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Hello, Everyone. I am The Tell-Tale Told (not so much of the Heart, but from the Heart). If the name is too confusing, most just call me Beki. However, you may call me whatever you like.

I love you.

Did I freak you out? If I didn't, then there's something more wrong with you than what you thought was wrong with me. If that is the case, may I escort you to dinner and a movie?

I'm a...different...person. Where am I from? The asbestos-ridden, cockroach-infested, college drop-out dwelling located in the filthy, unwashed, lard blanket underbelly located in the center of the northernmost corner of somewhere-between-Sweden-and-Norway-Land, next to Sven Andersson's banana stand. I wish to be in Maryland, though...

I like anime, kind of. Pokemon is my favorite. I like hetero pairings, but I prefer yaoi now. I like yuri, too, although I wouldn't write too much of it. My favorite hetero pairing is Lolishotashipping (Steven Stone/Cynthia) and my favorite yaoi pairing--as well as it being my absolute favorite couple in general--would be Eliteundershipping (Lucian/Aaron). I also like Pokeshipping (Ash/Misty), Ignitionshipping (Volkner/Flint, for some odd reason. They're cute), Earlyshipping (Falkner/Bugsy), Honorshipping (Morty/Falkner), Susushipping (Will/Morty), and whatever Sidney/Karen is (which is apparently Darkelite). I have an extensive list, and I'll update it when I decide to write about the pairing. And just to get it off my chest: I'm not a big fan of Charadeshipping (Lucian/Will). In the love-triangle between Lucian, Aaron, and Will, the masked man seems more like a stick being driven between Lucian and his underage-COUGH, uh, "young in appearance" lover, Aaron.


-But Never Doubt
-It's a Wonderful Life (Or it Could Be)
-Take All His Honey
-Back Together is Always Better

HEAR YE HEAR YE! (This'll be my status section)

God, do I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. One of my favorite bands in the universe. Miss Karen O. and her two sex God bandmates have inspired me to write a FanFiction--ten stories, ten couples, all Yeah Yeah Yeah. I shall take this on!

5/31-11: After one sexy haircut, I've been inspired to complete Back Together is Always Better. I'm almost done with it, so Ignitionshippers, change your panties and wash behind the ears, because I'll upload soon!

6/14-11: Eight to go! I'll work much faster with these next ones I hope! And my haircut is still Sexy!

6/16-11: I'm changing Skeletons to Dull Life, simply because it's easier to write about. But I'm still working on Maps.

6/25-11: Chapter One of I'll Love Like No one Else Will is up!

6/28-11: I'll Love Like No one Else Will is going to be on hiatus for a bit. Hopefully by the time I get back home to Baltimore, I'll be done with it.

8/15-11: Oh my God where am I what is this what am I doing here how long has it been asdfghjkl...Ok, I'm finally back from the dead. I'm working on the Lolishota fic. Oy. We need more Eliteundershipping fans out there to make beautiful fanart of them -3-. Just sayin'. And yummy fanfiction. AND IT'S ALMOST MAH BIRFDAY, so MOAR Eliteunder will be written to celebrate.

8/25-11: It's my birthday! WHOO! I present to you a little something from me by showing you how much I've appreciated this wonderful year!

10/26-11: Oy. It's been rough so far. I wanna make it up to you guys. Maybe later. I'll get something in before 2012, I promise.

PROGRESS ON YYY FANFIC PROJECT: I still need Maps, Heads Will Roll, Black Tongue, Dull Life, Date With the Night, Dragon Queen, Hysteric, and Tick.

Take All His Honey: Turn yourself around, my fic is COMPLETE!

Better is Always Back Together: Louder, words speak louder--fanfic COMPLETE!

I'll Love Like No one Else Will: Chapter one = READ NOW.

GO HOME (End of status updates)

I don't really care for taking requests, but if I have time, I wouldn't mind.

I'm old enough to be a college drop-out or door-to-door marshmellow pie saleswoman. 19, for the slower ones out there.

I'll stop typing for now, I guess. The words WILL be back with a vengence later, so make sure to eat your rutabagas and fabricate your mother-in-law's adorable little Bichon Frise, Julio.

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