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Author has written 4 stories for Suite Life series, Harry Potter, and Stargirl.

The Introduction

I'm human, I suppose. I like tribal dancing and face paint. I just love it when Eli won't answer my texts. I hate schoolwork but love school in every way. I'm extremely into photography. I don't have a laptop, iTouch, webcam, etc. The only electronic items I own are an old desktop computer (which I'm typing on currently : D), a cell phone, and a camera. I have a boyfriend. We've been together for almost a year. Jared, you're my life now:). No, really. I have a ginormous nose, a fat face, pale, dead skin. I'm not exaggerating, you can see a picture if I somewhat know you. I have a sucky computer, so don't hate me, please. I review every fic I read. And yes, I write Disney fics. Ohh, and you can call me Jayde. Now, let's get to the part where I do those little quiz things everyone has in their profile.

Survey Quiz:

About You...

Age: ... (Just know I'm younger than 16).

Birthplace: Texas

Current Location: Georgia

Hair Color: Black, but I dye it constantly.

Eye Color: Blue

Height: About 5 ft.

Heritage: Russian

Your Fears: Ohh, man. I'm so afraid of heights.

Your weakness: Love & oranges.

Goal for today: To eat my entire bowl of spaghetti.

Goal for this year: To drop a few pounds.

Lifetime Goal: To write a published book.

When do you want to get married?: I don't believe in marriage.

And to whom?: If I was to get married, probably Jared. He's my kitten.

Ever been in love?: Just once.

Currently in love?: You know it.

Do you think you are attractive?: Nope.

Your best physical feature: Hmm... my lips.

Have you ever...

Eaten sushi? Nope.

Gone skinny dipping? Heh, yes.

Been beaten up? Fortunately, no.

Wanted to kill someone? No.

Gone a week without television? Yep.

Who's the last person to...

kiss you? Jared:)

Say hi to you? My friend, Tabi.

Talk to you? Eli, my bestfriend ever.

What's the last...

Time you cried? Last week.

Book you read? The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, truly enchanting.

Store you've been in? Hot Topic.

Can you...

Dance? I try not to.

Speak a different language? Couramment le francais, bien sur.:)

Cook? I'm trying to learn.

Write with both hands? No...

Whistle? Actually, I can't, and I'm probably the biggest loser for it.

Finish the line...

If I had a... life I wouldn't be typing this. :)

I would... die for my Jared

So I can... oh.

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