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Hey Sush123 Fans!

Thank you SO much for all the alerts and reviews I have gotten for my stories. I really appreciate your contribution to my stories and your patients to read and wait for my stories. You guys are so awesome! Thank you!

I have written 7 stories on Fanfiction and I am currently working on a Twilight Fanfiction. I know most of my Fanfictions are about children it's because I really like writing about your future and all but I'm trying to write one without kids in it. One day that will happen. So I've written 6 Winx Club Fanfictions. Some of you know about Winx Club. It used to be one of my favorite childhood shows and I researched it on the internet which lead me to Fanfiction! Yay!

I've also written 1 Percy Jackson Fanfiction. I've read all the books. Yes ALL the books! I'm such a bookworm loser but I love reading and writing. But if I'm not doing either, I'm on Facebook. Fanfiction is literally what I go on everyday. If the internet goes down I will mope all day moaning to my dad who will moan at me saying I go on there everyday so its a 'good thing' and a 'miracle' that I'm not on it. Pfft. Whatever that means.

So a few facts about myself:

Favourite Colour: YELLOW!

Favourite Drink: ICE LEMON TEA!


Favourite Series: Vampire Diaries! Merlin! Winx Club!

Favourite Show: The Ellen Show! (She makes me laugh!) X-Factor! Maharajah Lawak! (For those who know it it's quite funny!)

Favourite Celebrity: TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! (I HAVE ALL HER SONGS!!)

What I like to do in my spare time: Play Sims 3, Sims Social, Facebook, Read, Write Fanfictions and drink Ice Lemon Tea!!

Thats it folks! Until next time!

Peace out! V xx


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Who's my Daddy 2? reviews
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