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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Rosario + Vampire.

I'm making these challenges because I do not want to start writing to many stories at once, and these story idea won't leave me alone, so I felt that making them challenges was the best thing to do.

story idea:

Luffy (from the 'One Piece' manga) has become pirate king. Now, many years after becoming the pirate king, his life is nearing it's end. Knowing that with his death the gum-gum fruit would at some point re-establish itself, he feared that the person who found it would try and recreate his techniques and claim to be him re-incarnated to gain followers. To prevent this he, Franky, Usopp and Robin come up with an idea. Using Franky's knowledge he gained from Vegapunk and Robins knowledge of ancient technology they build a machine that will tie his soul to the devil fruit and then send the fruit to another dimension where it would seek out someone that Luffy would feel was worthy of it. After that person ate the fruit Luffy would have 2-4 years to teach them the basics of using the fruit (and possible Haki).

(AN: This first part can be used for a multitude of crossovers, as long as the person who gets it is someone that Luffy would consider worthy of if. If someone uses it I would like to be told) Challenge: Using the story idea above make a Naruto crossover.


1) No 'Naruto gets beaten within a inch of his life daily' plot-line, it's overused.

2) Naruto finds the fruit around the time he enters the acadamy and Luffy disappears shortly before Naruto's third try at the acadamy exam. (whether you use cannon age's or make them slightly older is up to you)

3) Even after Luffy's training Naruto shouldn't have all Luffy's abilities, just and understanding of how they work and how he can train them.

4) His rubber abilities will be seen as a bloodline and not as something connected to the kyubi (How would rubber be connected with the kyubi anyway), though whether it actually becomes a bloodline is optional (The dimensional travel could change some of the rules of the devil fruit and make it possible to pass it's abilities onto one's children)

5) Because Luffy's help won't teach Naruto a thing about being a ninja (except maybe taijutsu) he will still be dead-last, though in a pure taijutsu match he may put up a better fight.

6) Luffy's clueless about girls so Naruto won't suddenly start noticing things like Hinata having a crush on him. Naruto's fighting instincts however, can be developed early.

7) Naruto still goes on team 7.

8) 'Kakashi favours Sasuke' plotline should be avoided. The only time in cannon he actually focuses more on Sasuke then the others is up to the chunin exam and that is based on the fact that Gaara is a known psycopath, while Neji isn't.

People using the story idea in general: Non.

People taking the challange: Non.

Second story idea;

Harry Potter and Naruto crossover.

Starts similarly to my Avatar story; Naruto defeats Madara, but gets send to another dimension (along with Kyubi, Sasuke, Hinata and Tsunade) by Madara. He is forced to merge with the ones who came with him. When he arrives, still in spirit form, he colides with the newly severed piece of voldemorts soul just as it enters Harry. Naruto defeats and destroys the piece of Voldemorts soul, but ends up permanently sealed in Harry. At some point he contacts Harry and they become friends. How would this change Harry's life at Hogwarts?


- Naruto teaches Harry the basics of chakra manipulation before Harry gets the letter from Hogwarts, and maybe some academy jutsu, but nothing advanced before he gets to Hogwarts at the very least.

- No evil Harry or evil Naruto.

- No Evil Dumbledore.

- No Ginny bashing (You don't have to pair Harry with Ginny, but I got tired of excessive Ginny bashing a long time ago)

- If Ginny get the diary and is forced to open the chamber, then pairing her up with Draco is not allowed. (Would you really get together with someone who looks like a miniature version of the guy that put you through hell?)

- If you want you can allow Harry to teach others, or have his ability to use chakra be connected to having Naruto sealed in him.

- Whether Harry keeps his ability to talk to snakes after Naruto defeats the piece of Voldemorts soul is optional, though saving Ginny will be harder without it.

- Harry can be given the Sharingan, byakugan and Rinnegan, as long as the right circumstances are meet.

People taking the challange: Non.

Third/Fourth idea:

Harry Potter and Pokegirl / Naruto and Pokegirl:

Voldemort/Orochimaru try a experimental Spell/Jutsu to get help from another dimension, however it doesn't go as planned and instead of just creating an opening where they are, multiple openings are created around the would/elemental nations. Through the gates various pieces of technology enters the world along with a virus that starts either turning females into Pokegirls or sterilizing them. Among the technology that turns up are some pokedexes which explain what is happening to people. It also effects a few men turning them into females and then into pokegirls or just outright killing them.

Rules for Harry Potter story:

- Harry stays male.

- The virus somehow destroys the Horcrox in Harry

- takes place after Voldemorts resurrection in Harry's fourth year, though when exactly is optional.

- OC's should be kept to a minimum.

People taking the challange: Non.

Rules for Naruto story:

- Naruto stays male.

- The Biju become female and turn into what can be considered legendary Pokegirls. They become semi-free, but need to stay with their jinchūriki to keep their power. The jinchūriki have the ability to withhold their power, but only to a certain extend. The biju know that if they kill their jinchūriki they will lose their power.

- Can take place at any time after the Mizuki

- OC's should be kept to a minimum.

People taking the challange: Non.

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