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There should be new weekly updates every Sunday!

9/30/10 - Ok, so I've been seeing other authors do this, so I figured, why not? I'm not too sure how many people check out this profile/care, but for that one or two of you who does, I'll start posting updates here. We'll see how this goes - I'm horrible at blogging! :-/ Anyway, as of right now I have two one-shots posted that seem to be hits. I am also working on my first chaptered story, and that seems to be flopping, but I'll finish it anyway. So, Nnnnaaaaah! XP *ahem* As far as that novella goes, I first posted about 1/2 the chapter to get my feelers out there. I finished the first chapter, updated, and apparently doesn't send out alerts or whatever when you just update a chapter that's already posted. And so, if you are reading this and don't know who the third person in the love triangle is, go back and re-read that chapter! ^_^ As far as posting a second chapter, I'm working on it now. However, it's not all butterflies and fuzzies, and so it's taking me a while to get going. I'm hoping to not only post this chapter within two weeks or so, but I'm also hoping to post a new chapter at least once a month. Alright, I think I'm good with this update, now on to my bio! ^_^

1/30/11 - OK, so three things here. First, thank you to all of my readers, especially the ones that waited three months for my next chapter. I would expect such faithfulness if this were some epic story and you're waiting for like the eleventh chapter or something, but to come back for the third chapter after such a long wait... I thank you! And special thank you to Knowledge-comes-Wisdom-lingers, LoonyTuneCrazy, and acosta perez jose ramiro for giving me multiple reviews. Along these lines, the second thing I wanted to say here is again my grand appreciation for my readers. Even after the long wait I still had 40 members read my story 108 times! Specifically, 26 visitors giving my latest chapter 35 hits. The last chapter I posted (only about one month after the very first chapter was posted) had 35 visitors and 38 hits its first day, and so for my readership to stay pretty steady after the hiatus means so much! Sure, these might not seem like such high stats, but for someone who barely gets a hit or two a day, this is a big deal to me, so thank you!!! And now for the last thing I wanted to include in this update. I'm taking far too long to post new chapters; I'd like to give more of a progress update to compensate for it; and these updates are making my bio way too long... and so I started a blog. If you are interested enough to care how my progress is coming along please check out The Rogue's Scribe. I'll try to be more frequent there then I have been when it comes to posting here X-P Anyway, with all of that said, I'm now taking down all of these old updates!


UPDATED 1/30/12
Sorry about slacking on this... since I haven't posted anything new I haven't updated this either...

OK, so I would like to take the time to send out a thank you for all of my readers. You are the reason I keep writing. I'd also like to thank all of you who have either faved me or my story (or both *squee*). Your love for my work - to the point of wanting to go back and re-read it - humbles me and drives me to become a better writer for you. Thank you for your faith in my talent. Finally, I'd like to thank my reviewers. You guys tell me what you think after reading, you are my way of knowing what is working and what isn't. You are my guidance and I appreciate every word of it. You take me in and give me such kind words of encouragement. You drive me to keep writing even when I'm tired from all of my hectic hours, you make me smile when I have a bad day, you swell my ego, you prove to me that I do have a talent that I should master, and finally, you humble me with such phrases as "[This] could well turn into one of those epic fanfictions that has hundreds of reviews!" (Thank you Nonsensicalicity).

I'd also like to give a shout-out to my super-duper writing buddies!
ChibiSunnie - Thank you for always helping me when I get stuck. Thank you for the help by beta-ing my ideas. You are my muse and help kick-start me when I faceplant against Writer's Block. Thank you for the encouragement and for the drawings of What is Truly Meant to Be! A thousand times, thank you! ^_^
DarkAngel1326 - You are such an awesome-cool writer and you need to stop doubting yourself! :P It is a blast to Beta for you and a blast to chat with you. Thank you for also thinking I'm amazing and for all the "thank yous" and "dedications". You're too amazing! Thank you also for faving me! *huggles*
Delaroux - It has been so much fun being your Beta! Your work is so amazing. And the fact that you like my stuff enough to fave me just feels awesome! I have had such a great time getting to know you and truly becoming friends with you. I can't wait for the next story from you!

A list of all my faithful readers - those that have reviewed multiple times, faved more than one story, or faved me as an author. I write mostly for you, thank you for staying with me. Stars go to those who either faved or reviewed every story I've posted. You are my superstars ^_^

- Acosta_Perez_Jose_Ramiro* (Thank you for reviewing EVERYTHING I post... the fact that I went about five months without posting anything and you STILL came back for my latest story... you're awesome!)
- Alwaysanonymous2 (I believe this used to be Annemarie22
- Anonymous Latina (Thank you for reviewing every chapter! Check out my one-shots!)
- Azure129
- BeautifullyBrokenAngel92
(I believe this used to be NicNack4U... Anyway, if you come back to my stories I posted a story in November.)
Darkest passion of love (Thank you for faving most of my stories. You should check out my first one: "The Moral of Gertie")
- Dotjuh
(Thank you for the Author Fave)
- Dr.Strangelove2012 (Thank you for the Author Fave)
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- NintendoGal55 (Thanks for reviewing nearly everything I've posted! All stories, all chapters! I write for readers like you! ^_^ Oh, and I posted a birthday-present-story for BrokenRose24
- Nonsensicalicity (Formally TrulyNonsensical... Thank you for the Author Fave)
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- Vesta Dragon

Special love for the following reviewers who really made me smile:

- Acosta_Perez_Jose_Ramiro: I'm always happy to see your name in my mailbox whenever I post something. Thank you for the support.
Anonymous Latina: Thank you for reviewing every chapter of my stories. I love to see what you think of my progress (Also wanting to fave a story twice XD You're awesome)
- Knowledge-comes-Wisdom-lingers: I really apreciate you telling me that you had to rush to my most recent chapter as soon as you saw the alert in your mailbox. Even after three months you still needed to know what happened next. Your patience humbles me.
- LoonyTuneCrazy: Like I said before, you just rock! I always look for your name when I post something new.
- NintendoGal55: I love that you get so invested in my stories. You are the type of reader I write for ^_^
- PokeshippersShadow1
: I love that you wanted more of my TJM oneshot. Your faith in my writing for the movie inspired me to do just that for April's Script Frenzy month!
- Rachel Cabbit
: To receive such rave reviews from an author I admire is mindblowing! And sentences like "The best revelation of Gertie and helga I've read in the fandom" certainly swell the ego ^_^
- SuprSingr
: Thank you for constantly reassuring me that I'm staying in character. It's my biggest fear as a fanfic writer.
- Nonsensicalicity: Again, thank you for the kind words and the belief that so many others will eventually enjoy my work
- Vanjoygree: As with PokeshippersShadow1, your enjoyment and kind words inspired me to write my own TJM script in April, so stay tuned!

Alright, NOW we can finally move on to my bio!


Well, after YEARS of meaning to, I finally set up an account back in 2010. I haven't really done much with it though. Stupid life getting in the way...

For over ten years now I have dabbled in the realm of fanfiction, but I never actually sat down to write any. I've more-or-less roleplayed scenarios to my favorite shows (mostly cartoons XP ), so I guess it's time to sit down and write these things down!

*I'd like to apologize in advance to anyone who ends up liking my posts. Life is CRAZY at the moment (when isn't it when you're in your 20s?) and so who knows when I'll have the time to just sit and write... So, preemptive "I'm sorry" for the long hiatuses before I update/post new stories.*

I'm in my mid-twenties (as previously mentioned), but I still act like I'm a teenager. I REFUSE TO GROW UP!!!! XD *ahem* Anyway, I'm married to an AMAZING man. Most of my hiatus in 2011 was because of all the wedding planning and setting up our home together. Now that it's 2012 I'm hoping to pick up the writing pace a little. I started on a good foot - I'm updating my blog every week. We'll see how this goes...

I'm a comic book fan, larger manga/anime fan, and a HUGE gamer! In fact, my husband and I had a gamer-themed wedding reception (hazaa! Geek's rule!). If you couldn't guess, the comic-book-fan part of me is where the handle/icon came from. YAY, Rogue! X-men is by far MY comic book fandom. Batman is another fandom of mine, but not nearly as hard.

Other fandoms I frequent include:
- Hey Arnold! (Save The Jungle Movie!!!!!)
- Extreme Ghostbusters
- Gargoyles
- ReBoot
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Inu Yasha
- Death Note
- Fruits Basket
- Ouran High School Host Club
- Fushigi Yuugi
- Escaflowne
- Castle
- Legend of Zelda (Hell to the Yeah!)
- Fable (the Xbox game...)

OK, so, I'm not really sure what else you'd like to know about me. Feel free to ask and I'll answer here. ^_^ Take care!

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