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I read, I write, I conquer. Or something along those lines.

So I'm the Stin, I guess. First thing's first though. I'm a guy! Anywho, I started up on here just reading the occasional fanfic, when a friend of mine started bugging me about, "Reading, but not giving back to the community." That's what he said, word for word. As a result to get him off my back, I started to work on my fist fanfic, CSI:Maverick Hunter. (in hindsight it's pretty bad, but I don't seem to care enough to remove it) After doing that, I thought to myself, wow, that was pretty fun. In the end, I appreciate the element of Fanfiction where you can take another stories characters, background, and setting, provided you give the original owners credit mind you, and form your own alternate universe, post story add on, or even an annoying intrusive subplot.

Progress Report! So the new story, Spring of Drowned Scientific Principle. That's just a little fun tidbit I posted, or that's all it is at the moment. The idea simply came from looking at the already existing FMA Ranma Crossovers, and coming to the conclusion that bringing any element of the Ranma cast together with the FMA cast can prove extremely sloppy, unless one seriously thinks the idea through and is a talented writer. The two series are nowhere close to compatible, by which I mean they can be put together, but not easily. The tragic seriousness of FMA just doesn't properly meld with the comedic hi jinx of Ranma1/2 without a special writers touch. In that spirit, I decided to simply use an element of the FMA narrative in the Ranma universe. This gives me a lot of wiggle room, should I ever decide to continue the story, and I very well might.

Next we've got the new Ace Attorney story up. It's centered on the fangame Turnabout Substitution. For any members of the fandom who haven't played it, do so. It's incredibly high quality as far as fangames go. Anyhow the game is simply the "fifth"case of Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, and I find myself wishing it was really part of the game. The characters were fair, the music (at least the music that didn't come from Ace Attorney) was a little hit and miss, and the character sprites were flawless for about 80% of the time. In other words it was an amazing game, not because of amazing music and sprites, but because it worked very well as an Ace Attorney narrative. Go check it out. Also I've found that the links I posted on the story to download the game did not follow over from my computer. Curse you . Anyhow, it's pretty simple, just google turnabout substitution download, go to their website, get the game, and then click on the "engine" tab to find a link to the pywright website. ta-dah!

On another note, I was thinking to myself the other night about how I really hate almost all crossover pairings. Granted there are a few exceptions that are very well written, but most crossover pairings I find just seem really forced. I believe in infatuation, but I don't believe in LOVE at first sight. Note I didn't say love, I said, LOVE. I don't think I'll ever use any crossover pairings ever. Anyhow, end rant.

So some stuff about me. I'm a Freshman in college and currently in marching band leading the third trumpet squad. My favorite movie is Spirited Away because it's awesome, and anyone who says otherwise can go sit in the corner. My favorite series of official novels is the Maximum Ride series, but as of late, special mention goes out to Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn. I enjoy any music with lyrics I can understand (screamo, I'm looking at you!) and some J-rock here and there.

If anyone reads this profile though, I have one message. Read The Titans and the Lost Boy by Lathis. Lathis, for anyone who doesn't know, is obviouslly an author on the site, and has an awesome writing style. Not only that, but one of the reasons I love this story is that it's not all sunshine lolipops and rainbows. Bad stuff happens that obviouslly earned some, "Why did you have that happen!" type comments. Well for the record, the reason it happened, is called conflict. It's what makes a good story. Those moments where those comments came, are the ones that make the story so awesome.

Anyhow, more to the point, It's a crossover fic between Teen Titans and Ranma 1/2 that focuses mainly on Ranma's rival Ryouga, and him meeting with the Titans while they're in China stopping the Hive from taking water from Jusenkyo. I won't say anymore but, in my opinion, it is a must read for any Ranma or Teen Titans fan, regardless of weather or not they're farmiliar with both series.

While your at it, Megaman fans should look up Maverick X Files by Ysavvryl. It' s simply a retelling of Megaman X 1-5, with a litlle bit of 6 and 7 in there too, but it's an AU where X was never placed into the capsule for a century, thus causing him to become a delinquint/criminal among reploids, while Zero starts a drugee cult of mavericks. The author was also kind enough to * out curse words, for those of you with more sensitive reading tastes. Once again, If your a Megaman fan, a must read.

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