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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and NCIS.

Hello readers! I will usually write, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, NCIS, Starwars and Warriors. Pairings I use


Fred or George/Hermione




Some Quotes I live bye:

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!"

" Were not sarcastic- Were Hilarious, Were not annoying- were just cooler than you, Were not biatches- we just don't like you, Were not obbessed- were just BEST FRIENDS!"

"Your Just Jealous Cause i can act like a complete idiot in public and they still love me!"

"A stranger stabs you in the front, a friend stabs you in the back, a boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends just poke each other with straws."

"Friends by heart, Sisters by Soul, (quiet and shy????) pshhhhhh try pusha outta control!"

"There are angels without wings we call them friends" -Text messsage Forward

My best friends are family and my friends you all know who you are.

I love:

Harry Potter

Greek Stuff





I Strongly dislike (hate):

Imitators if you didn't invent it stop using it (except of course for fanfiction)


Raw anything!

Math Homework

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