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HHHHEEEEEYYYYYYYY look atchu checking out my page. arent you cute! how you doin?;)

i really am(scene) and in case you dont know what im really like i hope that so far you've actually read this whole ting and come to the conclusion that im a dork.

wait i dont think i should say dork!

(dork is the name for a whale's...special parts...and its only the boy whales)

we'll say im weird instead. yeah. weird. thats a lot better!!

and it just explains me so well!!

i absolutely LOVE this website. i enjoy spending my time reading every now and again and im a pretty good writer (its my major in school) however sometimes i just have issues getting into books. and lets say im reading and i like the character and all but the plot just seems kinda dull to me OR i like the character but i dont feel like reading a whole book! time for glorious fan fiction!! where theres hundreds to thousands of stories using the same characters!!!

my life=happy:)

okay so as you can not a very avid writer on here (note there is only ONE fricken story down there) ((note note its been fricken months since i've updated)) (((note note note this chick SUCKS at regularly updating!!))) to that i sorry:( im gonna TRY to change that. i think since i only wrote one story id basically only focusing myself on that single story. and since i read more that just brickxblossom (in case your too lazy to scroll down that the one story i got down there) ((you should read it;D)) its kinda hard to write it since i would spend like all day reading something else. so im gonna try to write out stories and one-shots of DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!! lets see of this gets my out of my little writing rut.

okay this is sort of a continuation of that ^ i guess. this is basically the stuff i like to read about. i like reading the powerpuff girls, tiny sprinkle of xiaolin showdown, some disney here and there and now the motherload that has become my obsession over the summer

drum roll please

HETALIA!!!! OMG ITS AMAZING!!!! my fricken obsession. i read it everyday and watch videos on youtube ALOT. im so sadXP

and i dont care!! its awesome (like prussia *shot*) and while watching/reading it i learn stuff. hello its based off history. so yeah i might wanna try writing about that. we'll see

this is just a little side thing bbuuuuttttt if anyone has actually taken the time to read this whole thing and they found it fun to read and they think im a fun person ttthhheeeennnnn they should message me!! i want more interaction with people on here, and plus im sure we can all use a new friend:) who knows maybe we can collab and write something together!! haha who knows. your call:)

Writing is power,

so be a dictator and take over that page

-quote by me:)

i gots a tumble too:) kyrstanmarie . tumblr . com

follow me please! if you want anyway. i basically just post stuff i find funny on there. if you follow me i'll follow you!!

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