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Author has written 12 stories for Harry Potter, Leviathan series, Hunger Games, Indiana Jones, Azumanga Daioh, Yotsuba&!/よつばと!, and Downton Abbey.

1 Luna invites Hermione and Alek to dinner at their own house. What happens?

Hermione awkwardly acts friendly and half-heartedly compliments Luna's cooking. Alek pretends he can't speak English, so Hermione keeps kicking him under the table. Luna is just weird.

2 You need to stay at a friend's house for a night. Whose house, Ron's or Hanajima's?

Hana, because we could drink tea, read Tarot, and act quietly superior together.

3 Harry and Deryn are kissing when Uo walks in. Uo's reaction?


"I am sooo telling Ginny. By the way, if you friggin' think about touching my friend again, I'll castrate you."

4 Hermione falls in love with Hanajima. Alek is jealous. What happens?

He kind of has a crush on Hermione, cuz' they're kindred spirits. Also, he's from the 1900's, so he's really scandalized about the whole lesbian thing.

5 Luna jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who rescues you, Harry, Uo, or Deryn?

Well, Harry would get all wishy-washy about jinxing Luna, and Deryn would just laugh her head off. I bet Uo would like, tackle her and put her in a headlock."You're dead, bitch!"

6 Ron decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later, what happens?

"'MIONE? HELP! The kitchen is burning! Aargh! Oh, hell!"

7 Hermione has to marry either Hana, Luna, or Dr. Barlow. Who does she choose?

Well, based on question four, she has a bit of a thing for Hana...

8 Deryn kidnaps Harry and demands something from Tohru for Harry's release. What is it?


9 Everyone gangs up on Hermione. Does she stand a chance?

Of course.

10 Everyone is invited to Harry and Deryn's wedding except for Alek. How does he react?

He cries quite a bit, he liked Deryn even more than he liked Hermione.

11 Why is Hana afraid of Deryn?

She's worried that her powers will creep her out.

12 Dr. Barlow arrives too late for Harry and Deryn's wedding. What happens and why was she late?

"I think the wording on the invitation was at fault, not me. The directions were completely wrong."

"Actually, we didn't want you to come."

13 Dr.Barlow murders Ron. What does Harry do to get back?

Gives Tazza to Hagrid, who lets her roam free like the beautiful wild creature of God that she is. Also, he feeds her voles.

14 Hana and Ron are in mortal danger. Does she save him or herself?

Him. She despises herself a little ever since she cursed that guy.

15 Alek and Hermione go camping. But they forget food. What do they do?

"If I shoot an animal, can you cook it for us?"

"What, because I'm a magical woman?"

"No. Just because you're a woman."


16 Tohru is in a car accident and is critically injured. What does Dr.Barlow do?

Tears up and does everything she can to help. It's been a while since she's been around a saint like Tohru. She's gotten kinda used to yelling at people.

17 The quiz is over. By the way, how did Harry and Deryn end up?

Uo talks Deryn into a divorce, and Deryn talks Uo out of castrating Harry.

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