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I am pretty sure I used to have an account on here, but that's long-since been lost to the ages.

I am Staffen, but a lowly writer in the making.
My primary spheres of activity are within the Warhammer 40K fan community, but one will occasionally find me dabbling in other areas.
I am primarily active over deviantART, but let's face it, dA is not much of a writing community; so I find myself here again.
I'll be posting the same content here that I put up over on dA, albeit perhaps a bit later, in respect to my peers and patrons.


A note: "Good job!" is a comment, not a review. Seriously, if you like my work -- or anyone's work, for that matter -- then you should make a proper assessment.


The Ragged Edges - I have, from time-to-time, been asked the question by my modest fanbase, "who's your favorite character in RE?" I think my most consistent answer has been that besides Raege, I most admire Jonquil Lancaster.
A couple years ago, before I worked on Ragged Edges, I only ever did menial request-work - nothing significant, nothing good enough to be even worthy of even an honorable mention on 1d4chan's list of writefags. Somewhere along the lines, I got conversing with the artist known as "Mr-Culexus," who I frequently describe as my patron; he recognized my work, and in response to a comment I made about my being a poor writer, he suggested I write something about Lancaster, the grotesquely thin and demonic-looking psyker featured in much of his art, falling in love with a Guardsman. The Case Against Cuddles, titled such as a pun on Culexus' image The Case Against Random Rolls -- the first image "Cuddles" appeared in -- somehow managed to be a great success, and I wound up striking a deal with Mr-Culexus to write at-length about the employ of Commissar Raege.
Thus The Ragged Edges was commenced. I found myself gaining minor popularity as Mr-Culexus, a well-known and very unique artist, endorsed it as 'Raege's canon.'
I often tell people I regard "RE" as an experiment, which gets some justification in the fact that one can observe my writing style's evolution over the course of the last couple years throughout its progress: at the start I suffered from numerous grammatical errors, which eventually found themselves corrected in later Chapters, yet the mending of those original mistakes was too herculean a task for me with my otherwise busy life. I write the story under a near-unspoken compact with Mr-Culexus, where I cautiously avoid breaking the information he establishes - at least one individual with influence over me comments that this makes it something of a difficult story to read, with numerous plans and compromises being semi-transient between the lines.
Overall, I don't think I want to be remembered for my work on Ragged Edges, and I mean no offense to my Patron when I say that I think RE is a rather poor work overall, especially because of the fact that I literally have progressed as a writer throughout working on it. For now, as I am not yet a professional writer, I find myself with this as my most popular work for numerous dubious reasons. I protest a few of those reasons on the grounds of what I've called "Twilight Syndrome," but hey - if the people like it, so be it.
I wonder if anyone will bother with me once it's over, though...

Throne Agent - The original idea for Throne Agent first came to me in the Autumn of 2009. I was goaded into completing the drawing meme made by my good friend MaKo85 (my 'Matron', one could now joke) and for it I devised a character who was intended mainly to be a 'self-insert' to coincide with the trend other artists had made with the meme. The character was a Guardsman of the Krieg Death Korps, which some will comment is my favorite Imperial Guard faction, though such is untrue, if one takes into account the First-and-Only; the character was decided to be a pathetic weakling with severe social problems as per his Korpsman upbringing, and was named Heidrich. In the meme, a prototype to the opening scene of Throne Agent was shown, displaying the character standing over the hole he'd rather ceremoniously placed a supposed lover in, and a monologue commenced which paraphrased Sir Charles Darwin's words on the nature of a scientist: "no wishes, no affections - a mere heart of stone.”
The pure power that scene had over my subconscious ate away at my concentration, and the urge to resist a distraction involving a project in addition to The Ragged Edges; by late Winter I had become so frustrated with my lack of energy for writing that I decided starting a new project would help to clear my thoughts. Ever fearful of using a character I had partially established as a self-insert, I avoided the festering idea of writing something about Heidrich; by Spring, however, the fear of such a project subsided when I sheepishly granted myself the thought that a story about a character called Heidrich didn't necessarily need to be about my self-portrayal, and I decided, "screw it, I'm doing this." I asked dear MaKo, yet another rather famous artist in the 40K community who I am on good terms with, if I could make use of her character, the Lady Inquisitor, in order to avoid going through the process of making my own characters, and also to give the respectful tribute the artist deserved. Within a couple weeks I put up the first volume, which generated little attention in the face of Ragged Edges. MaKo, however, claimed to be ecstatic over it. My acquaintance, the infamous Kombat-Unit (now aka Torture-Device) also gave his approval.
So I pushed on, hoping to make something decent out of this project. Throne Agent, being largely unrestrained by others' work, was free to be done with as I pleased, and I had decided even before I began that it would be as brutal, merciless and shocking as I could make it without consciously trying to be a total prick. Whereas Ragged Edges hosts rather static and flat characters and almost cookie cutter-like villains, Throne Agent will feature a bit more character death... and depth too; the threats will be gargantuan and surprising; the twists will be unexpected and hugely interwoven, that I might pay my respects to the brilliance of Charles Dickens; Throne Agent also contains some of the most interpretably homoerotic language I have ever used, if my closest associates are to be heeded. If anything, I want Throne Agent to be the story that my critics rip apart without mercy; I want Throne Agent to be the tale that acts as a test of my mettle as it presently stands; I want Throne Agent to be the kind of story worthy of publication by the Black Library.
Here's hoping Throne Agent lives up to my wantings... and also that I can get feedback on it.


I have profound hatred for the share bar.

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