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Author has written 4 stories for Digimon, Pokémon, Total Drama series, Saiyuki, and Ben 10.

Fav animal - dog

fav video game series - pokemon

fav pokemon - Rayquaza, Mew, Lugia, Palkia, lilipup, Zorua, Zoroark, Riolu, and lucario. have all except Zorua and zororark.(now i have zoroark yay)

least fav pokemon - the ice cream pokemon * and its evolutions* ( i am not kidding there is one) grimer, muk, koffing, weezing.

flaws - should have done better on anime (usually only watch movies more than once), (also the existance of the ice cream pokemon.)

fav digimon

1. Malomyotismon (have one named myo, am planning to dna digiviolve another one) ( I know that a lot of people hate him, but he's my favorite, why he looks cool, also i didn't like Arukenimon and Mummymon ( Mummymon was whiney also mummymon sounded like james from pokemon, and annoying, Arukenimon has an annoying voice) so i was cheering when he got rid of them, I liked myotismon to begin with, the only stage in his evolution line that i was not too fond of was venomyotismon)

2. Gabumon, and his digivolutions (have a metalgarurumon named wolfie) ( will train him after I degenerate striker (my armeggemon)

3. Dobermon (i'm giving him a fanfic role soon) does anyone know if he is obtainable in digimon world dawn and dusk.

4. Diaboromon ( have an armegeddmon named striker am planning to turn it back into a diaboromon when it reaches level 93)

5. Apocalymon (have one named machine)

6. Daemon (have one named darkanar *called creepymon in game don't ask me why) ( he should appear in a future season of digimon hope he appears in xros wars)

7. Labramon (he's adorable!)

8. Tactimon (he's awsome and he is more calm then the other generals)

i just like dark digimonn (cool dogs too.

least fav digimon

4. gulfmon (because of the digimon tamers movie) (not the parismon one) also his other form that i forgot the name of.

3. Piedmon (I hate clowns) (i only got one to get Apocalymon)

2. Etemon ( i'd have liked him more if he didn't sing) (hate his digimon world data squad background music too

1. Goldnumemon ( just watch the top 10 weirdest digimon vid on youtube to see a picture of it * i warn you it's ugly and gross.)

flaws - existance of piedmon, etemon, all the garbage digimon, and goldnumemon (also they have too many "whiney" digidestind) cough yoli cough.

also digimon fans if you want to check out my digimon character elimination thread it includes all seasons (not magna though but you can put magna digimon)

you know your obsessed with pokemon when

you try to hatch a shiny pokemon egg (guilty) (it was riolu am still trying)

you have 1 or more lv 100's (guilty) (actually i have quite a few)(espeon, umbreon, employeon, jolteon, rayquaza, and charizard)

you have a lv 100 legendary (guilty) (rayquaza)

you like pokemon and you are above 10 (guilty)

hate annoying people on gts who ask for a pokemon that cannot be found without cheating (ex zekrom lv 9 and under srsly this trade is real a lot of stupid ppl asked for it) *most likely to show off shinies without fear of them being taken even though they could simply battle with them instead* or ask for too much for their pokemon ex lv one magicarp asks for lv 100 palkia

use random battle in black and white to find a worthy opponent for your super-powered team (guilty)

you ev train on a regular basis

you actually look for shinies (guilty and i got a shiny shinx out of it ^.^)

you have most or all of the pokemon games

you can't wait for it to come out in your country (if you don't live in japan) so you import it from japan (guilty) platinum pokemon ranger all games and white

you have a lot of pokemon stuff (at least a big box) (guilty)

you try to catch every legendary even if you hate the legendary (you can still use it for gts) (guilty) except for tornadours killed on accident didn't save close and got too much done and thundarus killed on purpose)

you chatter constantly about pokemon (guilty)

you get a game system just for a certian pokemon game

you buy a pokemon game just so that it can benifit your main game (pokemon ranch and battle revolution are examples ) (also any pokemon ranger game) (guilty)

you check websites constantly for updates (most common when a new generation is revealed, info on the next game, check for pokemon names and what pokemon are in the game, realese dates, or events (guilty)

know all pokemon of one or more generations (if i see a picture i can usually name the pokemon)

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