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Name: N/A

Age: Old enough to bake unsupervised!

Hobbies: Baking! Reading and writing. Causing mischief.

Fav shows/books/manga: Harry Potter, Pokemon, Bakuman, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Ouran, Prince of Tennis, Yu Gi Oh (GX too), Beyblade, Cardcaptors, Hikaru No Go, Sherlock, Smallville, Merlin, Nononono, KHR, Whistle, Blue Exorcist, MIOBI, Leverage, The Closer, Atremis Fowl, Initial D, Beck, Fantasista, Area no Kishi, Kuroko no Basket, many more. . .

Does anyone else not like eating fortune cookies? I love reading the little slip of paper inside because you never know what you will get, once I had a fortune cookie that taught me to write 'pear' in Chinese, but I don't like eating the cookie... maybe I'm biased and think warm, soft, gooey deliciousness when I hear cookie, and fortune cookies let me down. Hmm some food for thought...

Side Story: I went out to breakfast with a few of my close friends and while they all ordered orange juice, I got apple. The waitress looked at me funny, and I got to thinking. Is being an apple juice lover that rare these days? Or did I just somehow stumble upon a group of pure orange juice lovers? I don't think there is anything wrong with apple juice. It's delicious! At summer camp I used to have a system where I would trade my milk for apple juice. It was a race from the other campers on who got to me first. Oh apple juice... the good times we have had.

P.s- My beta made me make a twitter. I don't know anything about this tweeting business but I shall try. I will put notes about stories, upcoming chapters, who knows what. I might even talk about jam. I put the link as my homepage.

I'm Astounded!

Fork It Over is now available in Spanish!

The Fanart Corner! I love my fans, I really really do... If I had a ton of money and could do something special for them, I would buy a ton of pokeballs, and fill them with little gifts, and every time I remember how awesome they are, I would throw one at them. They would get a special little surprise inside, like a cookie or an around the world cruise. But the cruise would have internet and all because they need to keep showering me with awesome works of art as well... I'm greedy.

TenPointsFromGryffindor Art http:///#/d3kxn87

BladeOfShadows version of Kei number 2! Coloured aswell http:///#/d45hoxh

BoS Hatake nap http:///#/d4anlc0

BoS Kei and Itachi http:///#/d4anl4y

BoS Kei Aerobics http:///#/d4ankxl

Slyther88's Kei fanart!!! http:///#/d496xiy

Slyther88's Makoto fanart!!! http:///#/d4rmq2e

Monkey Bay: Lost Treasure of Plunnies

I have a lot of story ideas, but not a lot of time to write them. After a poke and a prod from my friend Reads, I decided to give you all a chance to read them, and maybe take one to write yourself? if you do want to adopt one,please tell me. I look forward to seeing what you write. This is the first batch. I have a notebook floating somewhere with more, but these ones were at the ready.

There are crossovers, pure Hp, others mixed in... It's a unique bunch. I sectioned them all off by category though, for easy browsing. Also I just copied and pasted them,so please ignore any typo's, poor grammar, or point form.

Harry Potter/Prince of Tennis

Harry is renamed Kaemon Tezuka. He has been raised as the younger twin brother of Tezuka. He attends Seigaku, but doesn't play tennis, instead he is a fan of the art clubs. When Tezuka gets hurt further in his match against Hyoutei, Harry is pestered relentlessly by Oishi for help until he finally decides to step in become manager of the Tennis club so that Tezuka's mind will be at ease, and Oishi will stop hunting him down in school. Awesome tennis adventures ensue, and Harry finds love along the way.

Sidenote: He doesn't have to be called Kaemon, I picked it because he reminded me of a digimon and in my head Harry would evolve during certain situations and be totally awesome, and then go back to his art loving self.

How to handle the magic aspect is up to the writer. I never tackled that issue.

Harry Potter/Inuyasha

Harry is on holiday with the Dursley's before his fourth year in Japan. Vernon found out that Harry was excited about the Quidditch World Cup and in spite he refused to let Harry go, and instead dragged him on the family vacation to Japan, and locked him in the hotel room. Harry gets out and decides to explore. He ends up at a temple and when he sees a girl jumping down a well he follows. Harry ends up in Feudal Era Japan, and is completely confused. I mean who wouldn't be?

Harry is trying to decide between looking for the girl or getting back in the well and just forgetting all this, when Kouga pops out of the trees happily jumping and yelling for Kagome only to find that she's already passed through. Kouga tries to attack Harry, but Harry dodges him and tries to explain he hasn't done anything wrong. Kouga stops and asks a few questions, and then decides Harry will stay with him since Inuyasha already has his own time traveller.

One day while Kouga is teaching Harry had to defend himself, Harry get s cut, and through the cut, some of Kouga's blood enters. That night he suffers an intense fever and is in burning pain all night. When he wakes up, Kouga is sitting by the bed and staring at him in shock, He finds out that when Kouga's blood entered him, he took on some of the demons characteristics and was now half wolf demon. Go magic, go magic, go!

Harry Potter/Fruits Basket

After Sirius death, Harry sneaks out of the Dursley's one night and wanders downtown London, watching all the people. He just needs time away to think and he can't do that in the stifling air of the Dursley Home. While walking he runs into Hatsuharu, and as an apology for ruining the boys shirt when they fell into a mud puddle, Harry offers to buy him coffee or something. They get talking and Harry learns that while Haru was trying to take a vacation in France he ended up in England. Haru tells Harry all about his weird family and his hometown in Japan. Harry expresses an interest in going there to just get away and Haru offers to take him back with him. Harry agrees just to get away and also to hopefully prevent Haru from ending up in Canada.

Once they reach Japan, Haru offers to let Harry stay with him, but for a price. He must at as Haru's personal GPS when he wants to get around. Harry doesn't mind so much until he remembers he doesn't know Japanese. Hilarious adventures ensue.

Harry Potter

#1: Doors (it's just a nickname not an official title)

18 year old Harry Potter is starting his first day at the Department of Mysteries. It is given the task of categorizing and describing the contents of a hallway of doors. Each door leads somewhere new. However, seven of the doors leads to a different year Harry is at Hogwarts. Instead of reliving the year over again, Harry is instead stuck in another students body, watching from the outside as the other Harry goes through everything. He gets to listen and observe himself and everything else from a new perspective each year, and gradually his opinion changes as he re-evaluates some of the choices he has made.

Sidenote: This one seems confusing even to me, but I had planned for Harry to step through the first door, and discover that he was on the train to Hogwarts in Goyle's body, watching Malfoy interact with Harry and Ron for the first time. Then in fourth year he could experience the Tri-wizard tournament through the eyes of Cho Chang. He can change certain things but overall canon will remain mostly the same.

#2: Surfing

: The best thing the Dursleys ever did was move to Australia. There in a small surfing community Harry comes into his own, and is soon enrolled into the best surfing program in the world. Great White Wave is a program that trains 6 teenage boys to enter the world stage.

Sidenote: I made character profiles for this one, but that is a lot of text, so if anyone is interested I can send it along.

#3: A Novel Idea (I kinda like this title…so if I ever do get to writing this, I may use it.)

Finding a romance novel that Petunia tried to hid, Harry reads about the fortune of a poor boy who ends up in an arranged marriage with a wealthy woman. He is removed from his beggar life style and as enjoys the comforts of a better life, he finds love.

Moved by the story, a young child Harry decides that is what he will do to escape his relatives. On the next trip to Marge's house, Harry sneaks away and into the nearest town where he bumps in Adrian Pucey. At first he thinks Adrian is boyish girl with his long hair and asks him to get married.

Harry Potter/ Pokemon

#1: Harry and Gary, together forever.

Harry ends up in a forest and is found by Gary. Gary decides to help Harry with his amnesia and takes him along for a pokemon journey ride in Johto.

Sidenote: Personally I love Gary Oak, he is Gary MotherEffing Oak.

#2: This one is more of series of inter-connected one-shots.

a) Harry is just about to enter the last room and stop Quirrell from stealing the stone but is scared. He doesn't know if he can really do anything about it since the thief if a professor. He is second guessing himself when the door in front of him goes watery and then he's stumbling into the Pokemon verse. Harry meets Ash at the start of his journey, after he steal Misty's bike, ruins it, and is anxiously waiting inside the pokemon centre. Harry comes in from the rain and talks to Ash, while they talk Misty shows up and starts yelling at Ash. Harry talks about trying to stop someone from stealing, and Ash goes into a big rant about how stealing is bad. Misty hits him and points out that Ash stole from her, and Ash covers it up by explaining it was to save his Pikachu, so it wasn't really stealing. But Misty doesn't listen. Ash encourages Harry to stop the person from stealing, and gives Harry the courage he needs to face Quirrell.

b) The dementors are coming when Harry starts doubting himself again. This time if he can really save his godfather. The world goes hazy and he's landing in a clearing, with a boy sitting nearby. Harry meets Gary as he is deliberating over quitting becoming a pokemon master and turning to pokemon research. Gary is looking at a picture of Ash when Harry arrives, and Harry recognizes Ash. They talk and in the end, Gary decides to tell Harry his problem. Harry talks to him and Gary decides that he will be a pokemon researcher like his grandpa and that he should have listened to his grandpa years ago when he said to be true to himself. Harry fills more confident about believing in himself and goes back to face the dementors head on.

c) Harry is at Privet Drive after fifth year and he is considering running away. Harry meets Volkner as the Gym leader is in his slump. Harry tries to cheer him up, and then Flint arrives. Flint tries too, but neither has much luck. Then Harry spots Ash and tells Flint and Volkner about him. Flint gets a brilliant idea and goes to Ash for help. In the end as Harry looks at Flint happily fussing over Volkner, and Ash with his new friends, Harry knows he can't run away, especially not from his friends and family. He goes back to the Potter verse and with a new resolve promises to never waver again until the very end of Voldemort. The End

Harry Potter/Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Sidenote First: This one differs from most of my stories mainly because it is Non-Magic. "What B of M a non-magic story?" I know… but I kinda love the premise of it, and well, there is still so much awesome that can be had.

Hogwarts School of Stealth and Thievery only accepts a select number of students per year in the illustrious school of thieves. Training takes 7 years and by the end you will be a master. Harry Potter just happens to be one of the very limited students chosen.

There is 4 paths you can take. The Seekers infiltrate government bodies and steal secrets, Keepers hold entire webs of information and contacts, organizing from behind the scenes. Beaters are fit and do most of the manual labour such as bank robberies and beating snitches, Chasers, are the ones the find the buyers and anything of value to sell and report back to the keepers

Level 1 = Ravenclaw crimes are the lowest rating you can achieve for any crime pulled. Level 2 = Slytherin is second highest because while the crime went according to plan, you may have forgotten something, left the prize, or abandoned your comrades for your own self-preservation. Level 3= Gryffindor crimes shows a level of daring and went fairly well. There may have been some small hiccups, but you succeeded in the end. Level 4= Hufflepuff crimes shows complete loyalty to your mission and a determination to steal your prize no matter what. If you were successful and it was pulled off impressively, you get a hufflepuff. Each crime you pull off is rated and the higher the rating the more successful you were.

Harry is in his final year of Hogwarts, and while on mission he encounters the Varia. They are impressed with what they see, and want him to join. Not as part of the guard but as one of their underlings until he works his way up. Harry sees the potential in a job were there will be a steady income of crime and the security working for big mafia family could provide, agrees, plus he really doesn't want to piss off the guy with white hair and a sword for an arm.

Harry Potter/ Initial D

(There's 2 ideas for this. I love Initial D, if you have not read the manga or seen the anime I highly encourage it, because while the art is not the best, it just sucks you and gets you hooked. I'm not even a car lover but I loved this.)

#1: Mechanic Harry

Harry leaves the Wizarding world and ends up as a well-known auto mechanic in Japan. When Ryosuke starts project D he approaches Harry and asks him to be the head mechanic for the project. Harry agrees, and they set up several meetings. During one meeting Harry meets Keisuke and he learns that Keisuke and Ryosuke are trying to get Takumi to join. Harry starts work on Keisuke's car, and together they go through his car –improving where they can- and Harry learns about what Keisuke likes when he's driving.

Harry falls for Keisuke but keeps it quiet since Keisuke doesn't want to date, and he's not sure Keisuke is gay. When project D Starts Harry mainly sits with Keisuke, but when a challenging hill, for Takumi, comes along he switches cars. Sometimes Keisuke whines that he loses his mechanic and Harry feels a little hopeful but crushes it down

When Kyoko(that bitch…) comes along, Harry gets a little hurt when he sees Keisuke reacting to her, and spending time with her. One day Harry sees Keisuke and Kyoko napping together in her car, and he feels unjustified hurt. Knowing he shouldn't be doing this to himself, Harry decides to remove himself from the situation.

Keisuke doesn't think much about it at first. After time the notices the lack of Harry's presence and asks Ryosuke but he's tight-lipped about it. Keisuke spends a lot of time thinking about Harry and thinks Harry left because Keisuke never attempted to be friends with him but only used his skills. He chases after harry and when he finds him and apologizes and says he wants to be friends, harry throws a wrench at him and kicks him out of his garage. Ryosuke just shakes his head.

#2: Itsuki's lil bro

Harry grows up with Itsuki.

When Itsuki spends too long out at night, Harry is forced to ride his bike to Akina pass and drag him home. During one trip he bumps into Keisuke. Keisuke tries flirting but Harry ignores him and finds Itsuki. Keisuke becomes obsessed with Harry.

Keisuke starts spending more and more time around Gunma hoping to bump into Harry. One day he does and he confesses, Harry decides to give him a shot.

The relationship is going well, but Itsuki complains constantly. One day he mentions Harry's grades dropping and Takumi mentions it to Ryosuke who tells Keisuke who tells Harry who yells at Itsuki. Ryosuke steps in and decides to help Harry train to become a doctor.

Happy ending.

Harry Potter/ 07 Ghost

After Mikage dies and his soul is travelling back to The King of Heaven he spies Harry's soul in limbo. He sees how pure Harry's soul is and asks the King of Heaven a favour. Harry is given a new life from Mikage but also a mission, "To Help Teito".

When Harry comes to, he is now in the body of a little boy that had just died from a cold. Before the boy's mother discovered him, the King of Heaven gave his body to Harry, in hopes he would help Teito reach the Land of Seele. Harry is now Capella.


(This is like Initial D, it's old, but it's so amazingly wonderful I highly encourage people to read/watch it. I have solid 4K outline written for this one, so I won't post the whole thing here, but If anyone is interested I can send it along.)

Koyuki meets Taira first.

The day Koyuki is walking home after playing video games, instead of meeting Beck he takes a different road and walks into Taira accidently. He apologizes and notices the instrument he is carrying, and apologizes again, asking if Taira's guitar is okay. Taira laughs and explains it's a bass and it's just fine. Koyuki is relieved and introduces himself. Taira responds and they go opposite ways after Taira tells Yukio to get his bruises and cuts looked after.

Saturday when Izumi invites Koyuki to bowling, Koyuki declines the offer to go get something to eat. As he is walking home he hears music coming from a bar. He thinks of Taira and follows that music. He is turned away when he can't pay the cover price, and is going to leave when Taira steps out. Seeing Koyuki he asks if he is there to watch. Koyuki is shocked when the tall high school student actually remembers him, and feels himself going misty but quickly coughs and looks away while he explains he was curious but doesn't have money. Taira tells the lady at the door that Koyuki is his guest and escorts Koyuki inside. Taira apologizes and leaves since he is playing soon. Koyuki sticks to the back of the wall and watches. When Taira gets on stage, with his band The Musicmans, he can't keep his eyes off the boy as he plays. Koyuki is enamoured. After the show Taira returns and Koyuki gushes about how good Taira was. Taira laughs and offers to buy Koyuki some food. They leave and start a friendship.

The Fashion Portfolios

(I'm pretty sure I was drinking one night with my Beta when we made these, but they have been sitting around gathering electronic dust and I decided to throw them in here. They are not like my other idea's, so they get their own little section. They are all related to fashion in some way, some crossovers, some Harry Potter, some random. I'm not even sure how we got onto the theme of fashion, but here they are…)

The Fashion Portfolio 1: Hitman Catwalk. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) Squalo is a hot tempered model that is getting fed up with only being hired for magazine spreads. His real love is the catwalk but his short temper ruins his chances of strutting his stuff until a certain man appears.

The Fashion Portfolio 2: Gucci Guidelines. (Harry Potter/Glee) Harry is adopted at a young age, and learns the way of fashion. Now wanting a normal life he enroll's at Dalton Academy. Oh Shit watch out for Kurt!

The Fashion Portfolio 3: Rocks and Trees. (Pokemon) Ash Ketchum loves pokemon but his secret love is pokemon fashion. Then one day Brock stumbles upon his portfolio and makes a suggestion. Watch out Kanto here Ash Ketchum Fashion Master.

The Fashion Portfolio 4: Suits in Space. (Gundam) Duo Maxwell thinks of the best alias, but he needs his friend Quatre's help. Watch our Colonies Duo has a sketchpad and fabric.

The Fashion Portfolio 5: Prancing in Pants. (Narnia) Lucy Penvensie is tired of watching naked narnians walking around the castle. So with the help of her friend Tumnus she will start her own Narnia Fashion House

The Fashion Portfolio 6: Not Available

The Fashion Portfolio 7: XXXtreme Fashion.(XXXholic) All those years in the shop when he had nothing to do, watanuki designed clothing. now that yuuko has come back, he has decided to try his hand at being a designer

The Fashion Portfolio 8: Kou's Klothing. (Samurai High School)While his sister is off trying to be the best fighter in school, Kou makes her clothes for the day she becomes High Commander. Because of Kou she will look fabulous!

The Fashion portfolio 9: Haute Couture Konoha. (Harry Potter/Naruto) Harry Potter and his partner Draco Malfoy fall through a wormhole and end up in a fashion disaster Konoha. Set and determined the duo set out to fix the eyesore of a village

The Fashion Portfolio 10: Hakuma Harry. (Harry Potter/Bleach) Ichigo is walking home from school when he is ploughed over by a roll of fabric. Grumbling while trying to throw the roll away he is stopped by a shy Harry Potter, worried that his school assignment will be ruined

The Fashion Portfolio 11: White Wonders. (KHR/Bleach) Now that Squalo is finally in the business, he finds that his looks ARENT one of a kind! No he has to go up against the model sweet heart of fashion: Ukitake

The Fashion Portfolio 12: Mephisto's Moment. (Blue Exorcist) Mephisto bored with the current exorcist fashion decides to change it. One Holy Fashion project to the normal students and the exorcists are in for a surprise.- "Okay students your assignment is to make the Holy Grail of fashion lines. I want priest shirts in paisley! Pray beads in rainbow, Alter shoes in Italian leather, and Father Robes with top hats and ribbons!"

The Fashion Portfolio 13: Fashion World Idols. (Beck) Why make it in music when the fashion industry is much more exciting. 5 boys, 5 dreams... one world to conquer.

The Fashion Portfolio 14: Jumping Hills. (Nononono) Nono is lost and alone after her secret is exposed before the olympics. Trying to find what she loves more than ski jumping she can't help but clutch her favourite dress...maybe? Worth a try.

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