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I guess I can make this a little more personal now that I have a story up.

I don't know how many times I've played through DAO now. I would say Zevran is my favorite DAO character, with Oghren and Shale coming in tied for second.

I also play World of Warcraft and have since 2006. I have played several RPGs over the past few years, including KOTOR and the botched sequel, Jade Empire and the Mas Effect series. I've played The Witcher, great RPG, and I have Assassin's Creed loaded, but really haven't played much. I find my character plummeting to his death far too often because I suck at climbing.

This is my first foray in to fanfiction. I have had this story bumping around my head for a couple of months now and am finally getting it written. The other writers here have been an inspiration. Please check out my favorites and you'll find lots of great reading material.

Update to profile 10-12-10: I created a head morph for my Aiden PC character in "Prayer for the Traveler". Screen shots are available on my deviantART page. http :// tmcgeesdca. deviantart. com/

Take care and happy reading.

I have uploaded my Zevran head morph to http:///downloads/file.php?id=1721 if anyone is interested in changing their in-game Zevran just a little. There are images of the morph in game for you to view before deciding. If you wish to add the file to your game, unzip the file using any ZIP software and place the .mor file named em_genfl_zevran.mor in to your override file. The path to the override file should be...

Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Hope you like it.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2018 - I will be moving Prayer for the Traveler over to AO3, very slowly, while I attempt to finish it. For those unaware, my life went completely tits up when I was writing this story. I lost my job, the bank took my home, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and has now passed away, my father has dementia... etc. I'm sure everyone can understand why the story was left to languish for so many years. Don't expect a new chapter (after 19) for several weeks as I need to redo the outline for the story and begin writing the missing chapters.

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