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Note: This is a shadow account. As in, it's going to remain standing as a place where people can still access and read my current works if they want to, but it will no longer be updated with new content. If you wish to follow my recent works, I've already set up a new profile where you can reach them. But please, do not ask me about continuing these stories, as I've decided to cancel them. If you wish to adopt them, however, or otherwise use the characters/ideas/whatever in any of them for your own use, then you are free to do so with or without permission, as I've no longer any interest in holding on to them myself.

Update - May 5, 2014

Two years. Two years since I stepped into this place last... My god, there's so much here that I left behind. Almost forgot how horrible a lot of it was.

Well, if you're expecting an update from me now, considering how much "time" I had... you're going to be awfully disappointed. You see, there are many reasons for my disappearance. School, real life, all kinds of bullcrap like that. But worst of all, it was my crippling bout of writer's block that I've had for several months. Having no drive to write, I drifted off to do other things to try and keep my mind active; I've dabbled in Photoshop art more, along with some experiments in music-making/mixing.

But the obvious cost of branching off, of course, was disconnecting myself from I mean, let's face it; this place isn't great. Ninety percent of the stories on here are terrible. If you know Sturgeon's Law, then you'll understand what I mean. It's not exactly the best place for creative inspiration, nor do I have the patience to stick around and try to sift through the junk to find the bits of gold within.

As time went on, I found that I've begun to change as a person. I've made plenty of friends on Skype, I got more interested in approaching things from less of a stupidly-optimistic outlook and more of a sarcastic, jaded one, and I began to develop many new things that demanded my attention and maturity. Founding and still running the MST Network is one such thing, and it's now been a full year since I started the site. I've got several projects ongoing, and I've even created a tulpa. Several, in fact. (If you've no idea what a tulpa is, here would be a good place to learn.) Besides that, I've moved out of my parents house, am currently carving out a living whilst on welfare and looking for a job in a dead-end town, somehow managed to get myself a boyfriend over the net, and developed an intense love for the musical mastery of eurobeat. It's been hectic, let me tell you.

Oh, and here's another little bombshell, if it'll help scare off people that will no doubt be bugging me about this: I'm a brony, now. Have been for two years, now. I'm not going to rant on about MLP and stuff, so don't stuff your ears with cotton just yet, but I will say that it was probably one of the best fandoms I've joined since I was involved with the Katamari Damacy one a few years back. Hell, despite the obvious things people say about us, most of us are alright guys. And we're not afraid to have a laugh at ourselves, either...

But, anyway, that's beside the point. Or maybe not, because by some bizarre twist of fate, getting involved in the MLP fandom also restored my desire to write. Before I knew it, I was writing story after story for it; not here, though. My profile is on FiMFiction now, for those interested. But I'm also going to post those stories on a new account here, because... well, why not? I've not much to lose from the deal.

"But wait," you're probably wondering, "if you're inspired to write again, why won't you update your stories here?!"

A valid question, yes. And my answer, though I know it's not something you're going to want to hear, is that I've simply grown tired of writing them. I recently looked back over at my older fics, perspective thus gained from all the advice, help, and practice I've received in my two-year ongoing career on Fimfic, and I realized... well...

Okay, let's not mince words. Most of them are horrible.

My first ever fic, Pokeville? It's showing its age, but really, I've lost any idea of where I was going with the story. I was dull enough to introduce a romance subplot that really did nothing to enhance the story, for god's sake. Remembering the original idea I had, well, it would've coasted along doing nothing until a fairly climactic ending that, admittedly, might have been interesting enough. It's a story that I can't say I'm happy with, but being my first fic, it still holds a special little place in my... heart, I guess. (I more-or-less lack one by this point, but it completes the analogy, so eh...)

Bond of Steel and The Prince of Kings? Hell, those were already cancelled by the time I "left", so I can't say they'd be missed. I DID have plans for both of them, but in the end they were exactly that: plans. Nothing ever came out of them. Those other two fics I wrote most recently, before vanishing? Yeah, had some plans for those too. Somewhat crappy ones, but plans nevertheless.

And finally, the story that I can't even BELIEVE got a popular as it did: The Pokemon Project. Oye... I know you people that have read (and favourited, I STILL get messages about favourites, you know), think it's one of the best things since sliced bread or whatever, but you really can't convince me by this point that it's a good story at all. Because, well... it's not. It's obvious wish fulfilment dreck that really doesn't go anywhere, and my attempts at branching out and introducing some sort of actual STORY fall a little flat, because it's all just so... contrived. My future plans beyond where I left off are no better. Of all the stories I wrote, this is probably the one that I've come to feel ashamed of the most. It's embarrassing. Even the author's notes, the notes that I WROTE MYSELF, make me cringe. Was I really like that? Jeez, maybe I've changed more than I thought...

Consider this Creator Backlash and Old Shame to the fullest extent, folks. I just... don't want anything to do with these stories now. I considered just deleting them all, but... well, that wouldn't be very good of me, would it? No, no. They'll remain here until the world ends if need be (or when finally keels over, whichever comes first), so you can still read them if you want. Though honestly, I can't imagine why you would...

So, yeah. That's really all I have to say on the matter. And by that, I really do mean ALL I have to say. Maybe I omitted one or two things, forgot, whatever. I'm prone to it. But the idea here is, to put it bluntly, please don't spam me with PMs/emails/whatever asking me to continue ANY of these stories. If you send a message that amounts to a whole of "plz continue ur stories m8", I will simply ignore you. I'm sorry it has to come to this, but I'm done.

If anyone else wants to continue these stories on their own/borrow stuff that I came up with in them, then go right ahead. I'm not even interested in the affairs of the Pokemon fandom anymore, so I likely won't even bother to see them anyway. Do what you will. Hell, you don't even need to ask me, or credit me. Why give credit to someone that doesn't want any in the first place, after all?

Thank you for your time and patience. And I'm terribly sorry it had to end like this. Fare thee well, folks...


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