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Author has written 6 stories for Fire Emblem, Vocaloid, and Code Geass.

Hi. Im new to fanfiction so it might take me a while to figure stuff out. A LOT of my stories are going to be about fire emblem, and specifically Lyre and Tanith. I will also wright about Anya Alstreim from Code Geass, Vita from magical girl lyrical nanoha A's and Strikers, and Teto Kasane form Vocaloid. Oh! BTW. If any one knows any really good animes, please tell me. If you do, you get a big pitcher of sugar free rachels. Trust me, you dont want it with sugar.


My first story will have a continuation. I dont know if thats a word. Its sorta like a book. That was the prolouge. I might take breaks between the chapters to right about other stuff, though.

Its between code geass and fire emblem. cant tell you anymore.Wait til it comes out.

NOTICE: If anyone knows some really CUTE Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance couples, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I know most of the couples in those games but I'm always open to ideas. THANKS. But if you include shinon and lyre i will DESTROY you. Haha just kidding. but seriuosly. dont mention that "couple" as some of you think of them

A lot more people read my stories than I thought. I guess compered to some, my numbers are pretty small, but its good for me. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY POLL!! IGNORE THE ONE PERSON WHO VOTED THAT HES UGLY. SHE WAS JUST MAKIN FUN OF MY POLL. ITS WHAT FRIENDS DO!! Sorry that I haven't updated lately. My computer has been crap lately and I couldn't use it for a while. Right now, I'm working on chapter five of my Lyre story. Expect updates for: Knights of Serenes, Lyre's Story, and A Lie Concealed Life. Thanks a lot for your patience! C:

ALSO, Please check my drawing on deviantART! My name username is FeLyre!!!


ONTZZZ- me. Unexplainable, priceless moment

uh, oh. Here comes the storm- me, when i saw my freind coming toward me

ok dude. You need to put on some big-girl pants, grow up, and tell me why you are so mad at me- me, when i was talking to my bud who was mad at me

Alright. Now you need to get a big-girl belt so you can keep your big-girl pants on!- me. my friend was mad at me again

I don't feel comfortable staring into the eyes of some stranger- me when i had to do a project in science

You are a tough peice of jerky- my friend when i wouldn't accept some vocaloid people

What right do you ELVES have to push me around- me. A sixth grader shoved me in the hall

I swear I just heard a bug scream at me!- me when i was sitting in my room and emailing my friend

Your face looks like a stunned old man- me when my friend made a wierd face (She does that a lot)

You look like an angry fish- my friend when i made a wierd face (I do that a lot)

SQUI SHMEET EST!- Me, dont know how to describe the moment

Pretty soon codominance will occur and people will be half person and half buttuon- my friend when she saw a fake family tree my other friend made

You're such a HOpeless girl- My friend when things got a little crazy at my party (There weren't any guys there, don't worry)

You're such a HORrible person- Me responding to my friends insult

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Sorry. i accidently put this in the wrong category the first time. oops. im new ok
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