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Author has written 5 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

A Bluehorse14 experience: I was once told to move because i was blocking the fire exit. I am not cripple, blind, deaf, and i know what a fire is. If i had anyone of these problems i could understand but because i don't i'm not "blocking" the fire exit. In fact wouldn't that make me the first person out in case of a fire?

"I should have stood up, both arms waving, and shouted out across libraries, 'Hey You! Love me back."- Maxine Hong Kingston

"That was a morality core. Designed by appearature scientists when i flooded the testing facility with a deadly neurotoxin, to stop me from flooding the testing center with a deadly neurotoxin. So get comfortable while i warm up the neurotoxin."- GLADOS

"I don't need a reason to help people."- Zidane Tribal

"Feel my Speed!"- Penelope Garcia

"There is nothing like a chili dog!"- Sonic the Hedgehog

Whoa i can't believe how long it's been sense I've written anything. I'm actually ashamed of how i've abandoned all you guys. Look i could tell you a lot of stupid reasons, some of which are true but mostly it's just been my own stupid nature. Well no more starting next week you can officially see more Bluehorse14. I've even got a friend to remind me so there is no way i can skimp out. So stay on the look out for it .Oh here is some stuff about me:

Avatar: It's Sonamy from Sonic Boom

Gender: Yes i am a guy.

age: 20

Favorite Shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sonic X, Naruto (Both), Hitman Reborn, Psych, Scrubs, My little pony: Friendship is Magic

Favorite games: D.O.A., Any thing with Sonic in it, SSBB, Halo(warning this will more then likely make me late on chapters), All legend of Zelda games, Portal, Team fortress 2, Final Fantasy

Notes: I will not make fanfiction for all of these but most of them will get at least one.

Name: I will never tell you my name, And you will never to be able to figure it out! Hahahahaha

Request Policies: Ok people from now on i am gonna start taking requests but before you PM me with your ideas let me help you save sometime because i have a few rules about what i will write

1. The plot has to make some sense. But this should be a given

2. No big sex scenes. I will talk about, joke about, reference, and be connotative of sex but i will never have a scene were i describe two characters actually performing the act. I like my stories T

3. No major emotional damage. I love all the characters to much to make them go through lots of pain. It's is weird because i can kill off a character without a problem but i can't make them suffer emotionally to much. So while i am at it no angst fiction.

4. None of the couples i don't like can be the central couple. For the list scroll down.

5. Finally right know i will be honest with you i might just say no even if you follow all the previous rules. If i reject your idea it is not a personal thing it is either because i don't like the plot, i don't feel like it is the kind of story that i could bring justice to, or that i am just to busy with other stuff to write anything else.

If you understand the rules then go ahead an message me your idea and i will respond with a yes or no. So send them in.

Couples: Here are the couples i support and a brief explanation of there awesomeness and why i like them:

Zutara: The bi-polar couple! These two were actually meant to be together at the end of the series but mike and Bryan were high or something so it didn't happen. I like this pairing due to the way they could help each other and stuff. Plus Zumai is stupid when it comes down to it. On top of all of that the Beatles even ship this couple!

Taang: It is said that a mountain contained the powerful winds. These two go together because they are the same age and they balance. Kinda cold unrelenting almost next to happy but determined. it works.

Sokkalee/Sokki: I can't really decide between the two but they both work. Sokka is this silly but serious guy and both go with that personality very well.

Naruhina: Big surprise right? Who isn't at this point. In fact i am pretty sure all narusaku fans were struck by some kind of meteor. Hinata is just so awesome and Naruto is just so knuckled headed it is perfect. I just love this pairing.

Sasusaku: Even emo people need someone. Sasuke will probably die at the end but if he doesn't then Sakura will win him some how.

Shikatem: Some women aren't that troublesome. They are both strategists and there fighting styles compliment each other. Plus lots of other things.

Nejiten: I am not calling Tenten a lesbian. Neji is in fact a guy and he needs someone female. Leeten is really freaky so it just seems right.

Sonamy: "Team Even Couple"- announcer from Sonic advance three. I just love these two as a pairing. I disapprove of any couple that goes against this. The way they balance each other in so many ways. Plus i connect with the common Sonamy theory of sonic being Nervous about talking to her a situation i have been in. I will right lots of stories about these two. On top of that the Simpsons ship this couple so it adds to it's awesomeness so much.

Crails: These two are great together. Plus with Cosmo gone he needs someone.

Tailsmo: If Cosmo was still alive i like both to be honest.

Knuoge: would the children be spiny bats or bat anteaters? These two just work when it comes down to it and i like that.

SpikeXRarity- Oh yes the new couple i ship. If your new and just now reading my profile then no i have not always been a brony. I recently discovered the show and liked it a great deal. This is the only couple i know from the show and for the moment the only one i like. Might make a story, if the inspiration comes along. Oh and if anyone knows the abbreviation please let me know

This section is couples i don't like

Narusaku: if there was no Hinata i would support this. But this is so i am against it

Shadamy: No. Never. I don't like it make it go away! To many reasons

Sonic and Sally: Ok i'm glad this isn't the couples i hate section because for some reason i can't understand i don't hate this couple any. Now by no means does that mean i will write stories about or read them however you aren't my worst enemy if you prefer them. Also if i ever use Amy and Sally in the same story she won't be a total bitch.

Sonic and Elise/ Sonic and Merlina/ Sonic and Shara: I thought i should address these three all at once since they all have same basic problems. They are humans! They are all like two feet taller then him! and the classic problem with all non Sonamy couples. It's not Sonamy.

Incest couples: [covers eyes, shakes head]

Current Stories: Quick things about stories i already have published.

No Options: This is the first story i ever put on this site. For those that don't know this is a Zuko and Katara story in an alternate universe where Zuko is never given the chance the chance to hunt the avatar so he goes to the north pole where when the gang arrives he joins them and the story continues from there except Zuko is there. As it is my first i am actually pretty proud of no options even though i haven't really been working on it but like i said i am in a sonic mood. Don't worry eventually i will want to continue this story or Ninjaducksquad47 will run over here and poke me with a stick until i update so yeah.

Legend of Zelda Wisdom of ages: Oh yeah this one. I sat down one night thinking i would create a true epic among Zelda fanfiction. I sat down and wrote a prologue which means technically i haven't even written chapter one. One day i will though and change the title as well.

Sonic Guardian of wind: An idea i came up with that i fear will become like the above. If it does i am truly sorry. i do hope to continue this story because i really like the idea behind it. Though to be honest the main reason is because i haven't figured out how i will write it. But don't worry i will get it.

Amy's Last Shot: Ah now here is one i am proud of. Amy's last shot for those that don't know is a story based of Gargel's Amy catches a Break about how Amy challenges sonic to a race and if she wins then they have to get married if not then she can never ask again. Gargel's story was a short one shot but really good. So i messaged and asked if i could give his story a make over. He said yes and Amy's Last shot was born! I really enjoy writing this story and will continue to write it to the best of my abilty.

Sonic stories one: The old west: This is the first of the bedtime stories Sonic will tell to his children Abby and Marcus. The idea just came to me at one point Sonic as the fastest draw in the west from there i gave the other characters various jobs that people held in those times such as marshal or gunsmith. From there i just started writing and i will make other stories when i run out of old western scenes that people love.

Can't Slam the door: This idea just came to me. you see i realized that the only way Sonic wouldn't run away is if he couldn't run away. And running from someone is hard if they are in your house. Also this is probably the most realistic story i have written so far so i look forward to it

Moving In: The sequel to ALS. This story is similar in many ways to moving in only it is by choice instead of lack thereof. It is a funny story mostly because of Sonic and Amy's various approaches to Fighting their bodies... let's say desires and stuff. Not to mention the pure hilarity of a teenage couple living together with the rest of the gang helping along the way.

Future ideas Section:

Shadow's Lessons: In exchange for getting Sonic jealous Amy is going to teach Shadow how to get girls to like him. Will he finally get a girl or fall flat on his face

Alternate: A collection of stories where Sonic travels to alternate dimensions and learns to things in new ways

Wake Me Up: Zuko invites the gang over for a party. During the party he falls for Katara. The next day though she takes Appa to Ba Sing Se. Zuko now only has three days to get there and convince her to stay.

Moving in: A Sonamy fanfic that takes place after Amy's Last shot. Because that story is not finished yet i can't tell you anything about it.

Coffee over Flowers?: Tails wants to date cream but doesn't know if he is over Cosmo yet. One of my more serious stories

Babysitters: My first Naruto Fanfic. When the Konaha twelve and Suna three go on a year long mission they leave the new team 7 to watch the children

Sonic Team Band: A Song fic starring the whole gang. Romance, revenge, and rock are all present in this story

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On the Road to Parenthood reviews
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