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Author has written 20 stories for Twilight, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.

Hi! My name's Alex and welcome to my profile!

I'm 18 and a senior in high school and it's been a while since I've been on here haha:)

If you've recently read a story and come here looking for more of my work, please don't think that just because I've written a story forever ago that I don't want a review. I catch myself thinking all the time 'oh they probably don't care what I have to say, this is from three years ago!'I do want them, even if it's for my very first piece, Vampire's What. (and on a side note i looked at that the other day and oh my goodness, how my writing has improved!)

On to my favorites...

COLORS- purple and orange

TV SHOWS- the vampire diaries, teen wolf, pretty little liars, so you think you can dance, nashville

BOOK SERIES- HARRY POTTER! vampire academy, bloodlines, the hunger games, Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Kane chronicles/Heroes of Olympus, pretty little liars, and infernal devices/mortal instruments

FAIRY TALE- Beauty and the Beast

BANDS- One Direction(don't judge me) 5SOS, The Vamps, Little Mix

WEATHER- Hot! I hate the cold...

SINGERS- Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran

CHARACTER IN A BOOK- Draco Malfoy, my husband

PAIRINGS- Draco/Astoria Finnick/Annie Gale/Madge and (THE ONLY TWILIGHT I READ) Jacob/Leah

I'm on pottermore: AshPhoenix18286 and twitter: @alexdenise_m and tumblr: crazyswhatiaimfor (it confuses me, I dunno how to use it) so follow and add kids:)

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says if you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.


Bella being a crybaby- oh my goodness girl! The dude left you. I know you don't think you can live without him, but honestly there are people in the world (for some reason) who can't live without you. So please, for everyone’s sake, grow the hell up and start lying to yourself. If you try convincing yourself that everything is fine, eventually you'll believe it, and things will start to look up!

Gale being in district two- really Suzanne Collins? I know I’m a Peetniss junkie, but honestly you couldn't think of anything else to do with him? Oh right. You killed off any hope for us Gadge fans when you KILLED MADGE UNDERSEE!

Draco pairings- I just honestly don’t see him being with a Gryffindor. Like, his character just doesn’t… like… no. When you read a Drarry or Dramione, or Draco/Ginny story, it seems like it’s a big mess of OOC-ness going on! I’m all for creative license, and the niotion that maybe he did change after the war, but seriously? Sometimes it can be too much. And from my experience, every Drarry fic looks like every other Drarry fic, every Dramione fic looks like every other Dramione fic, and every Draco/Ginny fic looks like every other Draco/Ginny fic.

Harry Potter vs Twilight stories- we all know that JKR is better than Stephanie Meyer and Harry Potter owns Twilight any day, any time. But when we keep writing those stories and Twi-hards have no response, it makes us look mean. And besides, even though I like HP waaaaaayyyyy better, you have to admit that Twilight isn't all that bad sometimes.

Most female protagonist- for some reason, i just do not click with them most of the time. Like Bella, or Katniss, or Zoey(HoN) they always have some way to make me want to say shut the hell up. Maybe I'm just a mean person.

Ginny.- I. DON'T. LIKE. HER. AT ALL.

The Originals- I love that Klaus is going to get his whole entire TV show, I love him! But... what about Klaroline? I loved them, I was soooo rotting for them to be together! Like when he let Tyler come back to Mystic Falls and didn't kill him because he knew how much he meant to Caroline? He was like ‘Tyler’s your first love, but I will be your last.’ Like... Ahhh!!! I hope she doesn’t judge him for the whole baby situation with Haley...

Jem during the clockwork princess (SPOILER ALERT!)- I honestly had tears in my eyes when he died. he was my favorite. then he became a... sort of Silent Brother, then he wasn’t anymore. So I’m happy again

And trust me. There will be more where that came from ;)

If you ever need a beta feel free to ask me I’m happy to help.

Well that's all for now! Happy reading:)

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