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We have the winners!!!!

What a spectacularly beautiful end to the Beautiful Edward Challenge.

Seven fantastic stories that garnered a staggering 7352 unique visitors! So let’s meet the winners so we can give them praise for writing and participating!

The overall winner in the Poll and recipient of the Dazzle Award goes to:

Alby Mangroves, for In Braille.

Winning Banner

Host’s reviews:

BoydBlog: To tackle the description of beauty having one of the characters blind! WOW, talk about setting yourself a task, but you did it exceptionally well. I loved the descriptions; even the wet feel of Balt’s slobberizing her, made me laugh!
I was so ‘feeling’ everything Bella felt as she ‘touched up’ Edward *sigh*
Goddam it Renee – you really spoiled Bella’s fun!!! But I loved her perspective, if only to see that Edward is affected and even though this is a one-shot, my mind instantly started filling in the rest of the story for a very happy result all round - successfully surgery, going to live with Edward and Balt… just heavenly to read and well, he really is a beautiful Edward – his beauty is not just skin deep…
Awesome job, good luck in the challenge!

CandyTwi: What a beautiful twist on Beautiful Edward! Feeling his beauty – your story expands our senses to enjoy him even more. The detail was lovingly and well written, the addition of the Balt was a great plot device, as was the use of Renee. Great entry!

For the Divine Award, we have a tie!!! Both stories are fantastic, and they both had equal amount of votes, so they both deserve second place!

Divine Award – MPG for My Masterpiece

Winning Banner

BoydBlog: Deliciously sensual is Bella's description of the sex-god-come-muse. If I was an artist, I would have a mural of Robert *cough* I mean Edward, on my bedroom wall to dream underneath! Not only did you set up the whole story well, but you also relished in Bella's visualisation and longing for a delectable personification of everything she coveted and desired. A thoroughly exquisite beautiful Edward indeed.

CandyTwi: Nice that your Bella was brave enough to give us all a lemon - we got to feel Beautiful Edward as well as see him! The ultimate fantasy date... *sigh* You came up with some very cool phrases - special favourites included "the bar--my makeshift altar to worship his beauty" and "the man with the face that could launch a thousand orgasms." The opening couple of paragraphs had me intrigued as to what this Bella was up to, and the mural was a metaphor for the thousand photos of Edward we all have in our perve collections! Good luck!


Divine Award – TeamEdward-TSA for The Glory of the Garden

Winning Banner

BoydBlog: You set the scene very descriptively. The anticipation of Edward was excruciating!!! Oh, Edward in the glorious sun, was a vision, and Bella's voyeuristic spying on him was divine...oh my yes, Edward in a garden surrounded by flowers... glory indeed. Good luck in the challenge!

CandyTwi: What a gorgeous romantic setting you weaved, setting the stage for the garden Adonis that we were panting for by the time he made his appearance. A very perve-worthy Edward splashing himself amongst the Lady Fingers! and a nice trip to a lovely English summer in the process. Good job.

And the winner of the Delectable Award goes to edwardsisobel for Beauty Crowds Me.

Winning Banner

BoydBlog: I will never be able to watch Mrs Doubtfire again! lol. I loved that in this twist in the story it was his looks that became a handicap in his chosen field. I adored Bella’s descriptions and observations of him. He’s so adorably clueless and even though he’s been surrounded by the glamour and falsities of the modelling industry, he’s stayed true to himself. Good luck in the contest!

CandyTwi: Intriguing, engaging story that makes great fun use of so many canon characters, is sexy and poignant and takes an insightful look at the downside of being beautiful – something a certain RPatz may occasionally agree with? Good sustained storytelling!

And, as we could only choose one the we overwhelmingly agreed had the best mix of beauty for our ideal Edward the Hosts’ Award for Hottest Edward went to Alby Mangroves for In Braille.

All winners will receive their banners and Alby Mangroves will have In Braille featured on the TwiFic Hall of Fame blog with an Author spotlight. Interview with Alby Mangroves

Thank you to all that entered, read, reviewed and voted in the Beautiful Edward Challenge!

Love BoydBlog and CandyTwi xxx


Read the seven stories in the challenge and vote for your favourite 2 before Midnight PST on October 24, 2010.


Calling all Edward lovers!

The Beautiful Edward One-Shot Challenge opens 30 August

Entries accepted until October 17, 2010

Voting October 18 – October 24

Winners announced October 25


For all you visual voyeurs, how about an Edward story, human or vampire, that focuses on Edward’s gorgeous beauty?

We want thigh crossing, panty dropping, heart singing descriptions! We want to celebrate the delicious Edward who has inspired us ever since Twilight!

If other contests have been too narrow in their criteria for your story ideas, this will be the writing challenge for you. Don’t we all have a Beautiful Edward image to share?

We want more than just a description however; we want a short story, a stand alone one-shot of 2000-7000 words. Get creative...


You !

Plus there will be a Hottest Edward Host’s Award for our standout favourite.

General information:

We will be accepting entries from 30 August to 17 October, 2010.
Entries must be emailed to beautifuledward@ in Word doc. format.

You cannot post to your own FF account until after winners are announced on October 25. This is an anonymous challenge!

Multiple entries are allowed – we can’t have too much of Beautiful Edward!


All entries must be between 2000 and 7000 words in length, excluding header info and author note.

Lemons optional (but oh so encouraged).

No paedophilia, incest, rape, violence, you know the drill.

Get a Beta! Badly written, uncorrected grammar etc will be disqualified. Edward deserves the best!

All entries must be stand alone one-shots, no continuations or excerpts from current stories ALTHOUGH your one-shot may become the inspiration for a longer story after the challenge. This contest is anonymous. Entrants, please do not reveal your identity. If we become aware that you have promoted your entry you will be disqualified.

Please include the following header information with your submission:

Story title:
Pen name:
Word count:

Your penname will be removed before we post entries to the challenge page. All entries will be put up to public vote and the top three will be the winners, plus there will be a special Hosts’ Award.


Winners will be announced on 25th October.
The top three entries will be awarded banners:

1st Place: Dazzle Award

2nd Place: Divine Award

3rd Place: Delectable Award

Hottest Edward Host’s Award

The overall winner of the voters poll (The Dazzle Award winner), will have their one-shot featured and be interviewed as a feature on the TwiFic Hall of Fame blog - http:///

New writers are encouraged to enter!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments send an email to beautifuledward@

Important Dates:

Entries accepted from 30 August to October 17, 2010
Public voting from October 18 to October 24, 2010
Beautiful Edward Challenge Awards announced October 25, 2010

Hosted by:

BoydBlog - Author of Episode - and CandyTwi - Author of Belladonna -

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