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Poll: Please pick the name you like best for each 3rd-year listed below. More than one person/nation is listed, so pick at least one name for each person/nation. PM to give names not listed or post it in forum/roster Vote Now!
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Author has written 8 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Glee.

Above you will see a poll for a list of names for 3rd-year students (seniors in high school) at Hetalia World Academy, which is the location for my upcoming Gakuen Hetalia AU/Gender-bend fic . Please take a moment to help me pick some human names for some of the countries not fortunate to have Himaruya give them a name?

I'd also love your help in selecting Student Council members (you can role-play too _) and names for Teachers/Alumni, and other grade levels. Please check out my Hetalia World Academy Forum to vote on polls, role play, give the characters more personality quirks or background information, etc. It's success depends on you. The poll above will be switched every couple of weeks, for the next few months. You can choose to vote here or go to the forum and vote for all of the pools and to get more detail about the fic and have some fun RPing.

I'm located in the good ol' United States of Awesome . . . I mean, Alfred . . . I mean, America!

I have graduated with a BA in English (creative writing emphasis), communications minor. History enthusiast. I currently teach Freshman English 101 as an adjunct professor at a university while working towards a Master's degree (ohh the student debt . . . =_=). I also do freelance editing (although I'd rather be writing than editing someone else's work).

Started out really having issue with Hetalia mostly b/c original creator's facts aren't 100% accurate, and the series either minimizes or doesn't even touch on all the horrible things that happened during WWII (I also dislike yaoi-related association to the series; sorry fangirls and fanboys, you can love what you love, but I just don't like yaoi and yuri or any forms of it--shonen-ai and shojo-ai included). However, I changed to liking Hetalia when I saw kids getting just as excited about history as I am. In a deep love affair with shojo manga/anime, but starting to branch out to shonen.

My very first "published" fanfic is not the first I've written, just the first that I've bothered to actually type up. I hope you all like it :) I hope to eventually get them all typed up, even if my stories never get faved or popular. It's good practice to inspire me to finish my original work of fiction and get it published. -_-; (anyone ever hear of a fear of success?)

First manga owned: Marmalade Boy; First anime owned: Fruits Basket

I remember when you had to go to comic or used book stores to find any anime or manga (now you can hardly find them there). I always hoped the United States would get to the same level as Japan ($5 per manga!), but perhaps the economic downturn came at the right time...I'm running out of wall space.

(BTW the avatar is not my original fanart; it belongs to someone else, but now I can't remember who. If it's yours, please forgive me for cutting it up & using part of it? I'll give you full credit if you let me keep it? I'll even send them to your deviantart or photobucket page).

If you'd like to see these stories on deviantart (I'm going to try to commission some covers for each chapter), just search for PoisonousTiger on deviantart

If you like my stories, I'm positive you'll love the fanart that some of my best friends on deviantart have made of them. UPDATE 09/08/16: gavorche-san and I are collaborating on a beautiful full-color manga/comic of "Sunshine and Rain". I'm thrilled both to work with such an amazing artist and with the results of that collaboration so far--She's completed the first two chapters! If you'd like to read the comic, go to my deviantart account found at poisonoustiger deviantartcom and check my favorites (or my latest journals). You'll find a favorite folder specifically for the comic. Or you can search for gavorche-san in deviantart. Either of our names paired with deviantart will give you links to our accounts.

and--warning: the following fanarts are spoilerific! If you haven't read Ch. 16 & 17 of "Sunshine and Rain" and Ch. 10 of "October Fool's Day", then you might want to before you look at the next fanarts from Silverwing 100 (just look in my favorites collection labeled "Fanart of my stories and Prizes" or go to Silverwing100 on deviantart and check them out by going to her Gallery"Heterotalia"HeteroUSUK. She also made the cover for my "Beachy Keen" story. Just look in the same gallery folder for the artwork by the same name.

Finally, you must check out zehkiwi's reactions to my stories. They are adorable. She did one in response to Ch. 17. zehkiwi also made a sketch inspired by "Beachy Keen." which is on the 2nd page of her "Scraps" (it's all rainbowy). I think that Rosa looks adorable and Al looks great in this pic. Now there are other fanarts made but these ones are my favorites; I hope you'll like them too.

Though I'm positive you've all seen this one before in "Dark Hetalia" AMVs, but I am going to make a collection of all the images/fanarts I had in mind when I wrote certain chapters. I'll have it in my Gallery titled "Images that Inspired my writing" There will be images for Ch. 8 of "Sunshine & Rain" and Ch. 8 & 9 of "October Fool's Day", (I described {briefly} costumes that the characters are wearing these are Himaruya sensei's Halloween costumes that those descriptions are based on). And there will also be England's Pirate costume, and a composite of England's Police Uniform *drools* I love police uniforms! X3 (I know I could have used Himaruya's police sketch, but these ones were so much fun, I couldn't help myself).

Also for Ch. 9, I have compiled a play-list of the songs sung by the nations for karaoke on my youtube channel . Just search for thepoisonoustiger74 and then check out my "October Fool's Day Karaoke Song List" or just search for "October Fool's Day Karaoke Song List"...I've tried it on a few search engines and it only comes up as the first link when it's a google search.

BTW don't let the word count in my stories intimidate you. I've been told they are a quick read (it's mostly dialog anyway).

Finally, I'd like to dedicate a song to all the trolls and haters out there who like to write scathing and hateful criticisms (not critiques) about my writing: Just search for Sara Bareilles's Vevo channel and listen to her "King of Anything" Don't take it personally, people (I don't). And to all of you out there who've been hurt by what some troll or hater said, I highly recommend listening to this song. It'll make you feel so much better.

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Rosa has been feeling insecure lately about her relationship with Alfred. He's too handsome and charismatic, and she feels average and ordinary by comparison. What she doesn't know is how much higher he thinks she really is than him, so he has to show her...quite literally. Be prepared for tons of fluff and squee! USXfem!UK aka Nyotalia!UK. Rated T b/c of dating just in case .
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"Please come to my 235th birthday? It would mean the world to me, Arthur." That line was all it took, but he didn't want his former charge to know that. "I could use a vacation...but you're paying for it, & I'm only going b/c I have nothing else to do."
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,340 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/3/2011 - England/Britain, America - Complete
Boundaries reviews
Boundaries are there for a reason. They keep us from hurting others, from getting into trouble, from others hurting us, or from hurting ourselves...from feeling things we shouldn't...Yes...That's what boundaries are for. That's why we use them for everything. Will & Quinn both know that, but...
Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,979 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Published: 1/29/2011 - Will S., Quinn F. - Complete
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