you love and care for! So...all of that really factored into me not writing as much as I usually do. I'm starting to get back into the regular pace of writing, but at the same time, it's gotten me writer's block for Black In My Bones. Hopefully I can get through this block because I would absolutely detest having to potentially cancel my story cause no ideas are flowing through.

UPDATE (4-7-19): Hey everyone. Been quite a while since the last update so I just wanna let everyone know what's going on with me. My finances have been very tight on me recently, which has forced me to pick up more hours at work, which means less time to work on my stories overall. Not only that, but my partner is going through chaos at their home which may mean that they'll have to leave very soon, which would result in us having to find a place together because, otherwise, he has no place to go. So, I'm stressing about that as well! That being said, Black In My Bones is still going to be released, but at a much later date. I know, I know, Kaiimi is delaying her shit again for the millionth time lol, but if anything, I think this is just a sign that sometimes life events can impede stuff such as this, which means that I REALLY shouldn't be giving specific dates on stories and chapter updates until I know for 100% fact what's going on or when I have a lot of the story completed.

As for Mushroom Wars, half of Chapter 91 has already been written (I'm deleting the "NOTICE" chapter when it's done and replacing it with the actual Chapter 91), so that'll probably be updated soon. And, to be perfectly honest, Black In My Bones probably won't even be released until at least half of the chapters are written, but I'll make sure to give you guys updates on how progress is going with that. The first chapter is already done, but I would hate to put it out and then have readers wait months for the next chapter to come out lol.

UPDATE (1-2-19): I hope you guys had a fantastic new year! So, check out the two new stories I put below this update, one of them is for sure going to be released, while the other one is less likely going to be released. My plan is basically this: Mushroom Wars is expected to be done in 2020, and I'm planning to do at least one more story on here before I "retire" so to speak. My decision has been pretty firm these past few months but it wasn't until recently that I decided I wanna do one more story, so I can leave off fanfiction with a bang. The main reason for leaving is because, as kind of stated below, I'm approaching my mid-20's and I'm going to be establishing a career very soon along with other adult life stuff. The drive to create fanfics, unfortunately, has never reached as high as it did when I was a teen in high school, and it's because life progresses which carries on all kinds of responsibilities that I, as an adult, have to take on more and more. Of course, this goes for everybody growing up, so I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Mushroom Wars only has 50ish chapters left (and I'll be damn shocked if I actually end up finishing it this year!), so the time is coming pretty quick. I'll save all the big, emotional stuff for the big leaving post once Mushroom Wars is done before I start ranting about adulthood lol.


Title: Black In My Bones (name might be changed)

Plot: After a chaotic murder trial, Wario and Dimentio were sent to prison once it was found 100% conclusive that they had murdered Pauline and a schoolgirl named Toadia. Exactly one year later, Mario and Bobbery discover new evidence that questions everything that occurred during the murder trial, and also makes them realize that the people around them, the people they love and care about, are much more sick in the head than they had ever thought. Slight AU. (NOTE: The plot of this story may change a little bit)

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Crime

Length of fic: 13-20 chapters

Release Date: TBA

Additional Info: This is kind of a remake of "Color That Was Drained From My Soul." The main problem with that fic was that it came at a wrong time (I was juggling two other stories at the time) and it was poorly planned. Now, this one, I have a better mapped out outline for what's going to happen. However, you do not need to read "Color That Was Drained From My Soul" in order to understand this new fic, in case you were wondering that.

Cast List (may change a little later on): Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Rosalina Yoshi Birdo Toad Toadette Wario Waluigi Pauline Mona Dimentio Goombario Kooper Goombella Koops Koopie Koo Bobbery Toadia

Title: The Abominable Snowman of Sarasaland

Plot: The Paper Mario partners, plus a few others, take a winter vacation to an isolated lodge in the Sarasa Mountains. What was supposed to be a fun few days from civilization, turns out to be a nightmare when they realize that a creature has been stalking them and massacring some of their friends, along with the fact that there is more to the lodge than anyone first thought.

Genre: Horror/Humor/Action

Length of fic: 11-13 chapters

Release Date: TBA

Chances of this being released: 90%

Additional Info: You might recognize this title. It's mentioned a few times in Devil's Mansion, and it was originally supposed to be released in 2014 or 2015, but that was a very dark period in my life and things got all kinds of messed up, so I got discouraged from making it along with a few other fics planned. However, the reason why I'm potentially bringing this back is because, well, you guys know how much fun I have with Horror/Humor stories, so I may end my fanfiction journey with a humorous bang. However, this really depends on what's going on in my life at the time, plus if I'll even have the drive to do it by then. My "drive" is currently bigger for the other fic, so that's why that one is for sure being released.

Cast List (may change a little later on): Goombario Kooper Bombette Parakarry Bow Watt Sushie Lakilester Lakilulu Goombella Koops Koopie Koo Flurrie Yoshi Vivian Bobbery Ms. Mowz Mimi Dimentio Bleck/Blumiere Tippi/Timpani Nastasia O'Chunks Doopliss

UPDATE (12-17-18): ATTENTION!!!!!!! I will not be able to update Mushroom Wars tomorrow the 18th as I've stated in Chapter 89. Last week with finals was so immensely stressful and busy that I didn't have as much time as I thought I would to complete Chapter 90, plus after finals ended, I had to help my significant other move into their new place so that took up a lot of time too, all this along with working full time too! On a happy note though, I've finally graduated university so yay for me! Chapter 90 for Mushroom Wars will be updated next Wednesday the 26th. Also, details for a new horror story I have kind of sort of planned out will be revealed in early January. Huge apologies for the inconvenience!

UPDATE (9-15-18): Sooo...I unfortunately have failed in finishing the rest of Saturday the 14th. School crept upon me so fast and I kept being lazy that I just didn't have the time to finish the rest of the story. HOWEVER! That being said, I DID finish Chapters 4, 5, 6, and part of 7 of Saturday the 14th. So, Chapter 4 will be uploaded on September 24, 5 will be uploaded on October 1st, 6 will be uploaded on October 8, and if I somehow manage to finish Chapter 7 by this time then that will be uploaded on October 14, then Mushroom Wars Chapter 88 will be uploaded on October 15. So far, this semester has been VERY heavy on the workload so, unfortunately, it's looking pretty unlikely that I'll be doing weekly updates for Mushroom Wars like I did this past Summer. But, as soon as it hits mid-December I SHOULD be getting to writing chapters pretty quickly like before, so in that case, the weekly updates for Mushroom Wars will start up again in late December or early January.

UPDATE (6-12-18): As of Chapter 81 in Mushroom Wars, I have to say that the story is around 60% done now. By my estimation, the story will have approximately 140 chapters total as I have kind of mapped out what the rest of the story will look like. On a side note, I've written a great chunk of Chapter 4 of Saturday the 14th and I'm gonna try my damn best to finish this damn story as well by the end of the year, LOL, cause I constantly keep stalling on it. I have 6 more weekly chapters to upload for Mushroom Wars, then I'll see how quickly I can get done with the rest of Saturday the 14th because those chapters aren't gonna be as long as the MW chapters.

UPDATE (9-10-17): So...I have some disappointing news to tell. The fall semester for university has started again, and boy, based on what I'm seeing in my classes for the homework I'll need to do, the stakes and workload is incredibly higher than it was the previous semesters. I completely underestimated how much I'll have to work on homework and studying this semester. Since I'm determined to be a straight A student this semester, this means that I must put WAY more focus into my studies, more than I ever have before in my life. So, this brings me to the disappointing news; I'm not gonna have ANY time to work on any other fics of mine besides Mushroom Wars. No uploading new stories. No bringing back dead fics. It just doesn't seem feasible to do it all while focusing on my studies and balancing a whole bunch of other aspects of my life too. I apologize for dumping this onto you readers, but right now, I have to put my education as my top priority because it will greatly affect how my future will be in the workforce. Since Mushroom Wars is a story I've been wanting to accomplish for years now, it's the only story of mine that I'll still be working on and updating every now and then. Once the holidays come (or if I somehow manage to get a bunch of freetime on my hands), I'll try to work on new stories and Saturday the 14th, but I can't guarantee it will all come to fruition. I hope you guys understand my situation.

UPDATE (7-05-17): I have uploaded Chapter 63 of Mushroom Wars and have received some inspiration that really drove me to start writing more on this story. I have made an outline for the next 10 or so chapters too, so I know exactly where the direction of the story is currently going for a while. As for Saturday the 14th, I know I said I was finish it almost 7 months ago (YIKES!) but...a lot of crap happened once the new year began and inspiration for continuing that story suddenly ran dry. I'm not going to cancel it just yet, because I hope this new wave of inspiration will carry over into Saturday the 14th. But, for right now, I'm writing Mushroom Wars, and I'm writing these chapters at a pretty quick pace too. Depending on how quickly I finish the next 12 chapters (because, based on my outline, that's how long the next arc will be, but of course, there's a chance a chapter will be deleted or even added), there's a chance I may upload them all at about the same time (like a telenovela format) or do them weekly like regular TV shows do. Wish me luck, and I apologizing for lying again...it's a horrible and corrupt habit I have that I just learned about myself recently and I'm really trying to work on bettering myself. That, and the fact I overestimate myself and promise too much, which is another bad habit I have. I really hope you guys can forgive me for that...

UPDATE (12-22-16): Okay...I've had an epiphany recently, I'm going to finish "Saturday the 14th" and upload the remaining three chapters of Mushroom Wars I've written a long time ago. Now, I have the outlines for the remaining 7 chapters all done, it's just a matter of actually WRITING them all out, so...who knows when or if I'll do that. But now, I've received some inspiration to finish Saturday the 14th, so I'm hoping to get all the chapters done, writing-wise, by the end of January. There are 7 or 8 chapters left in that story, and not all of them are too long, so that's gonna happen. This is the only thing I'm doing right now that concerns fanfiction. For Mushroom Wars, there is still slight interest in continuing it, but at the rate I'm going, should I decide to keep writing after the next three chapters, I'll be finished in 2019 lol. So, I'm still heavily debating on bothering to continue it. The only reason I'm uploading the next three chapters is because I felt it would be unfair having these whole chapters completed without my readers even seeing it.

UPDATE (9-28-16): Hello everyone. It's time that I stop lurking and start explaining what's up with me. The truth is this; I'm quitting Fanfiction. My interest in creating and continuing to write more stories has severely diminished throughout the year and I feel like no matter how hard I try to get back into it, I just don't have the will to even finish a single chapter anymore. I've written a few documents for other stories I was planning to create during my hiatus but I can tell that they won't go anywhere. It's quite a conundrum and bizarre because I really want to get into finishing and making more stories, and yet, once I start doing just that, the interest is lost. It's extremely complicated to hear it like this, I understand, but I honestly don't know how else to put it into words lol. I'll still leave everything up here for you guys to re-read and such. But, even if I WERE to get back into writing, it would be very sporadic considering I'm now in university and the classes are more demanding than ever plus I have a part time job plus I have more friends than ever. So, all in all, this is the end for me.

Now, is this hiatus permanent? I'll be honest, I don't know. Maybe I'll receive some inspiration in the future and come back to finish my work. Maybe I'll start a brand new account and make more risque stories with that one. Maybe I'll just lurk on here forever lol. You never know. If you wanna talk to me about whatever, feel free to PM me, but be warned, I only come on here about once or twice a week nowadays. I have no regrets with any of my work and I hope you guys respect my decision. Till next time though, see ya!

UPDATE (1-1-16): Happy new years! So...I want to explain this mini-hiatus real quick. I had yet another mental breakdown and ended up hurting someone I care about once again and ended up getting into this back and forth battle between my divorced parents...ONCE AGAIN. I also ended up failing another class of mine which added on to the build up of my meltdown. After all of that, I just really needed a break from everything for a couple weeks, but now that a new year has began, I'm inspired to (attempt) to start off with a blank slate and keep going. The next chapter of Saturday the 14th is currently being written as you read this. I'll be honest...I really don't wanna do the Super Mario Variety Show fic. Not because I'm not lazy or anything, it's just because I can't think of a lot of things to do with it. Even in the Mushroom Wars story, it was clear I was having trouble coming up with neat ideas for the variety shows. I know, I said I guaranteed that it would be released, and I'm sorry once again for misleading you all. If anyone wants to take my idea of the variety show and make it into your own fic, you're more than welcome to. Mario Party Deluxe Season 2 is still happening for sure, so don't worry about that.

UPDATE (12-5-15): The current poll will be extended for one more week. That also means, in terms of fairness, the poll for the girls will be 2 weeks as well, unless I get a huge influx of votes quickly. As for Mushroom Wars...for right now, I guess I'll just stick with writing new chapters every now and then and updating it slowly while doing my thing with my new and current stories.

UPDATE (12-3-15): So...I've been thinking lately...about my Mushroom Wars story...I'm thinking I should...*gulps*...discontinue it. *receives death glares from everyone and their mother* I know, I know! I've been cancelling a lot of things lately. But the thing is...I'll be the first to admit that this story's direction is a bit messy. It was originally supposed to start off as a quicker-paced humor story (it wasn't even supposed to go past 50 chapters at first!), but then too many ideas came to my head and I ended up creating things as I went along and I wanted it to be darker when I came back from my hiatus earlier this year and...well...I don't think it all flows that well. Plus, this story is HUGE. There are so many things that happen in each chapter and so many things that are being foreshadowed and lingering in my head that I can't even keep up with it and something tells me that neither can some readers too. It also doesn't help that it takes me freaking forever to update, so everyone (including me sometimes) may forget what the hell just happened. Just like with a few other stories, I did NOT plan this one all the way through, which truly is the key into making a successful story, and I'm currently having trouble planning the future chapters because of me just now realizing how 'off balance' this whole damn story is.

Also, it's become obvious to me that people like my horror and humor stories wayyyyy better. Actually, I sometimes feel like Mushroom Wars gets in the way of me coming up with new ideas for other stories and submitting them because of how long and detailed it is. Like I said before, I can't handle having three stories up at once. Plus...I really think that this story is TOO long for me to handle. I thought I could handle it, but damn, it's a lot more exhausting than I could even imagine. I feel terrible for even thinking of this. So, here is what I'll do. I'll continue with the weekly poll for who you want in for the second season of MPD. (I may extend this current poll for another week because of how few votes I'm getting), and then, once those polls are over, I'll upload a poll asking you guys what I should do concerning Mushroom Wars since I do NOT want to do anything without hearing sides from others.

UPDATE (9-27-15): I deeply apologize for being absent for random long periods nowadays. I just went through an emotional rollercoaster with my mom having cancer and me struggling hugely with school that I'm simply unable to focus on anything else. The newest chapter of MPD is over halfway done so I'll try to get it submitted ASAP. Just please be patient with me, that's all I ask.

Please read and, if you can, review my friend's story here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11380095/1/Shadow-Of-Doubt-ONE-LAST-CHANCE It's really good, creepy, suspenseful, and shocking. This story is going to be incredibly long so a lot more surprises are coming your way!

Also please read/review another great story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11118027/1/Super-Mario-and-the-Thousand-Year-Drama-Uncut-Version It's a parody of TTYD and one of the most brilliant humor stories I've ever read in my life. WARNING: Contains excessive profanity, potty humor, cartoon-y violence, and high sexual content.

General Questions that have been asked about me over the years by PMs and/or reviews:

How long have I been on fanfiction? Eleven years. I know my profile says I've been here since 2010, but I was under another account that I made in 2007.

Am I secretly a psychopath because I love writing horror stories? No. I just have a very wide imagination and horror has always been my favorite genre.

Why do I always take long breaks between updating chapters? There are times in my life when I get very discouraged from writing, mostly due to personal stuff. I also usually work on chapters late at night, since I think better for my stuff then. To be honest, I've thought about quitting fanfiction before, but I just can't right now. It's too addictive. I'll probably leave once I get my career going and my life officially situated, but that won't happen for another few years so don't worry. There's also the fact I have school and a job, so please, do NOT expect me to update every few days. It will be a very rare occasion if I do.

Why do I stop a few stories and abandon them forever? Like I said above, I sometimes get very discouraged from continuing to write a certain story. I'll provide explanations for each abandoned story:

Resident Koopa 2 Outbreak: I explained all this in the second chapter. I really didn't have the patience to re-write Chapters 2, 3, and 4. Since this story was from 4 years ago, I don't remember much of the ideas that I was gonna put into it, but I do know that Rosalina, DK, Jojora, Boomerang Bro, Noki girl named Lola, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Paper Yoshi, Vivian, Bobbery, Ms. Mowz, Bombette, Parakarry, and Frankly were going to be in it. I forgot who I was gonna have survive.

The All Stars Battle Royale: As time went on, I disliked the idea of having such a huge cast of characters kill others and go through as many of their mindsets as possible more and more. Honestly...it would've been better if I cut the cast in half and made it only Mario characters. Putting Sonic, Star Fox, and Banjo characters in it kinda turned me off too.

The World of Facebook: Too many people were threatening to report this story if I kept continuing it, so I had to stop in order to not risk my account getting suspended.

10 Years: This is the only one on the list that I MAY continue in the future. I'm not sure yet. I'm too caught up with my new fics and new ideas to go back to it now.

Alien Invasion: Explained all this in the sixth chapter.

Color That Was Drained From My Soul: ...Yeah...this is gonna be discontinued as well. *avoids rocks being thrown* In all honesty, I just can't juggle three stories at once. I really can't. That, and I didn't plan out the story all that well. I knew exactly what the beginning was going to be like and the end, but I didn't plan anything for the middle. I didn't plan for how the clues were going to point to the killers, I didn't plan out how why the killers killed Diddy, the flashbacks I had in mind didn't really contribute to the story, I was stuck for days in the middle of writing Chapter 4 that I got pissed off and almost threw my cellphone at the wall (lol). Also, looking back on the ideas I had...it was obvious I was making this story a copy of Pretty Little Liars (teen drama mystery show), and that discouraged me as well since copying things isn't my forte.

Do I have ideas/plans for future stories? You sure bet I do. Will they all be executed? Probably not. Like I said before, I can't juggle more than two stories at once. And even if I completed one of my current stories, only one of those ideas will come forth immediately after and you'll likely have to wait months for the next idea to come out. I really, REALLY want to format these ideas into stories and post them all for you to see, but I can't. It's too much to handle all at once.

How freaking long is Mushroom Wars going to be!? Right now, the plan is to get it to 110 chapters at the very least. I'm dead serious. I have so many wild ideas for this story that you can't even begin to imagine. I am EXTREMELY excited to start writing stuff after the Banjo-Kazooie arc ends, because that is when the story will take a VERY dark turn. Most of these characters will be going through pure hell and insanity very soon. There is going to be less humor and more serious drama. But of course, I will never ever 100% get rid of the humor. No, I love humor too much to throw it all away.

Are you ever going to write a story that's NOT Mario? Eh...I don't know. Mario is my favorite game series ever and all the ideas I have right now are for Mario too, lol. I actually have plans for a Sonic story right now...however, the stakes are higher for Sonic stories and I have no idea how to perfectly implement these ideas onto a document.

You seem really biased towards certain characters in some fics. Why? While it's true that I do have my favorites, in recent years, I have tried to give everyone equal 'screentime' because, well, I'm just a fan of equality basically, lol. You'll also notice that I try to keep the casts in my stories as close to being gender neutral as possible.

Why did you take a super long hiatus from November 2014 to April 2015? Well...to put it simply, I was depressed. I had no direction in my life, I was in an unhealthy relationship (which I thought was healthy but love blinded me...), I took so many things for granted and ended up hurting some people, I ALMOST failed college, and I was eating unhealthily and never bothered to exercise. However, all of that is behind me now and I have become a stronger person by not letting myself become a victim to all of these things. I'm a lot more content with my life than I ever have been and, honestly, I think me getting out of that 'darkness' was what inspired me to continue my writing. I cannot thank you readers and reviewers enough for being patient with me.

When should we expect Mushroom Wars to end? As of September 2017, with the rate I'm going, and the plans I have for it...2020, earliest! Lol, I keep pushing the date back, but this story is going to be my main priority from here on out.

Are you going to quit fanfiction after you finish Mushroom Wars? I'm actually undecided about this. My interest in fanfiction is definitely not as strong as when I was in high school, you know, with having a job, being in university, having more friends, etc. But, I actually may have more time to create stories once I graduate, but...it's a waiting game, unfortunately. I'll have a more clear answer as soon as I graduate, which will be late 2018. However, just know that I am NOT leaving fanfiction until I, at the very least, complete Mushroom Wars, so you'll see me on here for another few years.

So...will you be making new stories in the meantime? Very hard to say. I want to get Mushroom Wars out of the way, but at the same time, I have an urge to make a new and fresh story lol. I hate to say it, but it's gonna have to be another waiting game. I'll let you all know WAY in advance if I do have a new story coming.

So...does this mean no Mario Party Deluxe Season 2/3? Also very hard to say. I'm leaning towards yes, but, as seen at the top of my profile, I will have very little time to work on it. Not only that, but it's been almost two years since I've finished Mario Party Deluxe so the popularity and desire for a new season has definitely died down, which makes me worried for the reception of the fic and for votes on the polls. I'll attempt to work on the first chapter when I get some free time, but I can't guarantee it will be for sure be released.

Top 30 Mario characters as of September 2017:

1. Yoshi 2. Toadette 3. Dixie 4. Mario 5. Luigi 6. Peach 7. Daisy 8. Rosalina 9. Goombella 10. Toad 11. Koops 12. Bowser 13. Vivian 14. Birdo 15. Bombette 16. DK 17. Diddy 18. Waluigi 19. Wario 20. Wendy 21. Parakarry 22. Larry 23. Lemmy 24. Goombario 25. Bow 26. Roy 27. Ludwig 28. Dimentio 29. Pauline 30. Mimi

The characters' position changes a little bit every year after the top 5, but other than that, it's been relatively the same for years now.

Top 15 Favorite Sonic Characters:

1. Rouge 2. Sonic 3. Amy 4. Charmy 5. Tails 6. Shadow 7. Knuckles 8. Vector 9. Cream 10. Blaze 11. Silver 12. Espio 13. Sally 14. Sonia 15. Eggman

BTW, in case anyone asks, I own none of the avatars that I use for my profile pics.

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Mario - Rated: M - English - Horror - Chapters: 5 - Words: 20,004 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/7/2012 - Published: 7/1/2012 - Rosetta/Rosalina - Complete
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The Mole... A tale of betrayal where ten players try to find the saboteur's identity while competing in various challenges... Many of them will try, but only one will prevail, and that will be the person who answers this question : Who is the Mole ? THE MOLE IS FINALLY REVEALED ! Read the reviews at your own expense.
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When the world is at threat of being taken over by an old villain, it is up to a group of people to work together and travel through familiar places to collect various items to help them win the war for justice. However, with brutal injuries and much drama happening at almost every moment, will anyone make it through this mission alive?
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Mario and friends take a weekend getaway to Toadsworth's lakehouse at Camp Acid Lake. Despite knowing the urban legend of Koopson Voorhees, a masked koopa serial killer who was said to stalk the woods, they brush it off and try to have the time of their lives. But once they realize that some of their friends have gone missing, they question if the legend is really true.
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10 years ago, he said he would return. After the horrible thing that happened, no one knows if he'll keep his promise. But, as long as the cherry blossom petals bloom, there is always hope. One day, he'll come back. And when he does, everyone will be happy to see him, no matter what happened on that awful day 10 years ago. He's not a murderer. Just someone that made a mistake...
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Discontinued for obvious reasons.
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Characters from Nintendo, Sega and Rare backgrounds are kidnapped and put into a deadly game called Battle Royale. The objective of this game is to kill or be killed. Only two people will survive the game. Who will prosper? Who will be a backstabber? This has been discontinued. Anyone is free to finish it or re-do it.
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2 months have passed since the vicious murders in Mushroom City had ended and the 'urban-legend-come-to-life' monster, Teketeke, was killed. But when someone is found with their body split in half in Rogueport, one must assume there's a copycat killer.
Mario - Rated: T - English - Horror/Mystery - Chapters: 11 - Words: 27,625 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 1/22/2012 - Published: 11/29/2011 - Goombella, Koops - Complete
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Mario - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,820 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 2 - Published: 8/7/2010 - Peach, Mario - Complete
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