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Hey all you fellow readers and writers out there! I'm just starting to do my own free writing and I enjoy doing it. I consider myself a beginner so tips and suggestions are much appreciated. I also consider myself a big fan of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but especially to my two favorites characters, Kirby and Meta Knight. I signed up for this because some time ago I wrote something based off of SSBB. I showed it to one of my friends and she loved it, so I decided to post it here and see how things go. It's called Origin of the Dark Knight. This is a fairly new experience for me and I hope you all enjoy my stories.

Reviews help me make better stories so don't be afraid to speak your mind. Leave reviews!

8/15/11- Yesterday was my one year anniversary on FanFiction! I currently have 15 stories posted, all complete. I'm now averaging 1,051 Hits per month on all my stories. I'd like to take this time to thank all the readers and authors that supported me during my first year. It was awesome! So do me a favor and pat yourselves on the back or give yourselves a high five (I would do it myself but it might be a bit tricky). I hope to post great stories in the future so stay tuned in :D

8/16/12- Woohoo! Year two on FanFiction! I now have 20 stories (one of those is my friend's) and I'm now averaging 1,191 Hits per month on all my stories. Little higher than last year which is great. As I reread some of my older stories, I find that my writing skills have improved with each new edition. I doubt anyone's actually reading this, but if you are you realize your tongue cannot find a comfortable place in your mouth :P

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Kirby say 'piyo' or 'poyo'?

A: He actually says both, depending on the conversation. I often use piyo as a more cheerful response while poyo is a more questioning tone.

Q: Will the Abridged Kirbys end shortly?

A: I'll admit, the Abridged Kirbys are a bit of a phase for me, but I am planning on doing more. However, I will not do all the episodes. I usually do the episodes that I like and that I could come up with a lot of jokes for. I have done a requested episode once so don't be afraid to ask.


As you all have noticed, I haven't posted anything for many months. That's because I've had writers block for a long time and haven't been able to write. However, I've been working on something super special. An epic (and by epic I mean very long and awesome) fanfic that's sure to blow everyone's minds! Part 1 is close to completion and if you all pester me enough it might come out very soon. I'm planning on having the third installment of my Origin of the Dark Knight series posted before I post this next story, so pester me about that too. I'll come up with a teaser soon, besides this one. Keep reading!

What makes a man? Is it the life he comes into, or the life he lives? Is it the experiences of the present, or the memories of the past? Does fate decide every move he makes, or does he decide his own fate?

8/14/15 - Hey guys, just wanted to update you on some stuff. I know I hardly put anything on here, but this needs to be said.

Today is my five year anniversary on FanFiction! Five years ago I came on here not sure what to expect. I always had a passion for the arts whether it was prolifically watching animated movies when I was a little tyke (Disney, DreamWorks, but absolutely NO live action!) or playing any fantasy games I could get my hands on. While all the other kids at school wanted to be policemen or astronauts (which are amazing jobs), I wanted to be a graphic artist for video games. I had no idea what that job entailed, but I knew it involved bringing to life amazing ideas and adventures. I later found out one summer while I was in high school that making video games was HARD! So, I moved on from that.

The next career I looked into was being an artist. My mom was a huge inspiration to me. She’s a creative person and I would not have developed my passion without her. She made fantastic pencil drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters and paintings of animals. I aspired to be as good of an artist as her. I loved to draw my favorite game characters with crayons, pencils, and markers. All my drawings were pretty terrible, but I didn’t let that discourage me. I don’t draw as much as I should now-a-days, but I’ve gotten decent. Not professional artist level though. I looked around at my peers who had a stronger passion than I did and works that reflected that. If I had the same kind of drive they did, I would have pursued art, but that wasn’t enough for me.

My mom also wrote fiction. She started by sharing her stories on FanFiction (it’s still there! Check out A Saiyan's Tale) then she took what she learned from that experience and worked on long novels. I remember the summer days she would spend on the computer all day, typing away. She was so happy doing it, and it made me excited for her. One of her novels was up for publishing, but unfortunately the fee was too great for her. When she became a college professor, her writing was put on the wayside. She still has the writing itch though.

It was my mom that got me started on FanFiction. English was always my favorite class at school and inventing stories kept my mind racing. My writing skills at the time was like my drawing ability, and I didn’t have a muse. Then came Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Meta Knight became my muse like Vegeta was to my mom. I had never played Kirby games before then, but that whole universe inspired me. Meta Knight was an empty book waiting to be filled, and I took up the pen. The first story I ever wrote solely on my own and the first I published on FanFiction was Origin of the Dark Knight. I was surprised how fast people were finding it. I didn’t think anyone would bother with my crappy writing, but I got 547 views on that story just in the first month! That was amazing, and you guys made that happen. Big shout out to I.LOVE.ACTION, the first person to review that story, and an extensive review it was, telling me that they believed in me and to never give up.

I want to thank all of my readers for checking me out, leaving reviews (yes, even the not so positive ones, especially those for pushing me to do better), following, and favoriting me. Your support means a lot to me. I hope to make writing my career one day, and knowing that people believe in me will power me forward. Sincerely, thank you, and thanks for reading this far. I know this is a lot coming from me in one sitting, but it was really important.

If you take anything from this, it should be to believe in yourself. If you have a passion, pursue it with all you got. Don’t let anything discourage you to the point of quitting. The world may be hard on you, but as long as you have one person that believes in you, even if that person is you, then you’ll go far. Thanks again for believing in me.

Quick thing before I end this rant, I have just gotten one year of college under my belt and soon going in for round two. I’m in it for the long haul. College will be my top priority, so new chapters and stories will be long in-between. My writing is swiftly improving, so I’ll have better treats for you to enjoy. Thank you for your patience and support!

By the way, I’m still working on that epic story that I mentioned some time ago. I have no idea when that will be published, so it’ll come when it comes.

Original Character Profiles

Jade - My first important OC. She's the main character in Origin of the Dark Knight and it's sequel The Darkness Has Come. I never really thought about what she would look like, but I'm sure you as the reader could come up with a nice image of her. She's a teen with a large array of super powers that gets into a load of trouble. Her original age reflects my age at the time I wrote the story. As of the second story she's in, she's 14, but i'm thinking of making her 16 in the third story. During her adventures in the Super Smash Brother's Brawl universe, she takes a liking to Meta Knight who always seems to be saving her.

Arseus - The main antagonist in Origin of the Dark Knight, he's an evil king bent on taking over the world, but needs to kill his deserting knight to do so. He has dark powers that he uses to raise an army of monsters. After his kingdom falls, he takes his revenge on the Brawl team.

Metal - Ah, Metal, one of my favorite OCs. He's from an alternate dimension and is Meta Knight's opposite. He looks exactly like the knight except his M is on the right shoulder guard and was roughly scratched on, his weapon of choice is a hand gun, he doesn't wear shoes, and is left handed. Plus, his personallity is outgoing and party loving. He drinks and he's a bit of a lady's man. Due to his crazy attitude, he's often the comic relief character. One of his favorite activities is to mess with Meta Knight. It seems like the knight hates him because of their diverse personalities, but they grow to be close friends. Metal appears in A Trip Through the Mirror, Dynamite, Glue Fest, The Kings Ball, The Proposal, and Valentine Knight.

King Gregory - The self-proclaimed rival of King Dedede. Gregory means watchful in Greek. He picks up on things that most people over look. However, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. He imprisons Meta Knight thinking he was Kirby. He also annoys Dedede to no end. Given that much, it's a wonder that he takes good care of his kingdom. He appears in The Proposal and The Kings Ball.

Princess Elizabeth - The beautiful daughter of King Gregory. She's the smarter one in the family. She takes a strong affection to Meta Knight before they even meet, kind of like a fan girl. She even forced him into a wedding. Elizabeth appears in The Proposal and The Kings Ball.

King Solomon - One of the wisest and gentle OC's. Solomon means wise in Hebrew. He heads a glorious kingdom with compassion. However, it is plagued by a familiar enemy. He hosts a tournament and invites people from around the world to participate, catching the eye of King Dedede. Solomon appears in Tournament of the World and The Kings Ball.

Reginald - His name means king's advisor in German, and that's what he is. He's King Solomon's right hand man in the way of his more practical thinking rather than compassion. He's a bit of a sour old man, but he does care for the well being of the people. He forms a bit of a rivalry with Escargon. Reginald appears in Tournament of the World and The Kings Ball.

Valdis - Head knight of King Solomon. His name is Teutonic for spirited in battle and the val- is pronouced like vault. He's much like Meta Knight, except he has a body form similar to Sword Knight. He doesn't have any special abilities, but makes up for it in strength and battle tactics. He is the king's blade. Valdis appears in Tournament of the World and The Kings Ball.

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