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Thanks for voting! Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 24, 2010 on


We want you to write us a o/s featuring any of the Twilight men (vamps, wolves, Volturi), but they must be some form of a teacher/instructor. They should be dark, dominant and controlling. They should be sexy and irresistible, if possible. They can also be in human form.

We don't care who, just as long they know their trade! Jasper as a surfing instructor? Carlisle as a headmaster at an all girls (or boys) school? Edward the music teacher or Emmett the football coach? See where we’re going with this?

Please include the following header...





So, here's what we want:

1. A Twilight male must be included as the central character (he can also be the student). Canon, non-canon pairings and slash are acceptable.

2. Length must be 2500+ words with no max limit.

3. Lemons are not mandatory, but encouraged. We'd also like to see a strong plot.

4. Collabs are welcome.

5. Enter as many times as you'd like.

6. 18 and up only - if you are under 18, you may not enter. Sorry!

7. Use your best grammar and punctuation; it will be screened for entry. We want your fic to have the best possible chance.

8. You may extend your story (and we'd love to see that), but please wait until the contest is over.

9. Fic must be a new o/s developed for this contest. Can be based off an existing fic, but must be able to stand alone.

We understand Dark fics generally contain dark issues, but we will not accept any fics that contain rape, incest, or any other forced sexual acts. Murder and other off-limits acts will also not be accepted. If you have a question about whether or not a topic is acceptable, feel free to ask. We're usually pretty open to interpretation.

Important Contest Dates:

Entries will be accepted starting September 1, 2010 with a deadline of October 13, 2010, 11:59 est.

Voting begins October 15 and ends October 22 with winners announced on October 24, 2010.

There will be two winning categories:

Public Voting Round

Naughty Girls Pick


Banner for contest winners. (Designed by our very own Naughty Girl TwiCarol)

Author interview to be featured on our blog (www.jaspersnaughtygirls.blogspot.com) along with a review of your story.

How to submit your entry:

Post your story to your FF account and PM us the link at the Teach Me the Nasty Profile page. We'll review your entry for grammar and punctuation. We'll provide constructive feedback if it does not meet requirements. You may resubmit your one shot after you make the corrections. We want you to have the best chance possible.

Once your o/s is accepted, it will be added to our C-2 community.

Please feel free to PM us or contact any of the Naughty Girls with any questions...

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy



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