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I write an enormous fanfic for the original Red/Blue games with original characters, set 50 years after Red and Blue swept through Kanto and beat the Elite 4. This means there are only 150 Pokemon known (with rumors of Mew, of course.) No Silver/Gold Pokemon involved, and no Johto.

My stories, and artwork for said stories, will be found here and here. Thanks!


Review Replies:


Chapter 32:

Janus-Brevett: I'm so glad you enjoyed chapter 32. :) I'm even more happy that my story is generating questions for you--things you want to know the answer to. That is my job as a writer! Beyond that, I find that this has been such a long piece that often little details from long ago are difficult to recall, so calling back to them is something I'm trying to be careful about, and execute mindfully. Again, thank you for reviewing!

Mal: It always delights me when I'm able to take an expectation and provide something different and unexpected instead! It's a worry of mine as a writer--I'm always looking for an angle people might not have been expecting, or if the expected is unavoidable, I do my best to portray it with at least a small unexpected twist. Your feedback really helps me figure out where I'm at compared to where I want to be. And as always your reviews are a delight to read!

Chapter 33:

Janus-Brevett: I can't express how valuable it is for me as a writer to hear your take on the world and the characters I build. Writing can feel so isolated sometimes, but it isn't--what I write spawns questions, reactions, thoughts, and, if I'm lucky, emotions in my readers. I can only guess if I'm on point or way off from the mark--until I get such meaningful responses like yours. It is beyond satisfying when I learn I've portrayed someone correctly and my life as an author only thrives when I learn what to do or not do based on reader reactions. Thank you.

Ages! This is a great question and I recently went back and re-read and plotted out a (rough) calendar of events for this story so that, going forward, I'll know what season it is, etc. I only really tracked the ages of my "young" crew.

Here we are by the end of Lapis:

Gina: 16
Amaris: 17
Jason: 16
Orion: 20
Zahlia: 20
Victoria: 20
Beth: 17
Kaylee: 17
Gav: 20
Blake: 15
Zeke: 22
Edith: 17
Rei: 19

Subject 666: Thank you for your review and for checking in on me! I'm doing much better :) I recently moved to a bigger apartment and am in the process of getting an actual computer desk! I feel my productivity will skyrocket once I get that.

ALSO I know I PM'd you about this but I'll say it again--THANK YOU for catching that I hadn't marked Crimson as complete! I wonder if that threw some people off.

Mal: I believe you are correct--the Pallet siege is my longest single battle than I can recall! I took a gamble there and knew I'd have to be very careful about execution since it would be so lengthy. Ultimately my deciding factor was whose POVs I really felt I needed. I'm very happy you felt it came across with enough suspense to keep your interest!




Post-Lapis Author's Note:

I started the groundwork for Pokemon Rose when I was a freshman in high school 14 years ago. (Yes, I just dated myself, hush--you’re never too old for Pokemon!) The story was rough and patchy, the characters one-dimensional and the plot not even a quarter of what it has since expanded into.

They always say to write for yourself and for the most part, I do. I write because over the past near decade and a half these previously flat characters have become real people to me, and, fanfiction or no, their story is one I am determined to tell all the way to the end. Regardless of what happens, I will keep plugging away at this story.

That said… the sheer joy I get when I see that a reader has taken the time to leave me a comment is unparalleled. I write because I have to, I am compelled to keep going, but I share because it’s worth it, all of it, when I realize that there are people out there--real people--who read and discover this story alongside Gina, Jason, Amaris and the others. You are what makes their world come to life. You are what makes this process so damned fun, rewarding and worthwhile. I will never stop being humbled, moved down to my core, by the feedback I receive from you. You’ve made me laugh out loud at work. You’ve brought a face-splitting grin to me on some of my worst days. You’ve made me cry more than once.

I was always told to write for me, to never rely on encouragement from others to get me through, so that even if the encouragement dried up I’d be tough enough to keep going. But I’ve learned a lot since I first posted Rose chapter 1 in 2010. I still write for me.

But now I write for you, too.

Thank you, I love you, and stay tuned. We’ve got a long way to go and I’m so glad I get to share this journey with you.

All my love,

(Whoa, real name!)

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