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NOTE AS OF 12/12/2011: HEY GUYS. So, I'm still not dead. I'm planning on writing a OldRivalshipping Christmas Oneshot, you guys up for it? I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while. I'm kind of in a creative rut. And I'm lazy and it's cold. ANYWHO, I have more important news than the state of my creative juices.


1. Simplicity at its Best -- Lynn Sorcha
2. The Only Exception --TopHatsNPyros
3. Enchanted -- Demigodwitch96
4. Lockin' Down the Industry -- xotennisloverxo
5. Love Tips -- Waveripple of Team Sunshine


Hello, All! It's me, Malibu! Actually, my real name isn't Malibu, but it's what all my friends call me!!!!

Name: Malibu Barbie California

Alright, lovelies. I am proposing a contest! This contest is for anyone who can write an Ikarishipping Summer oneshot, in the spirit of summer! The main couple must be of course, Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul), but you may have any other minor couples (such as Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, Oldrivalshipping, Hoennshipping, Advanceshipping, ect.). For our main couple romance, it’s free game! You can write about make-ups, break-ups, crushes, love triangles, ANYTHING. I and certain others on the site (MALIBU'S NOTE: HEY LOOK THAT'S ME! I'M ONE OF THE JUDGES!), shall be judging. The contest starts today and ends August 13th! That give about two and a half months. If you want to enter, PM me with the name of your oneshot or just leave a review on my oneshot, Masquerade with your oneshot name! In preparation, I wrote a story, Masquerade, just to get everyone in the spirit. So enjoy this oneshot! And Happy Writing - SG (YES, I DID COPY AND PASTE THIS FROM SURFERGURL'S PROFILE, in case you were wondering)


PM me if you get the chance! I love talking to people! Especially you! Yes, you! *Points at Person reading profile* PM me! I want to talk to you!

FRIENDS: Are only through high school/college.

BEST FRIENDS: Are for life.

Transfomed Love: Pokemon. Leaf Green is the new girl at school. She wants in badly with the popular group of Misty, Ash, Dawn, Paul, May, Drew, and Gary. But there are some secrets about this group that can't be shared with 'outsiders' like Leaf. Inspired by Fruits Basket. Oldrivalshipping! Contestshipping! Ikarishipping! Pokeshipping!

Leaf Green is the new girl at school. After her mother's death, she went to go live with her Grandfather in Lilycove, in Hoenn. But his house burned down. Just her luck, right? So, for the time being, Leaf is stuck in a tent in the woods, living like a homeless person while her grandfather tries to scrap up the money to pay for her private school, Lilycove Prep. But, the good thing is there's the strange, exlcusive clique of Misty, Ash, Dawn, Paul, May, Drew, and Gary that Leaf can't help but want to belong to. But there are some secrets in that special group that outsiders shouldn't know... (Oldrivalshipping, Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, and Ikarishipping!)

Pokemon! Chapter Six Up!

Maidens of the Realms: Dawn, May, Leaf, and Misty are priestesses.They have a duty to protect humans, and each other, from Demons.Then there's: Paul, Drew, Gary, and Ash are demons.They areintent on eating the four girls and gaining their power. Not if the girls kill them first, right?

Dawn, May, Leaf, and Misty are priestess. They have been given the task of protecting the ignorant humans from the claws - and stomachs - of demons. But it's not easy being a Priestess. First off, if a demon manages to eat a priestess, they gain more strenght than can even be imagined. So, demons have been out on the hunt for these girls since their sixteenth birthdays. And then there's: Paul, Drew, Gary, and Ash are demons. They are intent on eating the four girls and gaining their power. Not if the girls kill them first, right? It's a battle of love and lust and a few minor deaths along the way... (Ikarishipping, Contestshipping, Oldrivalshipping, Pokeshipping)

Pokemon! Chapter Eight Up! Two More Chapters!

The Five Rules of Being Psychic: Pokemon. Inspired by What Boys Want by Sufergirl14. (You gotta love her). Four girls with unspeakable powers. Four boys whose minds they couldn't read. Five Rules to live by. One list. Love will keep them apart, but it will also bring them together. Contestshipping! Ikarishipping! Oldrivalshipping! Pokeshipping!


"You know, this whole rules thing has gotten me thinking." Leaf said, mulling over her own sheet of paper. "Maybe we should write our own set of rules?"

"For what, friendship or something?" Misty said, a bit sarcastically.

"No, for Psychics." Leaf chose to ignore Misty's sarcasim.

"Oh!" Dawn said, clapping her hands in excitment, "Like Rules to live by, or something!"

"The Five Rules of Being Psychic." May called from the couch. "We could call it The Five Rules of Being Psychic."

Dawn, Leaf, Misty, and May have been excepted to the school of the exceptionally gifted. Not just for their kick-butt talents, but for their powers too. While the other students don't know it, Misty, May, Leaf, and Dawn are psychics. They can all read minds of boys, with a little bit of extra powers on the side. They've never met anyone who can trump their powers, until they enter Beneficium Academy. Where four boys lie in wait to send these girls on a roller-coster ride of lust, broken hearts, and true love.

EPILOGUE UP! Complete!

The Middle of Nowhere - Oneshot! As May is always late, she ends up stuck in the car with Drew on their way to Dawn's lake house. But sometimes the open road and the fresh highway air can lead to the start of a romance. And getting stuck in the middle of nowhere helps too.


Picture This - Ikarishipping! Oneshot. Dawn's still not over Paul, even though they broke up three years ago. Now, he's back in her life. And she has to face whether or not she still has feelings for the boy who broke her heart.


Secret Santa - OldRivalShipping! Oneshot! Christmas-Themed! Leaf's Christmas is about to be turned around by an unexpected Secret Santa from a certain someone!



1. Gypsy: Pokemon. It was an unlikely group, the Princess, the maid, and the gypsy. But somehow, it worked. Somehow, they found love. Contestshipping! Oldrivalshipping! Ikarishipping!

May, the gypsy, has been on the road for a long, long time. When she takes the runaway princess, Dawn, and her lady’s maid, Leaf, under her arm, she has no idea what she’s in for.

Drew, the infamous gypsy hunter and Captian of the royal guard, is sentenced to find the Princess, and ultimately May, and bring them both back to kill May for kidnapping the princess. He brings along Dawn’s fiancé, and the reason she ran away, Paul, and his best apprentice, Gary. Suddenly, the girls find themselves having to beat the odds to get away from their fears. May's fear of being killed, Dawn's of being controlled, and Leaf's of falling in love...

Many things can happen on a long forsaken trail. Even a change of heart.

2. Long Live: Pokemon. AU! Long Live the Kings. Long Live the Queens. Determined to rule the Kingdom of High School, the girls set out win the hearts of the Kings and deal with whatever comes around. Love, Lust, Betrayal, Rebellion, Friendship, Lies, Trust, Darkness, and Triumph are just part of the journey. Long Live. Contestshipping! Oldrivalshipping! Pokeshipping! Ikarishipping!

Former Queen Dawn is coming back to Camelot Academy, ready to dominate. She’s got a band of Queens to help her retake her thrown. But regaining her throne might be harder than it seems. Four new Queens have taken their place, and the only real way to the throne – the Kings. But the girls are determined to take back the crowns. Deceit, lies, backstabbing, feuds, friendship, rebellion, relationships and love are sure to follow. Long Live.

~We were the kings and the queens. It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age. Long live the walls we crashed through. How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you. One day…we will be remembered.~

3. Once Upon a Time...: Pokemon. Four Kingdoms. Four different fairy tales. Love, betrayal, hatred, corruption, damsels in distress, and knights in shining armor form and falter. The Happy Ending looks very far away... Contestshipping! Ikarishipping! Oldrivalshipping! Pokeshipping!

May has known that she would have to marry Drew Hayden from the day she was born. Even though Drew already has the love of his life, by the contract signed by their parents on the day of May’s birth, he will have to leave her (Brianna) for May. Now May lives with a future husband who has sworn never to love her, not a friend in the world, and a devious knight determined to have her. Hoenn Kingdom

Dawn, silly, foolish Dawn, locked away in a tower like the stereotypical princess, is sick of waiting for her prince. Climbing out, Dawn finds the world is a much different place than she remembered. Her parents are dead; her village in ruins, and now, a cold-hearted king has the throne. Sinnoh Kingdom

Commoner Leaf, chosen off the streets by King Gary himself, has been pulled into the topsy-turvy world of the royalty. Gary, a known player, must have expected Leaf to be like his other wives (nineteen and counting), used and then thrown away. But Leaf is nothing like that. And soon enough,Gary’s heart has been stolen by this simple, beautiful commoner. The Kingdom of the Orange Islands

Princess Misty didn’t expect to fall in love with silly, goofy, childhood friend Ash. But she did. Though she knows he isn’t right for the throne, she can’t help but love him. She can’t marry him, though, for the good of her people. But when Ash leaves her to marry the wrong girl, Misty has to choose love or her kingdom. Kanto Kingdom

4. Winning The Stolen Heart: Pokemon. Popularity is key to winning in any facility. To rule the school, one must have a reputation. But reputations can be ruined. Scandals, backstabbers, and catfights all ensue when popularity is on the line. But so does love. And love never fails...right? Ikarishipping! Oldrivalshipping! Pokeshipping! Contestshipping!

Popularity is key to winning at Sunyshore Academy. Dawn, Leaf, Misty, and May know that all too well. Dawn is the campus’s most popular cheerleader. Leaf is the girl who always has a scandal following her around. Misty is perfect and everyone knows it. And May is always in a relationship, but never settles down. Reputations are everything. But reputations are made to be broken.

5. Sticks and Stones: Pokemon. Sometimes hurt keeps love away. Sometimes the flaws in us can ruin our lives. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words, words can always hurt you.

Each girl has her own problems, her own story, her own way of finding love.

-Leaf has been hurt by too many guys to fall for Gary, as hard as he tries

-Misty’s need to keep people out drives away Ash, her best friend

-Dawn’s depressed mother’s crushed outlook on life drives her to be scared of everyone, and everything

-May’s need to impress everyone stops her from being herself, and letting anyone know the true her.

Bruises from sticks and stones hide the hurt underneath the skin

6. A Thousand Ways to Die: Leaf, May, Misty, and Dawn are dead. Tragic, young deaths brought them to the place of In-Between. In-Between is a state of being between Beyond and Under, where ghosts can wander in-between the human world and the ghost world. But even in the afterlife, you can find love.

DAWN – Death has a strange affliction for Dawn. Her death calling to him more than murdered souls usually do, causing him to feel things he hasn’t felt in centuries. Paul, Death’s real name, can’t help but want to know more about the strange, quiet, yet preppy and sweet girl he picked up off the streets. Yet, she doesn’t want anything to do with Death. Either one, for that matter.

MAY- is perfectly happy in In-Between. She doesn’t want out. She doesn’t want any mediators to send her to Beyond. That’s why when Drew Hayden – the most persistent mediator she’s ever met – insists on settling her conflicted soul and sending her to Beyond, May doesn’t take very well to that. And yet somehow she falls for him. And the break in their two worlds might keep them apart…or will it bring them together?

MISTY – is totally, utterly bored with life in In-Between. Wants to move on. Ash, gate keeper and Fifth Judge of the Nine Final Judges, won’t let her through to Beyond. And it’s NOT just because she’s an unsettled soul…

LEAF - finds herself being stalked by another Final Judge. This one, despite his status and power, mostly known for letting pretty girls pass Judgment just so he can be with them – for two days. Leaf is afraid she’s one of THOSE girls.

7. Season Of Love: Pokemon. It's Prom Season! With couples getting together left and right, four girls worry about dresses and hair and, most importantly, dates! Prom, the biggest dance of their lives, is on everyone's minds. And there's the big question: Who are you going with? Ikarishipping! Oldrivalshipping! Pokeshipping! Contestshipping!

COUPLE ONE - Dawn/Paul

DAWN - number one candidate for Prom Queen AND head of the Prom Committee, does not have a date for Prom. What she does have is a long, grueling process of setting up the dance and NO ONE to do it with.

PAUL - has gotten into one too many fights in the schoolyard. To do his 'community service' the principle puts him on Prom Committe with Dawn. The two, being rivals, have nothing in common. But tensions and passions will fly.

COUPLE TWO - Leaf/Gary

LEAF - wants to go to the Prom with her boyfriend, JP, but stupid, irresistable Gary keeps getting in the way.

GARY - has too many dats for Prom, except the one girl he actually wants to go with. What's a player to do?


MISTY - wants to go with Ash, her best friend since forever, but she can't seem to get him to ask her, no matter how many clues she drops

ASH - doesn't know if the hints Misty has been giving off are in his head or real. He's not sure if he should risk their friendship or his heart


MAY - hates Drew Hayden. Then she loves him. Now she's not sure. She KNOWS she hates Brianna, Drew's girlfriend, but she's not sure if that's the REAL reason she wants them broken up

DREW - loves Brianna. He thinks. Sure, Brianna's bossy and annoying and loud and not that pretty, but he loves her. Then why does he have feelings for the even more annoying (but much prettier) May?

Prom. The Season of Love. Who are you going with?


Tranformed Love - Chapter Seven

Drew’s bruise caused a huge commotion in the house. Or, at least, it caused a commotion in me. I was on him right away, giving him some ice and making sure not to badger him about where he got it.

No one else seemed to pay much attention. Except for May, I noticed, who lurked in the shadows, watching me treat Drew.

Drew didn’t say anything, either. Which worried me even more. When I finally gathered up the nerve to ask him where he got it, he shrugged me off, saying he felt better and was going to rest.

I looked desperately to May for answers, but May – unusually quite and almost…depressed – didn’t say anything. She crossed her arms over her chest like she was holding herself together and walked out of the room.

I was left with more questions than answers.

Maidens of the Realms - Chapter Nine



“She’s gone! Just like that! What kind a guard do you have set up that it is so easy for a sixteen year old girl and her lady’s maid to escape?” The King yelled at a green haired boy in the throne room. The boy knelt before the red-faced king and the weeping queen, who looked too frail and weak from the disappearance of her daughter to even get out of bed, with his head bowed low.

“I am sorry, your Majesty. I don’t know what happened; my guards are all the best around.”

“Then we must not have very good guards, do we? If my sixteen year old daughter and her lady’s maid can escape so easily, without a singe person noticing them.”

“There have been rumors, sir.”

“Rumors? Of what?”

“Rumors, your majesty, that your daughter did not, in fact, run away, but was kidnapped by a…by a…”

“By a what, boy, spit it out!” The king’s red face grew even redder while he waited in agitation for the Captain of his guards to deliver some more bad news.

“There have been rumors that your daughter was kidnapped by a gypsy.”

The Throne Room, always so lively and busy, whether it was filled with court jesters or weeping queens, feel utterly and awkwardly silent.

Captain Drew looked up from his kneeling position. Every person in the Throne Room stared at him, even the queen stopped weeping long enough to get a good look at him through her swollen red eyes.

It was like he had committed treason, and was confessing to it right there on the spot. Only he hadn’t. He was just stating the rumors!

“Do you…Captain Drew, do you think that this might be true?” The king’s face was a little less red. He spoke in a soft voice, which was very odd for the king, particularly this King.

“I…have my suspicions.”

He might as well have said they had found the gypsy skipping down the halls of the castle, dragging their daughter’s dead body. The queen burst back into tears, the king’s face grew very red, and all the other members of the court started worriedly chatting amongst themselves.

“That’s enough!” The king bellowed. He turned to Drew, his breath coming out in angry huffs, “Take Paul, take your best men, and go. Go find this gypsy and kill her. Find my daughter, find her lady’s maid, bring them back here and kill…every…gypsy you meet along the way. I WANT THIS NATION RID OF GYPSIES, do you UNDERSTAND ME?”

“Yes sir.”

“And if you don’t come back with a gypsy body to burn, I don’t care if she’s already dead – even though I would prefer you drag her back kicking and screaming – I will banish you from the Sinnoh region, ARE WE CLEAR?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Good, then, Captain Drew, please…” The king’s soft voice returned, “Please bring back my daughter. Please.”

Captain Drew Hayden of the Royal Guard gave his word.

Long Live

Is that Dawn Berlitz? The rumors soared. It was a juicy topic. Former Queen Dawn Berlitz, returned to take back her rightful crown and spot on the throne.

That’s definitely Dawn Berlitz. What’s she doing back here?

Some said she was going to get revenge on the one who had ruined her reputation. Some said that Dawn was just back to be back, to coast along in silence and focus on her grades. And some say that she was back to prove that Dawn Berlitz could not be stopped.

Whoever spread the third option would have been right.

Dawn wasn’t just looking to take down whoever had taken her place. She was looking to prove herself.

But she couldn’t do it alone.

To show Camelot she was back, Dawn had to occupy all four Queen spots with a court she hand-picked.

When Dawn had met Misty, May, and Leaf, Dawn knew she had found her court. And her best friends. They grounded her when she got too flighty and bubbly and crazy. The made her laugh. They held her when she cried. They were probably the best people Dawn had ever met. That's why they were perfect to occupy the throne alongside her.

That’s when they spotted them.

The Kings.

It was May, actually, who spotted them. They walked in a pack, like Kings should. It was obvious they were Kings. When they walked past, all the girls on campus stopped to stare.

They were hot. That was a fact.

“Look, guys.” May pointed subtly, “The Kings.”

“And the Queens.” Dawn sneered.

A girl with bright peach-pink hair curled down to her shoulders latched herself onto the arm of the purple-haired boy, who Dawn instantly recognized as Paul Shinji.

She hated Paul Shinji.

Dawn hated the peach-pink haired girl, Ursula, too. She was the one who stole Dawn’s crown.

“Who are they?” Leaf inquired, brushing her hair behind her ear in a flirty manner. She was referring to the boys, Dawn decided.

“The green haired one is Drew Hayden.” Dawn explained, “Cocky, arrogant, egotistical, and a total heartthrob. That basically sums up the character of Drew. He loves to argue. The Raven haired one is Ash Ketchum. He’s dense as hell, but the sweetest thing. Always happy. Always thinking about food. That’s Ash.”

Misty’s jaw dropped. I know him. She thought. But she couldn’t know him…Misty stared at his face, trying to concentrate.

“The auburn haired one is Gary Oak. He’s a real player. Womanizer. Jerk. He’s really charming, though. He’ll sway you, I swear. Watch out for him. Date, Dump, Repeat. That’s Gary. And the last one,” Dawn sucked in a deep breath, “The last one is Paul Shinji. Cold. Calculating. You’ll never get a straight feeling out of him. He hates everything and everyone.”

“Not her.” Misty said, watching as the pink-peach haired girl – Ursula – stuck her tongue down his throat.

“That’s Ursula.” Dawn sneered, “Current Queen. She’s the one who stole my crown.”

“Who are the other girls?” Leaf watched the other three girls trying to latch onto the boys as Ursula had to Paul.

“The one hanging over Ash? That’s Melody. She’s nice enough, I guess. But she’s in love with Ash and has sworn to do everything in her power to get him by the end of junior year. That would be this year, I guess.” Dawn glanced over at Misty, who wore a face of distaste. “The redhead is Brianna. She’s dating Drew Hayden, but everyone’s sure they’re not going to last. I’m surprised they lasted this long. She’s really annoying. Kind of a cow. And the last one, the one talking to Gary, that’s his current girlfriend Macy. She’s really overprotective. I’m sure they won’t last long. Because Gary gets around. Date. Dump. Repeat. She’ll be gone soon enough.”

Dawn assessed the current Queens.

They weren’t Queens because they had the power. They were Queens because they had the Kings.

Kind of. Dawn giggled as Melody tried to catch flighty Ash’s attention – for the third time that conversation – Dawn wondered why she bothered.

None of them were worth it.

“Come on,” Dawn turned her back on the Kings and Queens, “Let’s go to our dorm. They disgust me.”

Once Upon A Time...

The Kingdom of the Orange Islands

He had to find a new wife, though. Now that the old one had turned useless. She wanted to talk about feelings and have him buy her presents and she thought she could change him.

It was a wonder how men stayed married with girls like that for more than a few weeks.

Suddenly a scream came from underneath him. His horse jolted back before he could stop him. Steadying his horse while holding back the rest of the parade,Garylooked down to see what had caused the chaos.

A small, beautiful peasant girl looked up at him with aged, yet sweet green eyes.

Gary knew he had found his next bride.

The Sinnoh Kingdom – Somewhere in the forest

Dear Diary,

Today is the day. It’s been sixteen years and I am finally getting out of this stupid tower.

I’m serious.

Today’s the day.

I’m doing it.

I swear.

I really am.

The Hoenn Kingdom

May was very afraid.

“I’ll never love her.” She remembered him yelling. “Never!”

His words had hurt, but it wasn’t her fault her had fallen in love with some other girl. She knew if she was going to marry him she was going to have to deal with him having a mistress. May sighed. Her carriage hit a bump in the road that sent her flying across the seat. She hit her head on the window corner.

“Ow!” She yelped, rushing her hand to her head. The perfect start to the perfect day.

The Kanto Kingdom

She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t live without him. She needed him. Forget her sisters. Forget everything, everyone.

Just him.

Just her.

And she had to stop him

Winning the Stolen Heart

Excerpt From The Sunyshore Gazette: Campus News

Dawn Berlitz, head of the social scene, has broken yet another boy’s heart. She and Lucas Evans just broke up after two years of a strong, steady relationship. Evans, when questioned, refused to comment on the horrible breakup. He must be hurting. Poor guy. But, for all you single fellas who want a change at Campus’ favorite sweetheart, there’s a party at Melody Lofgren’s that Berlitz is sure to show up at…

Sticks and Stones


A Thousand Ways to Die

There are a thousand ways a person can dieWe just have the pleasure of knowing them all. Everyone who passes through In-Between has a different story. A different tragedy. A different death. There are more than a thousand ways to die, actually.

There are…millions.


Possibly trillions.

A thousand ways to die, and we, the long-time residents of In-Between, get to hear them all.

Season of Love:

“This fighting can’t go on. You need to do some community service.” I heard the principal say. I sighed. This was going to be a while. Paul’s fighting…it’d been going on for weeks now. The only reason no one thought to punish him was because he scared the living hell out of everyone he knew.

“You could just throw me in jail like the other schools would.” Paul’s tone was cold and detached. It was like he didn’t care, which somehow made his tone scarier.

“No. no…” Principal Alan rubbed his forehead. “We don’t encourage that kind of need some kind of…community service.” Ms. Joy pressed the button for the intercom to tell him that I was here.

“Principal Alan? Dawn Berlitz is here about Prom Committee!” She said all to perkily.

I peered in the window again.

The look I saw on Principal Alan’s face was not a good look.

“Community service?” Paul was asking, “I’d rather go to jail, please.” I’m sure he didn’t like the look on Principal Alan’s face, either.

“That’s it! You’ll be on Prom Committee!” Principal Alan slapped his desk. He pressed his intercom button. “Send in Miss Berlitz!”

Nurse Joy turned to me, “You can go in, now.”

Horror-stricken, I pushed open the door. “Yes, Principal Alan?” I asked, taking the seat next to Paul.

He sent me a death glare. I tried to smile sweetly back at him, but my smile was shaky.

“Paul Shinji will now be joining your prom committee! Take him under your wing, let him help you.”

“Principal Alan, are you sure about that? I mean…” I glanced at Paul, “He doesn’t really seem like the helping type…”

“Well, he is now! He’s a strong guy; make him do some heavy lifting or something. It’s for his community service. Alright, Dawn?”

“Yes, sir.” I ducked my head. Before leaving, I turned to Paul, “Prom Committee meets after school every day except Fridays at three fifteen. Don’t be late.”

Paul didn’t even seem to acknowledge me.

I closed my eyes and walked out. Prom Committee just got a lot more interesting.

“Leaf, do you think, maybe, you’d…wanna –“ JP had the whole thing down. He was on one knee, he had a single red rose. He looked all cute and sweet and adorable and I was so ready to say yes whenGarybumped into me.

“Hey Leaf.” He smirked, as if trying to win me over with his looks. “What’s going on?”

“Go away,Gary. JP? You wanted to ask me something?” Leaf tried to block Gary out with her body, angling herself so she couldn't see him. Only JP

“Yeah, do you?” Gary intrigued over her shoulder. His breath was hot on her neck.

When JP didn't respond, Gary took action. “Leaf,”Gary grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around, “How about Prom? Are you going with anyone?” He kept his arm over my shoulders and started walking me as if I were a dog.

“Yes. Actually, I am. My BOYFRIEND is going to ask me.”

Going to, but he hasn’t yet.”

“He was.” I stepped out of Gary’s grasp, “Until you so rudely interrupted him.”

“I did? Gosh, I’m so sorry.”

“Gary.” I stopped him, “You’ve got tons of girls who would kill to be your date to the prom. Tons. Any girl in this school would kill their best friend to go to Prom with you. Why in the world do you want me? Is it just because of the chase? Then once you have me you won’t want me? Give it up, Gary. I’ve got the sweetest boyfriend and I’m GOING TO PROM WITH HIM. Not you. So, do yourself and favor, and get over me.” The bell rang, and I left Gary alone in the halls.

I scooted closer to Ash on my chair. Smiled flirtatiously. Flipped my hair a lot. Giggled at his jokes. Batted my eyes a lot. I did everything that could possibly say ‘I like you’ with so much vigor, anyone ELSE would have figured out I liked them by now. Not Ash. Not my stupid, dense, oblivious best friend I’d known since I was seven. Who knows when I fell in love with him, but I’d wanted to go to a dance with him since the seventh grade.

Prom has to be that dance.

But it’s like he’s oblivious to everything I do. No matter how flirty I get, it goes right over his head.

Sometimes I think I should ask him, but then he might think we’re going as friends.

We are not going as friends.

Not this time.

I was not staring enviously as Drew and Brianna made out at lunch. That’s not what happened. I was simply looking in their direction. And I thought it might be okay to point out the two being inconsiderate and sucking face while everyone else – ahem, me – was trying to eat lunch.

I don’t like Drew like that. We don’t even like each other as friends. Or acquaintances. Or amigos. Or pals. Honestly, we can’t stand each other. The only reason we put up with each other is because we’re both the only talented people in Drama, leaving us to pick up everyone else’s slack. I just don’t think Brianna’s right for Drew. The girl’s a cow.






So many words come to mind that I could use to describe Brianna, but let’s just leave it at ‘I don’t like her’.

But it’s not because she has Drew! I don’t like Drew! I swear!

~If I could put my life to a soundtrack, the artist would be Taylor Swift~

Love Forever and Always,

Malibu :D

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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 43,952 - Reviews: 95 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 52 - Updated: 7/13/2014 - Published: 7/20/2010 - [Dawn/Hikari, Paul/Shinji] - Complete
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