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I'm sorry, but I just don't like this account anymore, and I don't feel inspired to continue on any of these stories. I'll be moving accounts, where I'll write new fanfics and (maybe) continue old ones. Sorry about the inconvenience.



Gender: Girl

Age: Not tellin' ya!


Hey y'all!!! I'm super sorry I haven't been active recently and I haven't been updating my fanfics! I don't know what happened! So, I'll try to get back in the groove again!!!

My OCs:

To many to count! XD Let's start with my POM OCs.

Toby- Boy Black-footed ferret. Has a huge crush on Marlene and is abused by Hisser. He is white with black paws, tip of tail, and eye mask. His eyes are green. He is nice but unsure of himself. He depises Antonio and will do anything to win Marlene's heart.

Cori- Girl Ring-tailed cat. She has black paws and outline of face. She has a black and white Ring-tailed. She is a tan-gray color. She also has blue eyes. She is very nice and kind of shy and is not very brave.

Sahara- Girl Fennec Fox. She is a yellow-orangeish color. She has huge ears. Her eyes are blue. She is very sweet and shy, and relies on her ears almost all the time.

Jason- Boy wolverine. He is dark brown with a tanish-yellow stripe starting at the top of his neck running down to the beginning of his tail. The stripe is only on his back. He has a tuft of red-brown fur on the top of his head. He has huge and sharp claws. He has brown eyes. He is nice and friendly, but when you set him off he can be very dangerous.

Tasha- Girl Black and White Ruffed Lemur. She had a pink hibiscus flower next to her ear. She had a black face with white ears and fur around her face. She has a white back, arms, and legs. Her neck, chest, belly, tail, feet, and hands are black. She has lavender eyes. She is King Julien's girlfriend. She is usually the one that keeps King Julien from getting out of control, and she is the smartest of the lemurs and the easiest to deal with.

My favorite couples:





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