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Hey, I'm GraveyardGirl666 and I like pie!!!

I have now discovered that I am apparently called Thorn so you can call me that or Grave for short I prefer Thorn.

I tend to talk to myself and I'm not sure why.

BTW I got a fictionpress account and have some stories up. Go check them out. I'm under the same name, Graveyardgirl666.

I recently got a Tumblr under the name ThornNB. I have no clue what to do so far.

I've been asked if Thorn is me or a character. It's kind of both. The character Thorn is based off of the actual me , but she has powers and a past that I came up with in a dream. In the dream the girl was me so I changed her a little and gave her a different look and Thorn became a character also.

Random crap about me!!!

-Hair color: Dirty blonde.

-Eye color: Brown (I want them black or blood red D:)

-Sex: I am female... that you know off.

-Age: 16. My birthday is May 28th if you want to send me a message.

-Favorite Colors: Black, red (mostly blood red), blue, most dark colors.

-Likes: Writing; yaoi; books, books, some more books; music, even more music; people of the both genders; other crap I can't think of.

-Dislikes: People of both genders (I only like some people not all); people who judge others; loud irritating noises; sparkles, anything that is school related (this does not count for reading and writing because I sometimes do it for fun); spiders; bugs; life (one of my fears, most people fear death but once you die it's all over, life is where you are tormented); other stuff.

-Personality: I'm very shy around most people except my friends, then I'm sometimes loud and odd. I consider myself pretty damn calm and easy-going. I don't automatically jump to conclusions about people, and I don't judge people by the way they look and I really admire that about myself. I'm very trustworthy. If you tell me to keep something a secret, a secret it will remain. However, I have extreme trust issues with other people. I love the dark and twisted, angst. It's just who I am. I have serious problems when it comes to my interests. I love to watch Criminal Minds and Deadly Women so people find me creepy. Although, I find myself surrounded by some "popular" kids who try to talk to me. The main problem, I sometimes don't mind.

-Music: Nickleback; Three Days Grace; Eminem; Skillet; Linkin Park; Miranda Lambert; Trace Adkins; AC DC; and much more.

-Movies: Boondock Saints 1 and 2; Blade (all); Bad Boys 2 (haven't watched the first); more movies that I don't feel like listing.

-Books: Besides the shit we read in school, you mean? Chances are that if I've read it, I've liked it. And I've read a lot of books.

-Television: Danny Phantom; Junou Romantica; Criminal Minds; NCIS; Deadly Women; Nightmare Next Door; Charmed; Kitchen Nightmares; Hell's Kitchen; Buffy the Vampire Slayer... others are somewhere out there.

-Political Views: Why am I putting this here? People who don't suck and can actually put some effort into not running this country deeper into the hole it's burried in.

-Sexual Preference: Bicurious. And I don't care one bit who you prefer. Go for it and live a happy life. Guys are hot and so are girls so does it really matter who you prefer?

-Religious Views: Born Catholic. I do believe in God, but not that he is there to help me with shit. I believe in Heaven and Hell. I don't agree with a lot in the religion. I am trying to learn more about Wicca and become one. I really don't care if you believe in someone or not. I don't care who you worship, just don't judge me for what I believe.

-Personal Quotes of Mine: Go to Heaven, Hell's my domain, I don't want you near it. (I love watching peoples expressions when I say that.); Get in my pants. (only say that to friends); WHY?!?!?!

-Hobbies: I write often, read a book or fanfics, stalk friends on Facebook, sleep, watch shows that disturb others, ext.

-Location: I'm in Hell. No, I'm really in Pennsylvania. You're not gonna find out what my address is.

Favorite Quotes

Skellingtonfan1 (character Nebula Thorn in Internet Madness)*is nibbling on spoonful of delicious food of the gods* Yesh.

Megan: I hope you don't die
Josh: Love you too
(Drake and Josh: Paging Dr. Drake)

Favorite quotes and conversations in my life

(friend Luke on Facebook) when you're dead, you're dead; until then, there's ice cream

Random conversations between Codiak and myself

Thorn: hi
Codi: hi
Thorn: what u doin
Codi: writing again. i need to finish that one thing for writing tomorrow
Thorn: oh
Codi: u?
Thorn: reading ur profile on fanfiction
Codi: ...XD
Thorn: josh can't come to the pervert right now
Codi: XD
Thorn: now when r u gonna let me in ur pants
Codi: ...NEVER
Thorn: Y
Codi: :D
Thorn: :(
Codi: XD
Thorn:let. me. in. ur. pants.
Codi: Nah. :D
Thorn: then how bout u get in my pants
Codi: eh... Im so busy as it is... XDDD
Thorn: how bout saturday
Codi: I have band stuff.
Thorn: then when
Codi: I...dont know...
Thorn: well pick a date
Thorn: if u want i'll wait till my bday party
Codi: yeah, but then mike is going to- YOU DIDNT HEAR THAT. lmao
Thorn: good point hmm
Codi: XD
Thorn: so mackie really wanted to know if u would ever do the three way dating
Codi: I'd be open for it, actually. Those are my thoughts on it. I'd probably want the girl to be, like, completely gay or something or if it was another guy- Mike's not gay or bi, so... But yeah, I could see it being open to another. Not that my parents would probably agree with that. XD And I still love Mike first.
Thorn: i thought u would love me more
Codi: XD
Thorn: is that a yes or a no
Codi: Well, Mike is my boyfriend and first LOVE, so.. And i wasnt dating you, last time i checked to see if ur hand was on my thigh. lmfao. love ya
Thorn: well as long as i would be able to be apart of the three way dating if it ever happens
Codi: XDD
Codi: are u bi, too?
Codi: lmfao
Thorn: not sure
Codi: ...I love this nonsese.
Thorn: i guess i'm bi curious
Codi: Like, every close girl friend I know is bi or curious. Kira, you, and mely was- i dont talk to her, soo... But last i checked, kira said she was looking at guys, so...
Thorn: well i look at guys and u so...
Codi: lmao. Ur gay for me. :D
Codi: I feel so special. LMAO
Codi: Oh, jeez... These conversations are so wrong.
Thorn: well it is us
Codi: ...point.
Thorn: yeah
Thorn: i should so save this
Codi: ah...let's not. XDDDD bad evidence for law officials. XD
Codi: Because we're all getting involved with them eventually... O_O...
Codi: XD
Thorn: yup and according to facebook mike is gonna try to get us out of trouble and the next time will moon the cop
Codi: ...
Codi: nice.
Codi: XD
Thorn: but how would it be bad evidence
Codi: I...don't know... *suspiciously looks around* I'm paranoid. : D I hope that explains nothing. ;D
Thorn: it doesn't
Codi: GOOD.
Codi: Watcha doin'?
Thorn: still reading
Codi: XD
Thorn: and u never put up my answer to the it's all ur fault
Codi: I didn't? Did I ask you?
Thorn: im not sure but i thought u did but if not ask me now
Thorn: no there's no evidence i cleaned it all up... oh crap i think i just gave myself away huh
Codi: XD
Codi: :D
Thorn: i love me
Codi: I love you too
Thorn: omg i love u
Codi: XD
Thorn: do u love urself too
Codi: Eh, sometime.
Thorn: same i sometimes hate me
Codi: I argue with myself, so I feel that, too. :D Those muses need to shut up.
Thorn: Procrastinators Unite!...Tomorrow.
Codi: :D

Codi: Fuck time. Live by penguins.
Thorn: Never been told to live by penguins before today.
Codi: Codiak
Thorn: A true genius.
Codi: Or a true moron. However you wanna look at it.

Codi: Heyo, bitches...
Thorn: What up?
Codi: Pears.
Thorn: Potatoes.
Codi: Penguins.
Codi: Potassium.
Thorn: Preston, Levi.
Codi: Played well, my friend.

Thorn: they kinda stopped saying is for horses when she said hey
Thorn: whatcha doing
Codi: Oh shit bad timing-


Convos with random friends and family members

Mom: (answer to me talking about how Codi randomly pulls out water and drinks about half a gallon)What instrument does she play?
Thorn: Alto sax.
Mom: So her mouth gets dry because she does a lot of sucking and blowing.
Thorn: (trying to hold in laughter)

Thorn: (talking about an angry elf on Mobsters 2) Is that an elf?
Mom's boyfriend Bob: Yeah, it gives spirited defense attack.
Thorn: Buddy the elf gives my mom magical spirit powers?

Thorn: (text to Codi) Are you almost here?
Codi: (thinking I'm her friend Dannii) No, we're on the way to get Thorn.
Thorn: This is Thorn.
Codi: Yeah.

Mom: (goes to drive)
Thorn: (grabs arm) The green light is up there, not here!

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