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Introduction: Hi, my name is Becky. I've been reading on this site for quite a while (around a year and a half or more) and I finally got off my lazy ass and made an account so I can make stories as well. I may not be a very good writer right now, but as they say, practice makes perfect. I hope you guy enjoy the stories I make and I also hope to meet some really cool people on this site. :)

Likes and Dislikes: As you can tell from my name, my favorite color is red and my favorite number is seven. I like to eat watermelon, sushi, rice, and chicken soup. My favorite sport to play is volleyball. My favorite sport to watch is football or soccer. I like to draw a little bit of anime here and there. I love to read and of course, write. I dislike eating ketchup (sorry ketchup lovers) and cooked broccoli.

Manga/Anime: I've been into anime and manga since I was very young. My favorite anime right now is Naruto. I used to watch the show a lot when I was younger and then I really went into it around two or three years ago. My favorite thing about the show would be the characters. My second favorite anime is Bleach. I love the whole Soul Society and Death God concept and Gotei 13 rocks my socks. Then would go FullMetal Alchemist. The most amazing action manga. Not to mention all the sci-fi stuff with alchemy is cool. XD Then there go the romance manga like G.E-Good Ending and Kaicho wa Maid-Sama.

Favorite Pairings:


SasuHina - I know this pairing will probably head no where in the manga but when it comes to reading it, I absolutely love it. This pairing is my favorite to read and write about because their personalities mesh really well if you know how to write it. Opposites really do attract when it comes to these two.

NaruHina - This is my favorite pairing in the manga and anime. I'm really Hinata-centric so I want Hinata to have her happily-ever-after with Naruto. I root for this pairing all the time. On F.F net though, this pairing isn't that fun to read about unless it's really good.

SasuNaru - I'm not really big on Yaoi. I kind of find it gross sometimes but this pairing makes so much sense (next to NaruHina) in the manga. I find it to be a really raw and powerful pairing.

ShikaTem/ShikaIno - I like both pairings and I think either girl would make Shikamaru happy.

(I like pairing Hinata with a lot of people so any pairing with Hinata is awesome in my opinion)


IchiRuki - What can I say? This is my favorite pairing in the show and I absolutely love the way they communicate with each other and how well they can understand each other. This pairing is badass!

KaiRuki - This never happened but I always liked to think that Kaien had a soft spot for Rukia.

UlquiHime - This pairing is amazing. Hueco Mundo Arc. 'Nuff said.

IshiHime - I loved this pairing ever since they did the Soul Society Arc. During the time everyone was split, Ishida and Orihime totally connected and I just think it's cute for the beauty to fall in love with the geek. XP

GinxRangiku -Gin and Rangiku are really strange combination, yet they mix so well.

FullMetal Alchemist:

RoyAi - This was the only pairing I really liked in the manga. Roy and Riza were meant for each other! This pairing always makes me feel butterflies in my tummy. :P

Pairings I Would Read as a Side Pairing:

NaruSaku - I don't like this pairing in the manga. When I read it, I find it okay but I would still only read it as a side pairing and nothing more.

KakaKure - I always liked to believe that Kurenai was really meant for Asuma, not Kakashi. Besides, I don't think she would betray her man like that. I would read it as a side pairing but nothing more.

EdWinry - I like the pairing a lot, but I'm not interested enough in the pairing to read it by itself.

HitsuHina/HitsuMatsu - I like both of them, but... there's just something about Hinamori I find annoying.

Pairings I Do Not Like:

SasuSaku - This pairing doesn't appeal to me. I've tried reading several stories about them, but I just couldn't get used to this pairing. I wouldn't mind if Sakura got her happily ever after with Sasuke, but I think she deserves to be with someone who would return her affection 100%.

RoyWinry- I just don't like it.

Sasu-any other girl but Hinata or any dude but Naruto- Just no. I might read it if its interesting but it still won't change my mind about the pairings with him.

IchiHime - I like Orihime as a character but thinking about this pairing makes me want to cringe. I've never liked it and I probably never will. I'd rather she be with someone else than him.

10 Random Things About Me:

-I'm on the short side.

-I'm a self-proclaimed nerd.

-Even though I love anime, and manga, I hardly read any shoujo.

-I suck at math.

-I have a current obsession with red apples.

-I speak Spanish. (I'm Latino)

-I like fics where Sasuke suffers. (He deserves to suffer a bit.)

-I blush really easily.

-I eat like a pig even though I'm thin.

-I'm really clumsy.

Note (10/12/10): I have a lot of ideas for stories but I won't be able to post them until... like, the end of the month maybe or more. Yeah, being busy sucks.

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