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Hi everyone! I love to talk and love to hear others talk to!

So send me a message or pop a review (please) on (please) a (please) story (please) if (please) you (please) so (please) please ( OH DEAR LORD PLEASE!!!). ... Now that's a tad bit too desperate, isn't it?

Haha, all comedy acts aside, welcome! You have successfully found yourself on the profile page of a fanfiction author and a self-proclaimed artist; me!

Some tidbits about myself :

-Formerly known as ForbiddenXTemptations, and even more formerly known as some username I can't even remember anymore, this is basically my third alias whilst writing Chara Change Chara!

-I'm Korean!!! And I love fruits, particularly strawberries! Hence my pseudonym "Dalki"!

Okay so um I lost all motivation to continue my Amuto fanfiction writing. It's just been too long since I've read the manga and blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. This doesn't mean people can go all willy nilly copy and pasting my stories (sigh) but it just means don't expect anything ;_;. I know I am going to continue this at some point ( I have 3 other chapters I never uploaded but I'm just not happy with them), so sorry!

Diary of a Fanfiction Author and Self-proclaimed Artist

August 8th, 2012

Hi there... haha, yes this is me ForbiddenXTemptations (well for now, I've been disliking the name and im planning on changing it after most of my readers are aware of the fact).

There shall be major changes to my story Chara Change Chara, as well as the possible deletion of the other stories i have written so far. I've been actually writing under other alias on other sites for quite some time now. And because of that, my writing has grown and developed into something vastly different from my first and baby fanfic, CCC. Although i have been on break for some time now. I apologize in advance for my rusty grammar and the hazy portrayal of my thoughts. Besides my incompetent skills in literature, another reason for my hesitance of returning to this particular account is, and to put it quite bluntly, I've forgotten. For one... It has been ages since I've last read Shugo Chara, I've nearly lost everything I knew about the characters, plot, and the such. The process of re-learning my initial plot for CCC may as well be slow and I might as well deviate dramatically from my ideas back in 2010. Well, I've changed, and my lord, this site has changed as well. You can not even begin to understand how frazzled I was to upload the update chapter. And I got so hurried with anticipation, I literally typed the update chapter in text lingo and emoticons. Ahh and that was me breaking one of my pet peeves right there. Right next to overuse of romanized asian-ese and the use of asian-ese without proper knowledge of when, why and how to use it. Well enough of me rambling, I am back and here to stay!


August 8th, 2012...again

Hi there everyone! Dalki here and welcome to the official reopening of my account! I’ve been skimming my previous stories and my word… I can’t believe I actually wrote this… It looks so different from my writing style as of now. Well, it was years back. I decided to stow away the earlier chapters of CCC as well as, my other stories in a separate story called, “The Lost Files of ForbiddenXTemptations”. Haha, I’ll just use the trusty download button and copy and paste them there for any of you who wish to walk down memory lane with the 2010 version. The main reason for me changing the contents of this CCC instead of starting a new story is because in case some readers who log in once in a while may be confused as to why CCC has disappeared or where I have disappeared to as I will be changing my username. As well as, compared to my other stories, there’s more room for error as more people are readers of CCC. Smart of me huh? Haha, I’m just kidding you. I’m not that egotistical, wink wink. Furthermore, it is certain I will continue and restart CCC, however, I shall postpone the others as right now. Not abandonment, but a mere hi-status for the days to come. Well I hope I summed the situation up pretty clearly for you guys. And if you still have any questions, message me!


August 8th, 2012...yet AGAIN

PHEW! I just got done private messaging everyone who every reviewed Chara Change Chara and Did You Really Forget? I skipped over The Kiss and Teach Me to Love because they were pretty low profile stories anyways. Did I just insult my own stories... arrrghh, I'm too tired to argue with myself. Well, I hope I got the word out, because it is 3am, and I have practice at school tomr, ...so good night... morning? ahh, to heck with it, good bye for now!!!

A very tired Dalki signing off until later

September 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone, I have done it now. My new pen name is now Dalkii (yes with two 'i's) haha. Aaaaaaaaaaand, I have finished what seems to be the first chapter. But it is VERY different from the original so I'm worried. ahh, I got my very own laptop today! (thus my writing )


November 8th,2012

Hi everyone! Long time no see O_O!! Haha, I'm really sorry about the long delay but I will explain more in my first chapter of Chara Change Chara!! Enjoy!!!

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