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Hi everybody who mistakenly clicked on to my author page by mistake. I'm oneleggedstraycat. I am the author of one story, Ludwig's Pendulum, a "Skip Beat" fanfiction. Sounds kind of pathetic with that "one" before the word story, but the story is long (or going to be long by the time I finish it) and that should count for something...Okay, it probably counts for nothing.

I am a new writer, so expect a lot of kinks. I am working on my writing skill, like everyone else here I suppose, so wish me luck!

I like weird stuff. My siblings and I had a collection of trolls (you know, the ones with the hair sticking straight up and jewels in their belly buttons). We had about two hundred and had built a cardboard luxury house for them. We let our rat run through it and called the rat their overgrown pet monster of cannibalistic terror (the rat tried to gnaw their ears and hands off). Ahhh, good times. Oookkkaayy, enough about me.

Ludwig's Metronome Corner

Ludwig's Metronome is a drama, mystery, comedy, supernatural, family, part angst, part fluff, futuristic, romance thing. It is based on the fabulous manga "Skip Beat", and since it is not an AU (I love alternative universe fics) I have to work fast before the author blows the things that I assume will happen in the manga out of the water.

Ludwig's Metronome status report: Chapter 6 will be called "Money Scales." It will be a much shorter chapter (that will hopefully kick me out of the unintentional, self-destructive habit of making each longer than the previous one) so hopefully it will get completed quickly.

Here is where I'll post the extras to the story. I plan to add to this every time I get a certain amount of reviews as a thank you to those who take the time to help me/encourage me/critique me on my writing skill and my story. If any of you have any requests on what you want to see here, leave it in the reviews or my inbox (the icon on top that says "message"). Thanks


Song to Lory and Maria Painting (Labeled "Montezuma’s Revenge" By Ren (from future) and Kyoko) This is Lory singing to Ren for his birthday—Sung to tune of “Lola” by the Kinks

I took you far away when you were a youth
Where you looked like hell and sat alone and brood
Like Batman. Too angsty is not cute.
As you grew older, you morphed to such a prude.
You used to bore me to tears, I’m really telling the truth.
That wasn’t ni-ice. You were like plain ri-ice. This old man needs spi-ice.

When you walk into a room, all the girl’s start to drool,
But don’t get so confident cause I still beat you
In my toga. I look sexy in my toga.
You’re pointlessly tall. I regret to expose
You might look down on us, but we look up your nose.
It’s not pleasant, you mutated giant, you pretty-boy peasant.

Well, I saw your eyes flash in rage one night.
The look of your glare gave me such a fright.
You struck with such force and leapt up like a flea,
A Pavlova-like Rambo on a killing spree.
I knew right then as my heart skipped a beat
That if I went in your way, I’d be pulverized meat.
But don’t worry. I got you in a movie. Your part is Liberace.
Maybe with rhinestone suits and jewelry, you won’t scare the kiddies.

Don’t glare at me, brat.
You’re still just a kid.
You’re too confident.
Your act still needs work.
And I’m just the man to make you less of a dork.

You have a lovely wife and it’s all thanks to me.
If you’d done it your way, your first date would be
In your eighties, and you’d kiss her with no teeth.
Hold on to that girl till your knuckles turn red
Cause that girl’s the best thing for you. You don’t act so dead.
You turn human. With pulse and intestines.

I like to grill you till you’re overdone,
But I hope you know I think of you as a son.
Your birthday’s today and my heart’s aglow.
You made this old man proud as I’ve watched you grow.
So be a good boy and let me see your smile
Cause your smile has the power to make living worthwhile.
Hey, Kuon. We’re here for you, Kuon. We all love you, Kuon.
Kuon. Come sing along, Kuon. Don’t be so shy, Kuon.
Kuon. There’s no off switch, Kuon. I know you’re looking, Kuon.
Kuon. C. O. R. N., Kuon. Not a vegetable, Kuon.
Kuon. Try on this wig, Kuon. Aren’t sequins grand, Kuon.
Kuon. We’re here for you, Kuon. We all love you, Kuon.

Drawings (Yeah...I know...shameless, but I am an incessant doodler)

Ludwig's Metronome Serious Drawing

Ludwig's Metronome Not so Serious Drawing

These aren't that impressive but they are here for anyone who wants to view them. When I am thinking up characters, I draw, and these are what came out of that. When you click on the link, it sends you to the page that asks if you want to "download an attachment". These were put on one of those freebee homepages from google so "download an attachment" is the same as looking at an attachment from an email site. I've tried it out and it kicks you directly to the pictures. If any of you have a phobia of the word "download" like I do, but really want to see the pictures, leave me a message and I will work on getting it on a different site that would send you directly to the picture. Hope you enjoy it! If anybody has a specific thing they want me to draw, send me a message and I will see what I can do.

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