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... So like, hi. What`s up? I`m probably, and hopefully the one and only Shadaka on this damn cyber world. Why? Because this name is a shorter nicky for 'ShadowBaka', of which my friend had said to me one time on MSN, and blocked out several parts like so: Shad--aka... Nice to meet you. (:

ANYWAYS. Um, my age? Old enough to use and type on a computer. Where I live? Down under. Total give away at that, but from what I hear on the net a lot of people actually want to come here... To Australia, if you haven`t picked up on it yet. I mean, Oprah came here to present a show to make our awesome Aussie peeps ha-- I`M TRAILING OFF SUBJECT. It`s almost 12 in the morning and I felt like updating my Fanfiction profile. How, awesome, is that?

My interests are mainly the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, mostly Next Gen. And there is also Lucky *insert star of which I cannot be stuffed finding, copying and pasting* Star, Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden, Death Note, Inuyasha, Kuroshitsuji and many more that I really haven`t watched passed the first damn season. And I also count Vocaloid. Though it`s not an anime, the characters of which are drawn in the typical style of Japanese animation. So hur hur ~

Now, I`m not going to give you a total list of my favourite couplings and favourite characters of each and every one, because I don`t have much time before my mum comes home and yells at me for staying up too late. But since my fanfictions that I will, soon, post up will be revolving around StH, my favourite character from the franchise is Shadow the Hedgehog. Seriously, he`s kick-ASS. Even for an anthropomorph who is the size of three 30cm rulers and a third. Ahah. And I deny that I am a fangirl of a walking, talking hedgehog. Yus. Though my self defense right now ain`t fooling anyone anymore.

OHYARH. Just a warning. Thanks to this lovely site of intelligent and genius story writers, I like yaoi. Sure, that`s alright, but I have also found myself coming to like Sonadow. Now, if you really find that`s disgusting, wrong, or that something in my mind is a screw loose, go ahead and say it. And I`ll have you know, I`m no basement pervert or whatnot. I have a life, friends and Year 11 to look forward to... To be honest it feels like I`m coming out of the closet with this. I don`t know why. I`m just socially and cyber-ly awkward, that`s it. :'D

Uhh, upcoming stories? I really don`t know when I`ll ever update my first fanfic. All I know though that it`s going to be a one-shot, it`ll possibly be crap for a first timer, and I`m experimenting with sentence structure and words. And yaoi. And characters. That`s right, I`m torturing them. But not so much to twist you like one of those psychological thrillers. Not THAT far. No way. Well, not yet anyway. o3o
And I`m also thinking of writing an adventurous story too, but I`m never so great at planning plots. Revolves around using the three main S-hogs of Sonic `06. And an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere? Allow me more time to think of how exactly that is going to work. \(^¬^;)/

So like, personal message me or whatever. Though I`m never on here much. Just sometimes to pop in and read a few stories, of course. I`ve got Facebook, but I`m never too friendly with handing out my identity. Perspective on me will change greatly in the community I live in. And I`ve already been through 9 school years of bullying already. I don`t need anymore. o-o

`kay peace! And may the whatever-the-fuck-you-want be with you!

If you have ever been so wrapped up thinking about anime, anime fan art, or anime fanfictions that you zoned out and came back to reality 5 minutes or more later with no idea of what's going on, copy and paste this to your profile and add your name to the list. Athame Kunoichi, Sugarmonkey778, A Ninja Named Frank, Banryuwielder244, angelic memories, Korpuskat, inurinsama15, lordsesshomarusgf, kagome'z inuyasha, Angel-Demon1, Alexia The Hedgehog, Shadaka.

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