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I write an enormous fanfic for the original Red/Blue games with original characters, set 50 years after Red and Blue swept through Kanto and beat the Elite 4. This means there are only 150 Pokemon known (with rumors of Mew).


Review Replies:


Chapter 7:

Janus-Brevett: I’m glad the shifting POV is something you learned to like! :) It’s an acquired taste for sure, but I fell in love with multiple viewpoint characters at a young age because of K. A. Applegate’s Animorphs series. I guess that’s informed my writing ever since! Hopefully the lack of cliffy-ness in chapter 8 will be a relief :D

Mal: I will never stop getting a massive kick out of your updates about how you and your friend react to my chapters on your Skype calls. I love that you’re stilly salty with Lance, that made me laugh so hard. And I thought of you when I was writing Jason’s combat scene! :D Glad you liked that bit!

Galaxeia: Holy moly! You finished reviewing Scarlet! Please don’t ever feel bad about taking real life breaks from your feedback. Hope everything sorted itself out alright :) I absolutely hang on every piece of constructive criticism and would never ever want you to feel obligated or rushed. I am SO HAPPY that you picked up on and like the Zahlia-Orion Ghost-Normal motif :D And as always, you bring to my attention small details that may make readers wonder about things that actually aren’t crucial to the plot—which tells me, very importantly, that I should underplay or remove some of those elements. Perfect example would be Edith’s more unique and memorable Pokémon… I don’t bring them back in a meaningful way in later arcs, so it would behoove me to make her roster less curious on a rewrite. As always, such great food for thought :3

Chapter 8:

Janus-Brevett: The tone sure has changed from Rose, hasn’t it? I’m so glad that several of you have stuck around even given that the mood I started with has shifted so much. I knew from the get-go that it would get heavier, darker, and more tense as I wrote and that invariably I’d lose some people who were in it for the humor and antics, but those of you that have stayed with me over the years are so very dear to me :) I do want to make sure Orion and the Nakawas get enough screen time, for sure. They are struggling and tend to slip into the background more because of it (the curse of introverts) but everyone will have major roles to play in coming events. Thank you as always for your comments!

Subject_666: No apologies ever needed for any timing of any review ever! I’m so glad you’re invested in what’s going on with these characters, and I’m continually relieved that (so far!) no one seems to take issue with the way I’ve portrayed Lance. I was worried about that since this is by far the canon character I’ve given most screen time to. Hooray!

TopazPikachu: Thank you so much for the review! I always appreciate it so much when readers go that extra step to reach out to me personally. :) There’s a very good chance that I’ll revamp and improve this series when it’s over, especially given some great feedback I’ve gotten recently that could make it even stronger. I’ll definitely keep plugging along!

Chapter 9 ( Crimson/Rose):

Shaun Dreclin: Hello there! Welcome to the series and thank you so much for taking the time to write me a comment :) I appreciate everyone who reads, but reviews always give me an extra boost. I’m sorry you got all the way through the series so quickly (up to my latest update, that is) but also HOLY COW REALLY IMPRESSED. And flattered. It’s not often I’m told someone was able to binge-read this mammoth of a fic! I’ve got a pretty good chapter buffer going and am still writing along at a decent clip though, so I’m aiming to increase my update schedule! :)

Galaxeia: It’s so hard to reply to your extremely detailed reviews here without giving away too many spoilers for anyone perusing my profile—I mean, I do post that review replies may contain spoilers right up top, so that should be a fair enough warning, but… just in case! I’ll try to avoid anything outright.

I really, really appreciate your analysis of Gina and Jason’s friendship from ch.11 of Crimson. It was one of the hardest chapters for me to write for many of the reasons you outlined… but I’m actually really happy that Gina’s action (or lack thereof) bugged you. It bugged me too. I try my very best to make sure none of my characters are perfectly able to pick the best choice without fail. They’re all going to choose the easy way out versus the right way at least on occasion, and I worry sometimes I don’t give Gina enough in the way of real character failings. So I’m pleased that her blind spot for Jason—and then reluctance to confront him—comes through.

I’m especially so glad whenever I can make a reader laugh—humor is HARD… I’m actually going to plant my flag and say effective humor is harder to write than a moving, tragic death scene. So when I see I’ve made someone laugh that is a huge relief :D

Janus-Brevett: Hooray! I’m glad POV rotation is working for at least some of you. I know that scared away some of my early readers but perhaps I’ll fix the format and timing a little in a future rewrite :) It’s funny… I used to tally up how many chapters I had assigned to each POV character, then agonize over reasons I could justify assigning my next chapter to someone who hadn’t had a POV chapter in a while… I think some of my earlier chapters show that, with a POV character mostly watching action happen between other people and silently reacting. I have since decided that, no matter what, the POV character of a chapter should be someone who has an immediate stake in the action of that chapter. It does make the numbers shake out a little unevenly, but I try to make up for it in the long run. Hopefully it makes for more dynamic chapters too :) And I know, right!? I can’t think of a ship name either! xD

February 13, 2017 update: I'm alive... just buried with RL stuff. I can't say I'll be writing super often, but I'm emerging from this tunnel I've been stuck in. When February ends I'll have a lot more freetime, at least. Hope you all are keeping well and 2017 is playing nice so far.

March 7, 2017 update: Got back from an amazing, four-day long comic con and am feeling so creatively rejuvenated and inspired. Some days I miss home so powerfully it's hard to master myself, but it's events like these, which I didn't have access to before, that make me so grateful I mustered up the courage to move almost two years ago. So many amazing panels on creative works, literature, the business of writing... so much support and kindness and advice. I'm quite introverted and networking is a type of agony to me, but I feel I did fairly okay reaching out to some people this weekend. Also, Camp NaNo is coming up in April... I won't 50K it, but I do want to crack out at least 25K words of Azure. I've done it before... I can do it again! (Knowing my bloated, monstrous chapters, 25K words is going to be like 4 chapters, lol... DX)

April 22, 2017 update: I've put 17K words into my buffer thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo, but now I'm dealing with tendinitis of the thumb and am in a brace :\ Occupational hazard of drawing and writing so dang much! I've learned how to type at only 10 wpm less with 9 fingers, though! Keeping on keeping on, so long as I don't aggravate and worsen my condition.

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