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Author has written 35 stories for Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma, Love Hina, You're Under Arrest, Lupin III, Anime X-overs, Legend of the Five Rings, Hellsing, Kill Bill, Excel Saga, and Forgotten Realms.

My vital stats:

Age: Old, much older than I should be, 44 Birthday: June 07 Hair: dark brown
Eyes: Steel Grey
Religion: Shintoist and Buddhist
Location: Southern Alberta
Favorite musicians: Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bare Naked Ladies, Robert Palmer, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Anthrax, Offspring, Ozzy Osborne, the Who, The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Smashmouth, Johnny Cash, Sarah Maclachlan, Sloan, Hikaru Utada, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Lorde, One Republic
Favorite movies: Spaceballs, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blazing Saddles, Seven Samurai, Hudson Hawk, Bruce Campbell vs. the Army of Darkness, Ninja Scroll, The anime Street Fighter II movie, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Yojimbo, Big Trouble In Little China, Lord of the Rings: all, Blade, Blade II, Die Hard with Vengance, Rogue One, Solo
Favorite animes in no order: Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, Rurounin Kenshin, Bastard, Ninja Scroll, Ranma , Trigun, Gunsmithcats, Lupin III, Slayer, Excel Saga Hellsing and You're under Arrest.
Favorite TV shows: Whose Line is it Anyway? BCC version, The A-team, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beat the Geek, Jeopardy, Royal Canadian Air Farce
Favorite songs: "All I need is a miracle." Mike and the Mechanics, "If I could change the World." Eric Clapton, "Satisfaction" Rolling Stones, "Wanted Dead or Alive" Jon Bon Jovi, "Crazy Train" Ozzy Osborne, "Building a Mystery" Sarah MacLachlan, "Possision" Sarah Mclachlan, "Pride" U2, "I still havn't found what I am looking for" U2, "Close to You" Hikaru Utada, "Born to be Wild" Stephenwolf, "Thunderstruck" AC/DC
Nicknames: Doctor, DS, Doji Hajime, Saitou Hajime, Bayushi Hajime, Daimyo Shi,

Authorspace Stats:

Primary Power: Author Space Powers:
Incredible skilled Kenjutsu master Combining Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and Hirazuki Ryu.
Other Abilities: Telekinesis, Capable of conjuring all sorts of Swords from author space and preventing the conjuring from hyperspaceie malletsthe Instant ability to Identify all marital arts and their attacks.
Several Jedi powers on demand as well as a Grey Jedi.
Expert Hand to Hand combatian mostly Hard Karate Styles with a jujutsu base.

General Story Notes:
MY love of Self-inserts is all Andrew Joshua Talon's fault.
I am a history fan so historical series like Lone Wolf and Cub and Rurounin Kenshin have a special place in my heart. Further the Shinsengumi and Saitou's motto for them "Aku Soku Zan" A one point I tried to even always a Shinsengumi reference in every story. of Course it hard to do In Love Hina.

I am great at starting stories not so great at finishing them.

My favourite anime characters well some of them
Himura Kenshin, He is the a former Deadly Hitokiri and now he does laundry for his landlady and love interest. He cooks and cleans and he is true Kind Sensitive guy a hundred years before it
became common. And that hair! I love that Hair!

Saitou Hajime, this is the perfect blend of good and evil. Lives by his own code, owned by no one. Cool and in control. His Smirk lies on the edge between Evil and Arrogant. Incredible skilled, not just good with a sword, but tactics and knowledge. as skilled with a taunt as a complement.

Dark Schneider, Please the man want to conquer the world so that he can sleep with all the women. Cocky arrogant. Impossible to deal with but does recognize loyalty and doesn't hold a grudge. He is skilled with magic So skilled that he defeated a Fire Effret with fire magic! Plus he got some of the coolest clothes of any male character in anime.

Urishima Keitaro, The Guy runs and in the manga owns a girls dorm. His stubborn dedication to his goals is admirable. he takes his licks and doesn't even complain. That and the fact the man is near indestructible!

Lupin III Think James Bond but even more skilled at getting himself out of the fire. Lupin rocks, this master thief and sometimes super spy is always kicking butt and taking names even while making himself look like a fool. Takes nothing too seriously not even himself.

Hibiki Ryoga, My favourite Ranma character. I personally think he gets the shaft in the series as being portrayed as dumb, he isn't. He is tough, and a skilled martial artist but also extremely polite and caring.

Alucard, My favourite Male Hellsing Character, cocky, snide, and ARROGANT! Still whethere you want to consider him evil is a judgement call since he is restranded by Hellsing. Still his guns are cool and he does seem to like his work even if it is boring.

Ah yes Anime women what would series be without them.

Chun Li, Smart, attractive, can kick major butt. She likely smarter than me. and she a cop too! ;) I personally like the original Street Fighter II look myself.

Aoyama Motoko, A perfect blend of Kenjutsu practising woman with that kind of shy girl that lies at the heart of all interesting anime women. Taller than average at 5' 9" my height actually. Slightly violent, but also capable of a great deal of compassion. Her intelligence is there but untapped for the most part.

Kamiya Karou Stubborn, compassionate and master of a School of Kenjutsu. Supports two people and herself on her work even in Meiji Japan three if you count Sanosuke. Won't stand to see people hurt if she can do something about it. unafraid of death. Has more patience that ten normal women. Can't cook or so it seems but who really cares.

Ryoko, From Tenchi Muyo, Sexy as all get out has no restrictions to speak of and incredible comfortable with her body. Has a Kind and compassionate side as well very intelligent, if a little impulsive. Come admit her being demon is a turn on.

Faye Valentine incredibly sexy, cunning and intelligent a bit of a spend thrift but who care. Don't play gambling games with her though. Intelligent manages to stays a head of the game with a big bounty on her head. Has a compassionate side, skilled with guns and piloting. Did I mention she is sexy?

Otohime Mutsumi What can I say about this woman. She is trusting, kind, considerate, she can cook, incredibly intelligent and understanding. nothing really faze her. A Princess in all senses of the word apart from the Snotty Bitch kind that does seem to come up all to often. Now here is a girl you want to be a Prince to!

Mitsurigi Ryoko Real Bout High School the manga version. She is the greatest K-fighter. Sexy and quite sure of herself. A very capable woman, compassionate in her own ways. Has a Shinsengumi/Samurai fetish, which isn't a bad thing is it? Hello Ryoko-dono

Tendo Nabiki, The slyest fox in anime. watch you wallet with her around. A woman as comfortable in lace and satin as she is in leather. Forget about outthinking her, dozens of people have tried and failed. She is the Sexiest woman in Ranma . likely the smartest person in the whole series too. Take my money!

Seras Victoria AKA Police woman, the naive heroien of Hellsing. She cute some what naive and she got a body that just doesn't quit. I don't care that she a vampire. She clearly very loyal and compasionate. And you though Alucard has big guns insert cymbol crash here

Matsuya Misaki more than eye candy I am going to get so slapped for that. She takes no Crap from anyone. She in control and not afraid of pretty much anything. Have I mentioned she very incharge kind of woman? Sexy, intellagnant, in fact she wouldn't be half as sex if it wasn't for her intellagance. I have two words for her Yes mistress

Hyatt does she have a last name?from Excel Saga look Otohime Mutsumi has a twin! She is trusting, kind, considerate, incredibly intelligent and understanding. and see works for a organization bent of world conquest, odd isn't it but then it is Excel Saga. She can call me Senpai anytime.

Sakaki-san from Animanga Daioh, She sufferes from a curse that cats don't like her. Maya excepted. The clash between everyones perception of Sakaki and who she truly is is interesting. The Lone Wolf image is very fitting but not fitting at the same time.

Osaka from Animanga Daioh, She is totally charming. Her ability to be totally clueless and then say thing of great knowlegde makes sure their is never a dull moment.

Chiyo-chan from Animanga, She so cute and yet is nevery annoying. I have yet to figure this out as I find most pure cute Characters to get on my nervess with in the first twenty seconds yet for 16 Eps. Chiyo is so cute and yet never become irrtating.
Other Stuff:
I am from Canada!
I am a Former University with a B.A. with honours in history/sociology and a B.A in geography. I am a fan of Anime since 1999.

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In the Arms of Lloth: A Drow Love story? reviews
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