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Name: Sterella

Favorite Type of Stories: Halo, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Hetalia, Spider-man, DEADPOOL (flip yeah)

Current Obessession (and lovin it): Deadpool. Probably gonna be a while before I get off of him too. I will go so far to say that I am an official Deadhead at the moment as well.

Story Updates:

~Left Wing Trauma: is on a brief hiatus right now. Two words: Biochemistry major. And a bit of writer's block.

~Restrained Feelings: ...Honestly? I don't even...I made this in less than an hour, had an overall bad day, and needed to...vent some feelings. I wasn't even going to publish the story because I was so embarrased by its overall hotness. Well, I did publish it and dang, apparently people like it. I kinda feel obligated to further it, and I've gotten a ton of support and PMs from people wanting me to continue this. I-I don't know if I can. *drama* Seriously, I have never played any of the Bioshock series. I watched some 24 hours of a whiny-puberty-brat play Bioshock 2, and I fell in love with Delta. So, whether I decide to actually continue this or not...I really can't say for sure.

~The Return: I know! I haven't finished my other stories yet. But my mind works like a blender: throw only one thing in and get blah, throw everything in and get a...delicious mess. Anyways, in this story I am experimenting with the wonderfully gory and insane world of Silent Hill. I am really intrigued by one character in particular...Valtiel. So this story is trained on Cheryl/Heather and Valtiel trying to discover what the heck is wrong with Silent Hill. Beta Reader:XxTwistedThornxX

About Me:

~I am a girl, AND I like video games. Shocker! Got that out of your system? Good.

~I am a very, very, very busy biochem major who shouldn't be on fanfic and writing stories! (Oh, but how I love it all).

~Well known grammar nazi.

Grammar nazi rant: "Seriously people?! What the flip?! There (place), their (possessive), they're (they are)! Your (possessive), you're (you are)! Its (possessive), It's (It is)! NARGH!!!" *rips hair out*

~Extreme Procrastinator. Yeah...

Fun Facts (possible spoilers) about Left Wing Trauma:

1. I had always wanted to make this story. Ever since Halo know, when the elitys and hoomans became friends? :3

2. Missy was always going to be called Missy. Her full rather cruel nickname is Missy Massacre. The other pre-spartans called her that because she was Halsey's other words she did some rather gory experimentation.

3. Missy was originally planned to be a regular human. But isnt she more exciting as a Spartan? I mean come on, human, Spartan? Of course Spartan is better.

4. Originally Voro' Tuyokee was going to be related to Thel' Vadam (aka The Arbiter!). However, I think that made the story seem far too unrealistic that way. I did mention that maybe that other incompetent stealth major might have been related to The Arbiter.

5. I wanted Voro' to be an elite ultra. I had always imagined his leg getting cut off in battle, his white armor stained red from the humans he had slain...but him being an ultra just didn't fit very well into the story.

6. Nurse was always a part of the plan. Although I wanted him be called Palip, instead of Nurse at first. But being called Nurse matches with Missy's personality better I think.

7. The location of Left Wing Trauma has not really been disclosed yet, I know! Partly because I'm not quite sure where it is either (I'm entirely serious). I will figure something out eventually though. Feel free to offer ideas!

8. When I first dreamed up this story I had imagined it in a bunker, though not underground. On one side of the bunker Missy handled her human patients, and on the other she secretly handled her alien patients. You can only imagine the problems of writing a story like that could produce. Everyone in that story would have had to be an idiot not to notice little Miss Missy going back and forth between her alien friends and her human friends.

9. Originally Huddy was going to be the one who designed Voro's new leg...but that made some rather annoying complications with my story down the road.

10. Nope. Can't say yet.

I really appreciate when you guys read and review. If you have any suggestions or just want to say hi send me a PM! I won't bite. >:)

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