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MAR Heaven Oc.

Name: Talim Audia Atean

Boi: She's an Unique darkness ÄRM after her an her older sister Uia were fused together with an ÄRM called Crimson Angel by their father how attended to make the worlds most powerful ÄRM. But the

Age: 11-12 ( but looks older to others)

Appearance: She has uneven crimson colored hair it was long on some parts but short on others , eyes are orange with out pupils, and her skin color is a caramel brown color. Also has a tatto of three large angel wings on her back that is black.


Cup size: 43DDD

Personality: She is very nice but clumsy and is scared of the dark. Hates fighting likes to cook and is very good at making stuffed animals and planting. Isn't rude but sometimes will say something if you insults her, will shake when feelings are hurt or when angry after insults She is also very timid and shy and will blush a lot. Loves animals but doesn't like bugs that are big or that bite doesn't like cursing and has an ear piercing scream that is very loud.


HTF Ocs.

Name: Ansom Aria Anoata



Species:Half fox, Half red panda and half porcupine but has more fox in him then red panda.

Appearance:Dark blue long hair and a dark blue tail but every thing else is white and he has light blue eyes wears a black shirt with a hood and long selves the end of the shirt goes to his hips and he looks like a girl and sounds like a woman .

Personality:dark and quiet doesn't like to talk and is a fast killer and only takes when you say some thing to him that is only if he wants to and he will not let any thing hurt his baby sister Araya and takes Araya with him any were he gose and never yells at her or get angry at her he likes having her around him and he can see your soul. Ansom Weapons is Araya's soul but when he takes it out it doesn't bother her or hurt at all and can never bark he can also put it back any time he was to and it is a scythe he also can stand a lot of pain.

Species:Half fox, Half red panda and half porcupine but has more fox in him then red panda.

Misc:Ansom is bisexual but when he told his father this his dad get angry and no longer cared about him one day when he saw his father betting his mother him and his sisters tried to kill him but flied and had to ran away from home he also really loves and cares about Araya his baby sister.

Nationality:South Asia he can speak and writes in Urdu.

Abitties: Ansom carries a scythe with him sometimes and knows how to use it he can also fight very will and can jump hight and do flips as will and when he hits he hits hard hes like a ninja but isn't and knows how to hide and can ran very fast and ran up trees.




Personality:kind and ceasing and is very quiet she also talks like a 5 year old like"mama can Araya go outside?" and gets scared when shes not with her bother Ansom .

And has tree side to her but doesn't have split personality its just that she has other souls in her body how names are Ari bad soul purple eyes,Ai pain soul red eyes, Ayumi cold soul blue eyes.

Appearance: Looks like my avatar and has a red and blue eye and has a short red kids dress she also has withe quills on her tail that are stronger then bone and her tail is also bigger then her and all the tree friend and she is shorter then all the tree friend but bigger then cub she looks like a 7 year old but has a very big chest that makes her dress short.

Nationality: South Asia she can speak and writes in Urdu but when she writes only Ansom and her sisters and mother can read it.

Abitties: Araya can fight but only kicks, dose flips and can use her tail to cut you or block and she pushes with her hands she dose this not to hurt the person but to get them away from her she also can turn into her other sides Ari when she fights will fight only if you try to hurt Araya and so will the other sides she can fly but just doesn't because she not good at it her wigs will only come out when she wants them too.

Species:Half fox, Half red panda and half porcupine.

Misc:Her family was made in a lab because her mother is some kind of angle that has special blood that can heal you and she can't die if she dose get hurt so bad that it looks like shes die shes not she is just sleeping. If you get hurt really bad but her blood can heal you'll get better but if you lose your arm or any thing that people can't grow back you can grow it back just by using Araya's blood but it takes weeks.

And if she gets hurt she can heal faster but her blood only works on people with good souls if you have a bad soul her blood could kill you. Araya's father kicked her mother Qiuki in the stomach when she had Araya in it so that's how shes mentally challenged and her dad doesn't care or feel bad about it.

She is not a idiot she just can't read and is never rude and doesn't cruse but Air dose but Araya doesn't now how to and doesn't now any bad words And she says sorry all the time and she is a kid that likes to play games and is good at jumping on trees and caring in places and good that hide and seek.

Name:Misery/Sorrow Middle name:Xora and Zora Last Anoata.

Age:Both 15 but Misery is older then Sorrow.

Species:porcupine half fox.


Nationality:South Asia can speak and writes in Urdu.

Personality:Misery and Sorrow have the same personality they are nice but can be cold and curel some times when angery or sad they also can be very moody and some times shy they don't play around or try to be funny and get mad when DB tries to hit on Araya or touched her but Ansom usually beats him up also kills him or they beat him up or kill him.

Appearance:They looks like Araya but are taller and have red eyes and a long tail and has long heir she wears a black short dress with long selives and their fur color is all white and have long white hair and black rings in their red eyes.

Misc.:They can jump form high places with out barking their legs and are very fast fighters they both fight together and they a lot of time when you turn your back or look away form them they some how are a head of you or in front of you even if you say some thing about them and their not even their they can still here with you said and they use their magic as a weapon.

Name: Roliza Vargote

Age: 20

Gender: girl

Species: Kangaroo


Personality: Coincident open minded outgoing and bold.

Appearance: Has long green hair with red height light but isn't die wears a purple and blue jump suit with out any selves white furry chase but sink is Tan Brown but ears are a peach color. Has yellow and dark blue eyes and has two markings that look like flags under her eye on her each chunk they on her left cheek one is red and the other is green. But on her other cheek it is the same but in different order.

Bio: Friends with Ansom and his sisters and mother hates his father and his bullies.

Name: Marcella Vargote


Gender: GirlSpecies: KangarooNationality: Australia

Personality: Outgoing open minded hot head temper.

Appearance:Wears a yellow and black jump suit has long hair in the front but is short in the back her hair is black but has gray high lights her sink is a peach color has green and yellow eyes with two flag marks on her cheek one is gray the other is black and on her other cheek has the same thing but in different order.

Bio: Friends with Ansom and his sisters and mother hates his father and bullies.

Name:Qiuki Anoata


Species:Half red panda Half fox.


Personality:she is kind and likes to help people and never yells at people but can get mad.

Appearance:she looks just like Araya but shes taller her fur is all white but the fur on the bottom of her face and around her eyes are red her long hair is orange and her long tail is orange but her ears are black she just wears a short blue dress and one eye is blue but the other one is green and has a big chase.

Misc: Quiki is a mother of 4 kids she loves all her kids.

Short bio: Quiki works as a nurse and is very kind she also worked as a nurse in wars that's how she knows Flippy and they are just friends.

Name: Bious Anoata

eye color:glowing red.

What Bious is:Porcupine.


Personality:Cold ,evil and cruel and doesn't play around or try to be funny.

Fur color:red but the fur on his head is dark red.

Misc: Bious will beat up his kids and Qiuki he has a lot of fights with Ansom and his twin dughers Misery and Sorrow he just calls Araya retarded bitch and never says her name he even also calls Ansom fag boy but Ansom defies Araya by talking back to his father when he nows she can't he never lost a fight with his kids but has got hurt by them.

When Ansom fights with his dad Misery and Sorrow will fight with him they have gotten their bones broken before from fighting him but they heal fasted.

Story to update:

A human ÄRM:
Sorry I have writer's block I am working on chapter three and will try to get it in as soon as I can sorry for the yearly wait -_-'.

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